5 Steps To Stronger, Leaner Arms

This time of year, our arms are hidden under sweaters, blazers, and any number of layers. But soon enough, it'll be time uncover your limbs — and if you put in a little work now, they'll look amazing come spring.

The key to stronger arms: the tricep muscle, the one on the bottom side of your arm that (cringe) jiggles a bit when it's been too long since your last sweat sesh. Luckily, you already have the exercises you need to tighten things up, thanks to our 10 essential moves series.

Creator Kira Stokes pulled five moves that specifically target your triceps and surrounding muscles, so leaner arms are just a few reps away. Add these moves to your regular workout routine, and you'll be able to rock that sleeveless top with pride, no matter what the weather is outside.