Your May Horoscope, Revealed

Illustrated by Alia Penner. Photographed by Jason Rodgers.
Clean, green, and serene: That's May's astrological trifecta, as we revel in Taurus season until the 20th. Grounded Taurus makes common sense cool again. But not in a boring way. This energy is artsy, musical, and creative. Think of it as practical magic. Being the first of the earth signs, Taurus time reminds us to respect our natural resources. As last month's March for Science pointed out, there is no Planet B. While new things can be a treat, what can we reuse, repurpose, and upcycle? Or, grow ourselves? Check out community farms, get a garden going, or support local agriculture while nourishing your bod with a CSA subscription.
Bottom line: In May, the best things in life are free — and that includes lively interactions with people. From May 20 onwards, the sun swirls through social, communicative Gemini, the Zodiac's doppelgänger. Twinning is winning in the month's final third, so pair up and expand your possibilities. Writers, teachers, podcasters, and media-makers will all benefit from Gemini season, which is a time for info-sharing. And while Taurus helps us vocalize our values, Gemini inspires us to dialogue, debate, and dig around for more information. Can we find common ground across the seemingly growing divide? The Gemini new moon on the 25th will certainly help!
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Illustrated by Alia Penner. Photographed by Jason Rodgers.
April 20 to May 20

Full steam ahead? With the sun blazing through Taurus until May 20, you'll have a gale wind beneath your wings. Everywhere you turn there are opportunities to start fresh and reinvent yourself. But as you open new tabs and windows, make sure you're also clearing your cache. Your ruling planet, radiant, romantic Venus, spends the entire month in Aries and your 12th house of nostalgia and healing. Mindful Mercury will also be in Aries until the 16th. Certain parts of your history need to be honored, Bull, so don't throw out the baby with the bathwater! Others aspects of life need to be mourned and May is the month to do that. While a three-hanky birthday wasn't what you envisioned, think of it this way: Feeling, dealing, and healing will set you free to launch your new yearlong journey around the sun. And TBH, embracing your emotions will be such a relief. Your mantra for May: Every loss is also a gain. As you release outmoded situations, you make space for bigger and better things to flow in. This Venus cycle can attract a soulmate, someone who actually matches your "dream date" vision. And with the Scorpio full moon lighting up your relationship house on the 10th, a long-term partnership could be set in stone.

Money is on your mind all month, as motivator Mars powers through Gemini and your income zone. Be proactive about getting ahead. Pitch projects, set up power lunches, and take the initiative to learn the latest developments in your field. (Even if no one is paying you to do so.) That self-starter energy will take you even farther after the 20th, as the sun joins Mars in Gemini. The new moon on the 25th promises a job offer, promotion, or brilliant idea for a side hustle. Take a chance, Taurus: What you don't already know, you'll learn along the way.
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Illustrated by Alia Penner. Photographed by Jason Rodgers.
May 21 to June 20

Paradox is your playground, Gemini — and those "double agent" skills will come in handy with May's planetary mix. All month long, go-getter Mars is pulsing through Gemini, bringing a high-octane boost for your ambitions. Mars only visits your sign every other year (the last time was May 11 to June 24, 2015), so don't sleep through it! But do allow yourself some disco naps in between those power lunches and creative brainstorming sessions. Until the 20th, the sun is nesting in Taurus and your 12th house of rejuvenating escape. From wired to tired to wired again...that's your pace for much of May. But the dreaming is as important as the doing, Gemini. Some of your most brilliant ideas will come while you're staring out the window or lying in savasana on your yoga mat. Seek inspiration from deeper sources — your elders, nature, mystical texts. Begin collecting inspiring images for a vision board. Your subconscious can clue you in to what you really want to do with your life. As R29's own creative director Piera Gelardi advises, "Make your soul path your goal path."

Gemini season begins on the 20th and that's when you'll really be ready for lift-off. The introspective vibes take a backseat to your adventurous spirit. With warmhearted Venus buzzing through your 11th house of community all month, you've no doubt encountered some fascinating groups of people. Now, you're ready to dive in with a trial membership — or maybe even by running for a leadership position in the organization. On the 25th, 2017's new moon in Gemini marks another important jumping-off point. This is a stellar day to launch a personal project or make a huge announcement.

