The Smartest Ikea Hacks You Never Knew About

The beauty of Ikea lies in its infinite possibilities. You can furnish your entire home from scratch with minimalist products that look way more expensive than they actually are. But, the ubiquity of this Swedish home brand brings about another dilemma: Your apartment will look like carbon copies of everyone else's. This isn't really a big deal, but it can be somewhat awkward to spot an identical MALM dresser or area rug in your friend's living room.
Luckily, Pinterest is here to offer up a genius workaround for the problem. The idea discovery platform is a great resource for easy tutorials that can elevate the look and function of even the most basic household item. With the help of simple tools and an inventive streak, your Ikea piece will shine like a rare designer find. Ahead, we've scoured 10 of the best Pinterest hacks to transform your home into a dreamy design catalogue.
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DIY Wooden Stool

Adding a wooden surface to your furniture can be a serious game-changer. Thanks to this tutorial by Burkatron, your ordinary metal stool can easily be upgraded to a Scandi-style end table. All your need is a piece of wood from the local lumber.
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Bed Slats As Wall Organizer
Bed slats provide a sturdy foundation for your mattress, but they can also double as a vertical wall storage. German blogger Ich Designer has come up with the brilliant idea of mounting the base onto your wall — it provides an extra hanging solution for your bags, baskets, and towels.
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Decoupaged Rismon Lampshades
Cute lampshades are great for sprucing up your room, but they can be quite expensive. This Pillar Box Blue tutorial provides a cost-effective way of personalizing a solid-color lampshade by wrapping a map around the inner surface.
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Hemnes Nightstand Upgrade
Marble can make any surface look classier instantly. With an amazing invention called contact paper, you can fake the texture on the cheap — no power tools necessary. Check out the before and after on The Vault Files.
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Latt Fabric Table Hack
Solid pine wood is a standard material for the big-box home store. This DIY by Because I Said So Baby shows you how to add a bit of oomph to a standard dining set with graphic fabric. The best part? The whole process will take under an hour.
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Vintage Record Shelf
You'll be amazed how much of a difference a good set of peg legs can make to a shelving unit. Here, The Surznick Common Room breathes new life into the Ikea Kallax series with some mid-century-style tapered wooden legs.
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Pillow Case Hamper
Hanging laundry hampers are rarely look that interesting. However, Chaos Ordered has come up with a genius method to create your own laundry bag using extra pillow cases and a curtain rail.
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DIY Ekby Alex Vanity
Ikea's Ikby shelves come with two sets of drawers, which brings lots of potential as a vanity surface. A New Bloom mounted the unit onto her bedroom wall and warmed up the look with wooden mirrors and benches.
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Råskog Cart Herb Garden
Your utility cart can be much more than a place to store your kitchen utensils or art supplies: This Apartment Therapy tutorial explores the possibility of turning the product into a mobile herb garden.
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DIY Bracket Light
Follow these steps on Remodelista to create your own bracket wall sconce: It's as easy as wrapping a light pendant around a mounted shelf bracket.