5 Less Obvious Sex & The City Outfits To Copy This Halloween

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With Halloween just around the corner, everyone is racking their brains for the perfect costume. There's one, however, that we hope you’ll decided against. Sex and the City fans, it's time to retire the expected Carrie Bradshaw move. Yes, she's inspired millions of girls (and guys!) to move to New York City where they can look for labels and love, but this Halloween, it’s time to lay that signature white tank top and pale pink tutu from the opening credits to rest.
“It's easy to identify and easier to mimic, which is why the look is completely outplayed,” Lauren Garroni, one-half of the duo behind the hilarious and amazing Instagram account @everyoutfitonsatc, tells Refinery29. Now, we're not totally ignoring the series' costume potential. Instead, we're just looking for something a little less, well, obvious. That's why we tapped the founders of "fashion's favorite Instagram" to help come up with some still nostalgic, but no where near overdone looks we can wear its place. Here's five for the most dedicated fans.
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“Honestly, I would avoid trying to mimic the outfits from the series,” Chelsea Fairless, the other half of @everyoutfitonsatc, tells Refinery29. “I did it in high school via an oversize rosette, and it was not a cute look.” Remember “that Carrie outfit where she wears one of Mr. Big’s white button-up shirts as a dress with an Hermes belt and it looks completely effortless” she asks. “That's the sort of look that should never be attempted in real life [unless you’re Rihanna], but would make for a fabulous last-minute Halloween costume.”
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Miranda's iconic monochromatic overalls & puffer coat ensemble (S2 /EP1) #butch #MirandaOffDuty

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It shouldn’t come as a surprise the duo looks to the unsung hero of the series, Miranda Hobbes, for inspiration IRL — and in this case, Halloween. Think: “Miranda's iconic overall and puffer jacket look from season one,” Garroni says, nothing that although its somewhat of “a deep-cut, it will go over amazingly with those in-the-know.”
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Another suggestion? “The much derided bucket hat over windbreaker outfit from season two.” As Garroni puts it, “each of these ensembles can be easily assembled from one's own closets, or [if they] raided their mother's wardrobe.”
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On the other hand, Fairless would love to see “someone dress up as Samantha post chemical-peel, when she attended Carrie's book party wearing that dramatic black veil.” Yes, it's an iconic Sex & the City moment, but it also keeps with the whole Halloween horror aesthetic, she adds.