These 7 Home Decor Trends Will Be Everywhere in 2018

photographed by Andrew Ingalls.
Interior trends are a notoriously fickle beast: One minute you're seeing chevron prints and flamingo decor everywhere, and the next they've been relegated to "overdone" territory. To keep your apartment from looking like an Instagram cliché, it's important to stay on top of which design movements are coming and going. The best way to be clued in? Just take a look at what's popular on Pinterest.
With the help of a report put together by the platform, we've rounded up seven decorating trends that will dominate in 2018. Click through for fantastic styling inspiration to give your space a New Year's makeover.
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Warm Tones For Coziness

Scandinavian style used to be all about stark whites and washed grays, but these colors are about to fall out of fashion in the coming year. Rich and earthy tones are making an appearance in minimalist, Scandinavian-inspired homes, from deep burgundy reds and burnt oranges to rusty terracottas and murky greens. These warmer colors feel cozy without interfering with the clean aesthetic the Nordic decorating style is known for.
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Slimmer Pins

The mid-century look has been immensely popular in the last couple of years, but industrial furniture is also winning many favors. Tapered, wooden furniture legs are about to be replaced by thinner metal designs. This means stackable chairs with simple, black frames, trestle table legs, and couches with more delicate support. The result? Furniture that has higher utility value and a more minimalist appearance.
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Embracing Imperfections

Forget Hygge: Wabi-sabi is the newest lifestyle philosophy you should embrace in 2018. The word is derived from an ancient Japanese philosophy of making peace with the imperfections of your home, as well as the unpredictable nature of life. Adapted into a decor trend, this means loving all the blemishes in your home that makes it authentic, from dents in your wall to the scratches on your wooden floors. Doing the bare minimum repairs sounds pretty good to us.
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Sage Is The Word

There's about to be another neutral in town: sage, a shade that's a blend between slate and olive. The muted color pops without adding to the fussiness, making it an elegant choice for painting your walls.
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Bravo, Terrazzo

Terrazzo, a popular wall and floor treatment from the '70s, is making a huge comeback. According to internal data provided by Pinterest, user saves for “terrazzo” pins have increased by 316%. The scattered marble pattern can be used to cover your ceilings, to tile your entryways, and is even showing up in homewares. Check out this tutorial to learn how to DIY the print.
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Patterned Plants

Our love for indoor plants is no secret, and they are about to get a lot more Instagrammable: Pinterest saves for “patterned plants” has increased by 533%. Get your hands on varieties like the prayer plant or snake plant to add more lush texture to your home.
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Mixed Metals

Metals go really well with all sorts of colors, but mixing metals with different finishes is an instant way to add visual intrigue and depth. Decorate with both gold and silver photo frames or top a brass coffee table with a rose-gold tray gives off the feeling that you've curated the contents of your room over the years — and not everything is a matchy-matchy look inspired by a home catalog.
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