8 Times Game Of Thrones Really Grossed Us Out

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Explaining Game Of Thrones to friends that don't watch is still difficult, even seven seasons in. "So wait... it's set in a fictional land that's more or less caught in constant war, your favorite characters regularly die on screen, and even in a happier episode some unknown extra will likely suffer some horrible fate? And it's also your favorite show on television?"
Westeros certainly isn't for the light of heart — and that includes the food. We're only three episodes in to the current season, and already we've had to advert our eyes more than once (and even scream in shock) at several shots that include meals.
In fact, most food on the show (with the exception of Hot Pie's inn) exists on a spectrum from "not so great" to "wincingly awful." Edd's apology to Sansa when she first arrives at the Wall ("Sorry about the food. It's not what we're known for.") might as well apply to all the seven kingdoms. Nonetheless, some horrific moments are definitely standouts. So without further ado, here are the top eight grossest, cringe-worthy, and downright disgusting food moments in a show that already keeps the bar on freaking out viewers pretty high.
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Arya's Pie Of The Day
When Arya reclaims her name and leaves Braavos to be a full-fledged, one-woman revenge machine, her first call is on Walder Frey. The Red Wedding has long been one of the most notorious and shocking scenes in the series, and not just because we saw several beloved characters killed at once — in Westeros, the laws of hospitality are so strict, even some of the Frey's allies are shocked that they killed the Starks after welcoming them as guests. Arya's revenge is equally shocking. Before killing Frey, she kills his sons and goes full-on Sweeney Todd, baking them up in a pie. Since then, the only regret we've heard her utter is that she didn't brown the butter to make the crust like Hot Pie tells her when they meet again in the next season.
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The Greyscale Smash Cut
Even fans of Dr. Pimple Popper were grossed out by Sam's treatment for Ser Jorah's greyscale, which involves peeling off the outer layer of the skin and applying some kind of salve. Not only does it look incredibly painful, but it also exposes raw skin — and plenty of oozing pus. The show's writers then treated viewers to a very special quick cut to a pot pie that would have, under any other circumstances, looked delicious. Instead, the crust and broth-y filling are just way too reminiscent of Sam's one-man, late-night dermatology practice.
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Sam's Citadel Chores Montage
And speaking of Sam, he may be relatively protected from the larger terrors in Westeros at the Citadel, but he is suffering his own unique horrors — namely, the chores assigned to the newest maesters-in-training. In a very long, painful montage, we see Sam's duties, which include filling up food bowls and emptying chamber pots. Let's just say the resemblance between the two is close enough to make us hope to never need food or shelter in Oldtown. Whether the chamber pot contents are so disgusting because of the gruel he's serving is, for better or for worse, left up to our imaginations. Let's just say we weren't craving soup after that episode.
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Ramsay Bolton's Sausage Snack
Theon has done some unforgivable things over the show's run, yet Ramsay Bolton's psychotic treatment of him managed to be bad enough that he eventually won (some of) our sympathies back. That includes a scene where the sadistic Ramsay taunts Theon, mid-torture, with a piece of meat reminiscent of a body part he had earlier removed.
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Ramsay Bolton Eating An Apple Skin
And lest we think that's all of Ramsay's food sins, there was perhaps a way more chilling moment that began with him calmly peeling and eating the skin of an apple. Eating the skin of an apple. Shortly afterwards, Osha appears and we know she is in trouble because dude was just eating the skin of an apple. That he later quickly stabs Osha, wipes off the knife, and immediately returns to eating apple skin is only slightly more chilling than the original sight of a man calmly taking bites of apple skin off his knife.
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The Purple Wedding Pigeon Pie
Joffrey's demise is one of the few satisfying moments in a pretty bleak show, especially since his history of bad behavior extended well into his own wedding. The sight of Joffrey's face, post-poisoning, is bad enough on its own, and overshadowed another gross moment: the image of the pigeons the young king kills when he releases them from a ceremonial pie. (Skip to around 3:30 to see it in its full glory) Real pigeon pie, layered with a zoo's worth of dead animals, might not have been much better.
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Just About Any Food Eaten On The Road
It goes without saying that there aren't any McDonald's in Westeros, meaning travelers often have to fend for themselves, especially when they're traveling incognito or at the behest of a poorly-funded army. When Bronn and Jaime went on the buddy trip of our dreams, the joy of their acerbic banter was only slightly dampened by the vision of the two of them roasting snakes.

We got another gander at wild animals killed and cooked with little prep when Arya runs into Ed Sheeran in the season seven premiere. Arya truly seems grateful for the food, but the sight of animal paws as dinner is enough to make us skip out on whatever themed Game Of Thrones spread we might be serving.
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Daenerys' Horse Heart Feast
And then there was Dany's horse heart, a ritual performed by Dothraki wives. Eaten completely raw, she is also supposed to keep it down for the ceremony to work. It gets touch-and-go there for a minute, with Khaleesi dry heaving after getting the last bite down. The only thing we see, however, is how bad her wigs were way back in season one. It's a touching moment where we watch how strong Dany has become, and how at home she is becoming with the Dothraki. It's also a woman eating a giant handful of raw, bloody muscle on TV.