11 Apps To Help You Track & Manage Your Anxiety

Photographed by Rockie Nolan.
Sometimes you're a week behind on a big project, your train has been late three days in a row, and you got approximately three hours of sleep last night (between car alarms). So when anxiety makes its presence known in your day, you know exactly why. But at other times, that tightness in your throat and knot in your stomach seem to come out of nowhere. That's why many people with anxiety find it helpful to keep a regular diary of their thoughts and feelings.
And the simple act of putting those thoughts on paper (or phone) can sometimes even diminish their power and make them feel more manageable. But journaling can also help you look for the (sometimes subtle) patterns in your reactions.
For instance, does being overwhelmed at work make you more anxious than meeting up with visiting cousins? Or does the thought of getting drinks with a Tinder date send you into a negative thought spiral that makes you yearn for the simplicity of cleaning out your inbox?
Whatever your situation, keeping tabs on your emotions can clue you into your go-to thought patterns and major anxiety triggers. Armed with that information, you'll be able to dig deeper into why those triggers resonate so strongly with you — and be prepared to deal with them more effectively.
But if lugging around a big ol' journal isn't really your thing, don't worry — there's a huge variety of emotion- and trigger-tracking apps out there that make this process as easy as ordering your morning Frapp. Although they all accomplish the task of mood tracking, they do so in slightly different ways. So continue on to see a few of our favorite apps and how they make journaling way more exciting.
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Why we love it: This stress- and anxiety-focused app also comes with breathing exercises to calm you down when needed.

Anxiety Reliever: Stress and Anxiety Relief, Free, available at iTunes and Google Play.
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Why we love it: In addition to your moods, this app will help you keep track of sleep, medications, and energy levels.

iMoodJournal, $1.99, available at iTunes and Google Play.
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Why we love it: This app was created by the Anxiety Disorders Association of British Columbia. It helps you track your specific anxiety symptoms and gives you strategies for overcoming any unhelpful thought patterns.

MindShift, Free, available at iTunes and Google Play.
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Why we love it: Pretty much all Moods does is track your moods — but it does so really, really well. You can go into as much or as little detail as you feel like.

Moods: Tracking for Better Mental Health, Free, available at iTunes.
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Why we love it: This diary app also creates neat graphs of your moods so you can pick out patterns.

MoodTrack Diary: Social Mood Tracker & Mood Tracking Journal, Free, available at iTunes and Google Play.
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Why we love it: Don't let this app's bare bones design fool you — it was created by the National Center for Telehealth and Technology and is surprisingly effective.

T2 Mood Tracker, Free, available at iTunes and Google Play.
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Why we love it: It's a little pricier than other options here, but this app's ability to track your prescriptions, pain levels, and menstrual cycles in addition to your moods makes it worth the splurge. Plus, it lets you back up all your data easily and export it all to a spreadsheet if that's your style.

MyMoodTracker, $9.99, available at iTunes.
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Why we love it: Yes, this app tracks your anxiety. But it's really meant for those who are ready to learn self-help techniques for managing that anxiety as well.

Self-Help for Anxiety Management, Free, available at iTunes and Google Play.
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Why we love it: This beautifully designed app acts as a journal and mood tracker, but it also connects you to support groups and pen pals dealing with similar issues.

Stigma: Journal, Diary, Mood, & Anxiety Tracker, Free, available at iTunes.
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Why we love it: In addition to its tracking features, this app uses cognitive-behavioral therapy-based methods to challenge your negative thought patterns and keep you grounded you during anxiety attacks.

What's Up?, Free, available at iTunes and Google Play.
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Why we love it: This one is especially helpful for figuring out your anxiety triggers: You'll log something that's worrying you and check back later to see whether or not it ended up being as bad as you imagined.

Worry Watch — Anxiety Journal, $1.99, available iTunes.