6 Products That Give You Fuller Hair, Instantly

Though its popularity reigns supreme in the South, you don’t have to be a Southern belle to appreciate big hair. Its supposed powers span the spectrum from the sublime (it’s said to "bring you closer to God") to the ridiculous (it’s "full of secrets"). But did you know that your hair's ampleness changes with the seasons? “The late spring through fall is when our hair follicle sets the clock back, and instead of gaining sleep we gain hair,” says dermatologist and Clear Scalp & Hair expert Francesca Fusco, MD. “It appears to be evolutionary, and could be the body's attempt to protect the scalp from UV damage and burns — the scalp is actually that important!”

The bad news? The delay in shedding catches up to you in the autumn, when you start to lose all that extra hair. It may be cool that your scalp course-corrects from a sci-fi standpoint, but not so much from an “I want lots of hair” standpoint. So now is the time to take extra measures to score that volume, whether you’re battling thinning strands or just want to channel a '60s screen siren. Click ahead for the most innovative mane-plumping products and tools on the market — as well as expert tips for enhancing what you've got.

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Come Clean
The name says it all: Volumizing shampoos (like It's a 10 Miracle Volumizing Shampoo) really do make your hair appear more robust. “The best thing for volume is extremely clean hair,” says Sally Hershberger Downtown hairstylist Matt Fugate. “Most volumizing shampoos are deep-cleansing, to get all the dirt and minerals out of your hair.” The more you let buildup, well, build up in your strands, the more you drag them down.
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Add An In-Shower Treatment
Have you ever noticed that your hair is far more ample right after you color it? “After your hair gets highlighted, it will feel thicker because the cuticle expands from the product used to highlight,” explains Sally Hershberger colorist Dana Ionato. “Once your roots start to come in, you’ll notice they have a smaller diameter than the colored hair and may feel more flat as a result.” John Frieda 7 Day Volume simulates the look of freshly colored hair, thanks to a polymer that surrounds each fiber and fruit acids that penetrate the shaft to amp up volume from within.
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Don't Fear Gel
Gel, like Doc Martens and brown lipstick, has fallen out of circulation since the '90s — but it's recently made a comeback in the form of spray-on hair thickeners. Kérastase Matérialiste gives lift without residue and is great for all hair types, especially those with heavy, weighed-down roots. Says Kérastase stylist and artistic educator Jasmine Anna Galazka, "It’s great for perfecting that voluminous blowout. Spray [it] on roots before blowdrying for added lift."

Which reminds us: To achieve maximum volume while blowdrying, always flip your head upside-down and massage your roots with your fingers. This helps neutralize any weird growth patterns (like cowlicks) and gives the hair a natural amount of volume, says Bumble and bumble hairstylist Tiffani Patchett.
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Try A Waffle Iron (Seriously)
A distant cousin of the '80s-style crimpers we all know and love, the Voloom Hair Volumizing Iron imparts volume at the roots and is best for those with superfine or thinning locks. Says Fugate, “It’s kind of like backcombing, but with an iron, creating a zigzag formation to give more body.”

To use it, lift up the top sections of hair and press it down over the hair directly underneath it — just a couple inches from the roots (not all the way down the lengths). The beveled crimp pattern under the top layer isn't visible, but it does make your hair appear fuller. You can just use it at the crown for a '60s-style bump of volume, too.
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Consider Powders
Hairlines and parts lose density as we age, but celebrity hairstylist Ken Pavés has an instant fix: hair powder. Dust on one that matches or is slightly darker than your root color. “Get it on there, Eddie Munster-style, and blend it,” Pavés says. It’s waterproof, so you don’t have to worry about a rainy day exposing your locks' lies. In a pinch, you can also use eyeshadow or brow powder. (If it makes you feel better, Pavés frequently uses this trick on his celebrity clients.)
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Swap Your Teasing Comb For A Brush
Brushes are better at helping the hair look soft and natural — and they get the job done faster. Starting at the crown, Patchett advises taking a half-inch “slice” of hair, and holding it straight off to the side of your head with tension. Start backcombing at the roots, working your way toward the ends.

“People usually start [teasing at the] mid-shaft and working their way toward the scalp, but this creates knots and can cause your hair to break,” she says. “When you start at the base, you are actually grabbing any loose or short hairs and stacking them on top of each other, which will create a cushion and brush out easily.”
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