20 Under-$10 Buys You NEED From Ikea

We all love Ikea because it's so damn affordable. And yet, the amount of money we drop when we shop there can be truly astounding. A quick trip to pick up a table lamp or a new mirror can turn into an epic, no-holds-barred shopping extravaganza — your cart piled high with all of the cute, cheap things you never knew you needed. Your eyes furtively search other shoppers' hauls to see what you might have missed. Your mouth feels dry. Your palms are suddenly sweaty. Your heart? Racing. It's Ikea fever, and it ain't pretty.

We can't do anything to quell your urges for affordable Scandinavian swag, but we can help keep your grand total in check. Ahead, find some of the best buys the retailer has to offer, all ringing it at $10 or less.
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Brighten up your kitchen with a set of these.

Anvandbard dish towels, $5.99 for 3, available at Ikea.
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Hello, sunshine!

Ikea Lack side table, $9.99, available at Ikea.
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So cheap you can buy one for the farmer's market and the beach.

Anvandbar bag, $3.99, available at Ikea.
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This neutral rug adds plenty of texture and pattern to any corner of your space.

Flong rug, $9.99, available at Ikea.
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Pretty and useful.

Ikea Anvandbar vase, $7.99 for a set of 3, available at Ikea.
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Your next dinner party needs a few of these.

Ikea Vardagen serving bowl, $5.99, available at Ikea.
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When it's time to finally get organized.

Ikea Anvandbar bag, $7.99 for 5, Ikea. me
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Ombre done right.

Ikea Giltig carafe, $6.99, available at Ikea.
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Add a pop of color to your bathroom.

Ikea Doftklint shower curtain, $6.99, available at Ikea.
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Send your long-distance BFF a sweet little postcard.

Ikea Kort art cards $0.99 for 5, available at Ikea
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A graphic way to add a little more light.

Solvinden LED solar-powered pendant lamp, $9.99, available at Ikea.
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Just the right amount of shiny.

Ikea Stillhett tealight holder, $7.99, available at Ikea.
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Made for kids, perfect for totes.

Ikea Flisat knob rack, $4.99, available at Ikea.
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Dress up your "two buck" Chuck.

Slaende gift bag, $1.99 for 2, available at Ikea.
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Like the training wheels version of a gallery wall.

Ikea Nacksta frame, $7.99, available at Ikea.
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A must for all of your summer soirées.

Ikea Tillfalle coasters with holder, $9.99, available at Ikea.
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These pretty glass bowls look so much more expensive than they are.

Ikea Viktig bowls, $8.99 for 2, available at Ikea.
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This delicate frame is calling your name.

Skurar frame, $4.99, available at Ikea.
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Give in to your inner cat lady already.

Ikea Giltig teacup and saucer, $7.99, available at Ikea.
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A simple hook that demands to be noticed.

Ikea Balungen double hook, $7.99, available at Ikea.