The New Crop Of Affordable Online Shops (For Self-Gifting, Of Course)

Don't even ask a fashion girl to break up with her favorite online shop. Heck, we probably use the Zara app more than we use any other part of our iPhones. But now that we're heading into summer mega-sale territory, clicking through another hundred pages on Forever 21 or ASOS just isn't going to cut it anymore.
Admit it: You're in need of some fresh, new shopping destinations to hit on the World Wide Web — especially when you've likely spent the last few weeks scanning the same five stores and buying too many gifts to count. With that in mind, we've rounded up 8 new online shops you're guaranteed to be obsessed with. With the mix of styles, less than $200 prices, and range of brands ahead, we're guarantee you'll be adding at least two of these sites to your bookmarks bar (and place an order or two while you're at it). Consider this your ultimate guide for lunchtime browsing and late-night shopping sprees alike.
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Our favorite list of words are: chic, cheap, and Parisian. Somehow, Swedish brand Aéryne accomplishes all of the above. There's a vintage edge to all of the designs, too, and a prevalent lemon print we just can't quit. A win-win.

Aéryne Dot Print Shirt, $77, available at Aéryne; Aéryne Dot Print Trousers with Slits, $51, available at Aéryne.
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Aéryne Sara Oversized Coat, $141 $115, available at Aéryne.
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Aéryne Lemon Print Jumpsuit, $90, available at Aéryne.
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It's been around since 1998, but somehow, we've managed to let it slip past our radar for far too long. In fact, it's a part of a larger fashion group, Inditex, who you know as the parent company of the likes of Zara, Massimo Dutti, and others. That being said, it's no surprise the online shop sells a host of of-the-moment trends for really low prices.

Bershka Ruffled Denim Top with Strap Detail, $25.90, available at Bershka.
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Bershka White Vintage Sunglasses, $15.90, available at Bershka.
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Bershka Real Suede Bag, $25.90, available at Bershka.
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Technically, Farrow is strictly a brand, not a retailer. But we shop the Need Supply Co. exclusive so much, we almost visit its brand landing page more often than the parent site itself. The gist? Imagine your favorite trends for a fraction of the price. It feels like shopping a great designer sale, without feeling like you're dropping too much cash.

Farrow Nadia Top, $62, available at Need Supply Co.
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Farrow Adalyn Dress, $120, available at Need Supply Co.
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Farrow The Side Grommet Jean, $118, available at Need Supply Co.
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If you've ever had extreme envy over the crop of designers that exclusively sell their clothes in Asia, here's your solution. The owners of Hej/Project curate and handpick products from "the most talented designers in Asia" that they then sell stateside. Expect a good deal of oversized dressed, slouchy trousers, and white asymmetrical tops.

Hej/Project Japanese Gold Foil Sets, $59, available at Hej/Project.
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Hej/Project Comfortable Straps Pants, $56.95, available at Hej/Project.
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Hej/Project Orignal Design Homemade Strap Shirt, $69.99, available at Hej/Project; Hej/Project Original Design Vertical Pants, $69.99, available at Hej/Project.
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House of Sunny
Yet another gem Need Supply Co. has introduced us to. House of Sunny captures the site's exact aesthetic, without the triple-digit prices. The brand hosts a monochromatic palette with bright pinks, yellows, and reds mixed in.

House of Sunny Apron Halter, $59, available at House of Sunny; House of Sunny Apron Pants, $54, available at House of Sunny.
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House of Sunny Generation Jacket, $192, available at House of Sunny.
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House of Sunny Wrangler Shirt, $54, available at House of Sunny; House of Sunny Fit and Flares, $58, available at House of Sunny.
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Side Party
The minute we spotted Side Party's cute skirts on Lisa Says Gah, we knew we had to jump straight to the source. Taking inspiration from the streets of Seoul and London, the UK-based shop blends the two cities' aesthetics into a one covetable product selection.

Side Party Playtime Linen Strappy Dress, $101, available at Side Party.
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Side Party Season Mini Wrap Linen Skirt, $82, available at Side Party.
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Side Party Today Textured Midi Dress, $76, available at Side Party.
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No one can describe Pomelo better than the brand describes itself: "[Pomelo] embodies confidence, effortless-chic, cool-glamour, and femininity with a measured a dose of fashion-edge." Not sold yet? Its four subsections, Studio, Soho, Alita Sport, and Special Collections, all offer a specific something for each consumer, and its pages upon pages of wares give us that same satisfied feeling as if we actually went all the way to Bangkok to buy them.

Pomelo Paget Ruffle Off Shoulder Top, $43, available at Pomelo.
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Pomelo Chain And Hoop Earrings, $11, available at Pomelo.
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Pomelo Shelly Lace Up Skort, $43, available at Pomelo.
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Nobody's Child
We're still scratching our heads over how we discovered Nobody's Child just now. The UK-operated shop preaches that it's fast-fashion, with a conscience, meaning it's taking strides towards sustainable practices while also creating trend-driven pieces that all fall under-$50.

Nobody's Child Navy Gingham Asymmetric Ruffle Mini Skirt, $29, available at Nobody's Child.
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Nobody's Child White Ashley Vintage Ditsy Tie Back Dress, $36, available at Nobody's Child.
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Nobody's Child Yellow Stripe Long Sleeve Ruffle Top, $23, available at Nobody's Child.

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