20 Reaction GIFs For EVERY Work Email

There is a truism in the Refinery29 office: If you want to get a response to an email, include a GIF. While not every office is GIF-sending-friendly, including one can be a great way to brighten a boring email or better express yourself — after all, there's a limit to how many exclamation points you should include.

But not every GIF is work-friendly. I once sent this GIF to my coworkers (best described as Obama-as-Beyoncé-on-a-pizza-in-space?) and just received blank stares. So don't be like me — next time you want to share a GIF with a coworker, go with one that's proven to work.

Here are 20 tried-and-true GIFs that have seen their fair share of Refinery29 inboxes.
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That feeling when things finally (finally!) come together.
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If you're all ready to celebrate a birthday, promotion, or completed project — or maybe just need a drink after a hard day's work.
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This is definitely the politest way to say you really DGAF.
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When you and your coworker are equally confused about what you are being asked to do.
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If you want to convey all those "OMG" feelings (but don't know where to even start), let a kitten do it for you.
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Then again, sometimes your job can feel like herding actual cats.
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Let the lads of One Direction be the animated emojis of your grief.
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Emails about free food deserve a response as gleeful as Cookie Monster's.
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Mic-dropping might be a bit aggressive for a work email — if not for Ben Wyatt's goofy charm.
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A Michelle Tanner GIF is always an acceptable way to end an electronic pep talk.
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If you've ever tried to fix something that doesn't need fixing (or tried to take care of something that doesn't need taking care of), a quick "sorry" accompanied by this pug can do wonders.
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Some days, you are the cat — and a last-minute presentation is the flower.
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Anticipating a surprise birthday party, raise, or job well done? Go with Ron Swanson.
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Or go with a classic Kristen Wiig moment when you really can't hide your excitement.
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Then again, sometimes you don't want to keep your excitement to yourself.
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And never underestimate the power of a "thank you" GIF. Like when someone gets the job done efficiently...
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...Or does something you weren't expecting.
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Or just really, really moves you with their actions.
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And sometimes, you just need to express that "face palm" feeling.
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As a bonus, here's a GIF you should probably keep to yourself (but hey, it's a feeling we've all had at one point).