It's Iced Coffee Season! 6 Refreshing DIY Recipes To Try

This was originally published on April 8, 2015.

Just this morning, I met a friend for coffee before heading into the office. Having gotten there before her, I sleepily ordered a cappuccino and sipped on it while waiting, but something didn't feel right...Lo and behold, a few short minutes later, she pulled up a chair and stuck a straw into her plastic cup of cold brew. Dang-it, I thought. Should've gotten iced.

Iced coffee season is in full swing, and if ever was there a time to drink up, it is now.

So, if you're a DIY coffee consumer, here are 6 genius ways to embrace the season. From a bubbly twist to a full-on caffeinated shake, keep these recipe ideas in your back pocket for warmer days ahead, and give Starbucks a run for its money.
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Photo: Courtesy of Tasting Table.
Espresso Tonic
Bubbly iced coffee is essentially the best thing since normal iced coffee. A refreshing jolt of energy with just the right amount of fizziness. I know, it sounds kind of weird, but I promise it's amazing.
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Photo: Courtesy of Spoonful Blog.
Vietnamese Iced Coffee Pops
Just picture it: a balmy Saturday, the sun's warmth on your back, and one of these babies in your hand. Bliss.
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Iced Coffee Cocktail
Because, no roundup is complete without a boozy variation.
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Iced Mocha With Coffee Cubes
Hate when those last sips of coffee taste super watered-down? Coffee cubes eliminate that altogether. GENIUS.
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Vietnamese Iced Coffee Smoothie With Boba
It's the coffee version of bubble tea, and it's easy enough to make at home!
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Mocha Brownie Milkshake
This thick & chocolate-y concoction is perfect for the Frappuccino lover.