These 26 Dream Workplaces Only Exist On TV

Photo: Courtesy of NBC.
By Meredith Wood

Have you ever been binge-watching your latest TV obsession on a Sunday night and thought to yourself, "Man, I wish I could be heading into THAT workplace tomorrow"? Don’t worry, we've all been there before. The thought has crossed our minds enough that we've finally decided to count down our favorite workplaces that, unfortunately, only exist on TV.
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Entertainment 720, Parks and Recreation
Tom (a.k.a. "The Brown Gosling") and Jean-Ralphio's Entertainment 720 put every other workplace that ever was to shame. We'll gladly take that six-figure salary to sit around so we can play video games, drink Snake Juice, watch Detlef Schrempf shoot some hoops, and play in the pirate ship bouncy castle... with bubbles!
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Central Perk, Friends
A coffee shop, a date spot, and the stage for a Smelly Cat performance, Central Perk has it all. Whipping up some lattes for our favorite Friends while they huddle around the big orange couch is just about as good as it gets.
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Moe's Tavern, The Simpsons
Pouring some Duff Beers for the locals would also mean one-on-ones in the owner's office (the women's bathroom), exclusive trading of endangered species, and harboring fugitives in the backroom. Additionally, Moe serves as an excellent role model, considering he closes the bar every Wednesday so he can go to the local shelter to read to the homeless.
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The Offices of Saul Goodman & Associates
Breaking Bad/Better Call Saul
Saul is known for defending Albuquerque's downtrodden (and criminal) citizens. But, we want to learn the law and Saul is quite the lawyer (and the master of finding loopholes for his clients). Maybe we'd even get to be featured in one of his amazing TV spots. Remember...better call Saul!

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Monk's Cafe, Seinfeld
Having to constantly quiet down the four friends during their boisterous conversations is what we were born for. We want to be the waitress giving George the middle finger and, of course, helping the crew figure out who is the Master of their Domain.
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Dunder Mifflin, The Office
We really do think Michael Scott is the world's best boss. How badly we want to be a part of the Party Planning Committee, compete in Flonkerton, win a few Dundies, and watch Michael's Chris Rock impressions.
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Mars Investigations, Veronica Mars
We secretly hope that after a few months of working as a secretary, Veronica would slip a some cases our way and together we would take down some of Neptune's bad guys (and gals). And, don't worry, we'll always bring Backup.
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Bluth's Original Frozen Banana Stand, Arrested Development
We'll gladly call Mr. Manager our boss at this Oceanside Wharf icon. After all, "There's always money in the banana stand."

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Freddy's BBQ Joint, House Of Cards
Okay, we'll be honest. The main reason we want to work here is because those ribs look damn good. Hanging out with one of Washington's top dogs wouldn't be so bad either. Or would it?
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Teller Morrow, Sons Of Anarchy
We'd work here only under the assumption we'd also be part of the Sons of Anarchy. Let's be real — we'd rather be in than out. Of course, it would be fun to work on bikes from all over (but we won't take your business if you are a member of the Lin Triad, Russian Mafia, Lobos Sonora, Galindo Cartel, or Nords).
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Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce, Mad Men
We would have totally tagged along with most of our Mad Men favorites when they left their former agency to start their own firm. It's always 5 o'clock at the SCDP offices, and our advertising game would get some major polish after watching Don Draper do his thing.
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The Smash Club, Full House
Who are we kidding? We just want to be employed here so we can watch Uncle Jesse and the Rippers bring back our favorite childhood memories. Other acts we wouldn't miss: Little Richard, Uncle Joey's stand-up, and Kimmy Gibler pretending to make out with MacGyver (played by... Kimmy Gibler).

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Fangtasia, True Blood
We're thrill seekers. Bartending at a vampire bar? So in. Getting to stare at Eric Northman all night? Doesn't hurt either.
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Olivia Pope and Associates, Scandal
We're ready to be gladiators! Olivia Pope is the absolute best at what she does (fixing things) and working with her could launch our careers straight to the top. How else do you think Abby became Press Secretary and David Rosen became Attorney General?
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MacLaren's, How I Met Your Mother
Obviously, if we were bartenders at MacLaren's, we would spend our days high-fiving Barney and putting Robin Sparkles' tunes on the jukebox. The only way we could walk away from this job would be if Barney and Ted opened up Puzzles (again). It would be legen — wait for it — dary!
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Dragonfly Inn, Gilmore Girls
Exchanging sarcastic comebacks with Lorelai Gilmore while she gives us the same wise, motherly advice she does Rory? What could be better?

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The Max, Saved by the Bell
How we'd love to serve up some burgers and fries while Casey Kasem held a dance competition for all our Bayside Tiger BFFs. Everyone in high suffers from major FOMO. But, since everything exciting at Bayside happens at the Max, working there would eliminate any possibility of missing out. Problem solved.
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Florrick Agos and Lockhart, The Good Wife
It's no secret that Florrick Agos and Lockhart is a startup firm quickly on the rise, and we want to ride those coattails all the way up. Alicia could very well be the next First Lady or Supreme Court Justice. So, you know, we'd get to say "we knew her when."
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Krusty Krab, Spongebob Squarepants
Serving Krabby Patties under the sea? Can you say coolest job ever?
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Grace Adler Designs, Will & Grace
We just want to sit by Karen and try to teach her how to use a computer while sipping on martinis and making fun of Grace. Is that too much to ask?

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Slate Rock and Gravel Company, The Flintstones
We'd get to operate a Brontosaurus. End of story. Not to mention, there is no telling how much their stock is worth, considering it might be the most successful company of all time, lasting for over 20 million years (run in the future by Mr. Slate's descendant, George Slate the Eighty Thousandth).
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Paddy's Pub, It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia
Being a part of the "gang" at Paddy's Pub would never get old. At various points, the bar has been a gay bar, an underage bar, and a gambling parlour. It'd be like getting a new job every week. Boredom: Not an option.
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Chubbie's Famous, Boy Meets World
Oh, what we would give to be a fly on the wall — or at least a server taking orders in code — watching the students of John Adams High. Hosting parties, hanging out with their best friends, taking their crushes on dates (remember that one time Shawn "Veronica" was TAKEN on a date there?), and more, this place was their home away from home.
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The Peach Pit, Beverly Hills 90210
If we can be "Laverne" (pictured here), then sign us up. Let's not forget that waiting tables at this diner in THAT famous zip coe would mean we get to skip the line at The Peach Pit After Dark. Hey-oh!
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Samantha Jones Public Relations , Sex and the City
If there is anyone we want to learn the business from, it's Samantha Jones. She's a fearless rulebreaker who doesn't let us anything stand in her way. The love live advices would just be a bonus, of course.
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The Luncheonette, Parenthood
Working at The Luncheonette would give us an all-access pass to some of today's hottest musicians (including Crucifictorious!). Need we say more?