What To Get The Beauty Hoarders In Your Life (Because They Don't Need Another Lipstick)

Imagine: You crack open your first gift of the holiday season and inside the beautifully wrapped box lies a...SoulCycle gift card. Sigh. It's a great gift, to be sure, but you don't even like exercising. So, you muster up your most genuine, "Oh my gosh, I love it!" and file it away into your re-gifting stash. As selfish as it may sound, we've all received presents that we have zero use for IRL. For some, that might be socks, for others, a random DVD (when you don't even own a DVD player).

And for those of us in the beauty industry, it's cosmetics. Don't get us wrong: We live for the newest makeup, skin, and hair launches — but we also try them all year long. So, when the holidays roll around, we're secretly hoping for something other than what's on the gift guides we've been curating for months.

This year, we thought we'd share the gifts we'd actually love to receive — in hopes of inspiring your own wish lists. Check 'em out in the slides ahead, and feel free to google our work addresses if you're feeling extra-generous. (Just kidding.)
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Cat Quinn, Beauty Director At Refinery29
"I love this mini-fridge because it's freaking adorable. But I love it more for the fact that it holds exactly nine cans of sparkling water — plus a few sheet masks. I really did ask my parents for this — and my sister in college probably did, too."

Gourmia Portable 9-Can Mini Fridge, $69.99, available at Kohl's.
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Sara Tan, West Coast Fashion & Beauty Editor at Bustle
"I've been eyeing this gorgeous purse for a while now (read: forever). Because I would never expect anyone to actually gift it to me for Christmas, I'm seriously considering spoiling myself with it as a 'You Survived 2016' sort of treat. Plus, I'm turning 30 in January, so I feel like it's an appropriate celebratory purchase. Right? Right."

Saint Laurent Small Sac de Jour Croc Embossed Leather Tote, $2,990, available at Nordstrom.
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"Ask anyone who knows me: I am literally always taking photos. Sadly, a majority of them get lost in the iCloud. I think that printing physical pictures with this handy gadget and creating albums — or even just having them stacked on top of each other on my coffee table — will encourage me to look back and appreciate all of the incredible moments that I've managed to capture so far."

Apple Lifeprint Photo and Video Printer, $129.95, available at Apple.
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Kelsey Castañon, Beauty News Editor At Refinery29
"Anyone who knows me knows I’m a huge wine snob. And the very best one I’ve tried as of late (and believe me when I say I have tried a lot) is the cabernet sauvignon from Tank Garage. Not only is the bottle hilarious and gift-y, but it’s damn delicious."

Tank Garage Winery 2014 The Heavy Cabernet Sauvignon, $65, available at Tank Garage.
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"Justin Bieber just announced on Ellen that he’s doing a stadium tour. Considering that I missed his OG Purpose Tour, I’m dying to get my hands on some tickets. (So mom and dad, if you’re reading this: It’s urgent.)"
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Alix Tunell, Senior Beauty Editor At Refinery29
"These embroidered Gucci Princetown loafers are number-one on my Christmas wish list. Followed by literally anything else Gucci. If I don't get them, I'll put any money I get from relatives towards them, then I'll be taking suggestions on how to wear them in freezing-cold temps."

Gucci Princetown Leather Slipper, $750, available at Gucci.
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Hallie Gould, Senior Editor at Byrdie
"I’m trying to pare down my wardrobe to just the important, long-term staples (like a real adult). No more trends I’ll never wear or unflattering silhouettes. As such, I’m coveting Everlane’s simple, cozy crewneck sweater; it’s perfect for tucking into trousers, my beloved vintage 501s, or the occasional skirt that I dig out from the back of my closet."

The Cashmere Crew in Heather Grey, $100, available at Everlane.
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"I’ve had the same wallet since my freshman year in college — a patent-leather Marc Jacobs confection that I adore, but have since grown out of. Now, I’m looking for something to last me another eight years, but with a few upgrades. This one has a ton of storage and a gold zipper to keep everything inside."

(Ed. note: The Tom Ford TF Logo Zip Around Wallet in Black is currently out of stock. We will update this post when it's available.)
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Mi-Anne Chan, Beauty Writer At Refinery29
"Like my fellow coworkers, I, too, love wine. So much so, that an ideal holiday present would involve all of us learning the ins and outs of the Loire Valley. Classes like this one pair wine with food, which incorporates another one of our passions."

Corkbuzz An In-Depth Guide To Loire Valley Class, $100, available at Corkbuzz.
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Brooke Shunatona, Associate Beauty Editor At Cosmopolitan
"I'm reluctant to buy new wireless headphones for my iPhone 7, but I would make the switch for these BUTTONS by i.am. Not only do the earpieces magnetize so you can wear them like a necklace (which considerably decreases your chances of losing them), but they also look a lot cooler than your average earbuds. Definitely wouldn’t be mad if I found these in my stocking."

I.am+ Buttons Bluetooth Headphones, $183.95, available at Iamplus.
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"I travel all the time for my long-distance relationship, so I really geek out over luggage. When I saw these Raden suitcases, which come in all the best colors and have phone-charge ports, a built-in scale, and Bluetooth technology that tells you how close you are to your suitcase, I just about lost my mind. If I don’t get this luggage for Christmas, I will be gifting it to myself."

Raden The A22 Carry, $295, available at Raden.

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Maria Del Russo, Beauty Editor At Refinery29
"I love my mother, but if Ina Garten could adopt me, I'd run over to her Hamptons house so fast. I think my mom would be okay with it, too. I plan to cook from her cookbook all winter, and WTF do you think I'm going to make her famous roast chicken in? A shitty baking pan? Hell, no. I should be asking for one from Le Creuset, but I am aware of the fact that the Santas in my life are on fixed incomes."

Lodge 7-Qt. Cast-Iron Dutch Oven, $63.71, available at Williams-Sonoma.
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"Sue me. These slippers are cozy as hell. Considering the other item I've asked for, I think it's safe to say I'm turning into an old woman at 26. Consider this my way of leaning the fuck in."

Ugg Kendyl Genuine Shearling Slipper, $85, available at Ugg.
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