Romantically, passionate Mars keeps the fire burning in your loins, but those blazes could quickly spread to include many interests. If you're hardcore monog, Venus' tour of your tech sector may inspire some new additions to your toy collection. Stay on those apps! Digital dating is blessed by Venus' beams, but you could also meet your match through mutual friends. Coupled? Give yourself healthy doses of "me time" in between dates and make a point of socializing together as a pair. After the full moon on the 10th, you might even become workout buddies. Let 'em see you sweat. The shared endorphin rush will be awesome for your sex life.
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Illustrated by Alia Penner. Photographed by Jason Rodgers.
June 21 to July 22

Don the red-and-white-striped shirt. It's time to play "Where's Cancer?" as you lose yourself in the crowd this May. With the Taurus sun lighting up your 11th house of groups until the 20th, you'll find people more fascinating than annoying. And if small talk ain't your thing, break out the camera for some street style portraiture. Your creative sign has quite the eye. You might even find your tribe at a work function, especially after the 3rd, when Mercury wakes up from a three-week retrograde that's been stalling developments in your career zone. But with the messenger planet back on his game — and powering through your success sector until the 16th — you are primed for some leaps up the ladder. Charming Venus also occupies your 10th house all month. Mingle with the influencers — don't skip office happy hours to "go feed your cat." In May, it really is all about who you know.

Romantically, circle May 10 as a hotspot. The annual full moon in Scorpio lights a fire in your passionate fifth house which could bring true love to life. Surprise! It might just be an office romance. Cancer who are ready to take a big leap could even get engaged or pregnant under these fertile moonbeams. (If you're not into cradle-rocking, double up on the protection). Your talents could draw some public attention too and this full moon may vault you into a leadership position. Make sure you're camera-ready! People will be watching. After the 20th, feel free to tuck back into your shell more often. The sun sinks into Gemini and your healing and solitary 12th house for a month. In these four weeks leading up to Cancer season, take stock of what you're ready to let go of from your past year of life. From mom jeans to toxic Tinder dates, let them go, let them go.
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Illustrated by Alia Penner. Photographed by Jason Rodgers.
July 23 to August 22

Game on, Leo! With the sun lighting up your ambitious 10th house until May 20, your royal status will be cemented. But you'll have to put in some elbow grease, too. Keep your ears perked for leadership opportunities and job openings — and let your networks know what you're searching for. Do you need additional training or certification to get your paws on a higher rung of the ladder? With Mercury wrapping its retrograde on the 3rd, submit those applications and file any paperwork. Well-connected dudes will be incredibly helpful this month, so clue them in to your ambitious quest. They could make fateful introductions or put in a great word on your behalf.

But on the 10th, it's one of your sisters who will play a starring role, thanks to the Scorpio full moon in your house of women. If you've been stuck in a rivalry, you may finally sort out the power dynamics and bring back the love. This full moon can also illuminate domestic issues. Are you ready to move or spruce up your decor (with some lush plants, maybe)? Make Chateau Leo feel like your den and palace — or find a better place to hang your bejeweled crown and scepter.

Romantically, you're not exactly the most focused this May. With cosmic lovebirds Venus and Mars in the more liberated and experimental zones of your chart, you may prefer single status — or require a longer leash to flex your flirting powers. But at heart, you're a die-hard romantic. Love could emerge via your friend group, especially near the new moon on the 25th. Cross-cultural and long-distance relationships could also be your jam. Already attached? Keep things fresh by socializing more often as a pair. Co-host that Memorial Day party or find a scene you both love and become regular fixtures.
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Illustrated by Alia Penner. Photographed by Jason Rodgers.
August 23 to September 22

Wanderlust: activated! The world is your playground this May, as the sun sails through your travel sector until the 20th. What new corners of the planet do you want to explore? Ask friends about their favorite journeys and do your own research. On the 3rd, curious Mercury snaps out of retrograde, giving you the green light to book flights (maybe one of these under $500 vacations?) and firm up all your 2017 festival plans. A romantic getaway could certainly sweeten the pot with your S.O. Equally fun would be a best friend road trip near the full moon on the 10th, which falls in your house of kindred spirits. If you can't leave home base this month, journey in the figurative sense by exploring more diverse activities in your hometown. Get involved in global causes and intersectional feminist groups. Sign up for a spring-summer workshop or a self-development weekend. There's plenty to excavate in that deep soul of yours too, Virgo.

While your suitcase will be in heavy rotation, your work bag will also be in frequent use. Motivator Mars cruises through your 10th house of career all month, boosting you up the ladder. Traveling for work is a possibility or you could collaborate with a colleague in a sister city. Take more initiative; be the self-starter — while also respecting the existing power pyramid. You want the insiders to have your back, not feel threatened by you. Creatrix Venus spends May in your big money zone and you could make a bundle of cash through royalties, commissions, or the sale of property. That's good reason to record that EP or hawk some vintage couture on eBay. The new moon on the 25th could reward you with a fancy job offer or new title at your job. Are you crushing on a coworker? With Mars and Venus in these placements, the line between business and pleasure could get very blurry in May. Coupled Virgos might make a mint from your combined skills or a shared investment. Explore!
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Illustrated by Alia Penner. Photographed by Jason Rodgers.
September 23 to October 22

Draw the drapes, hang that "Do Not Disturb" sign. In early May, you "vant to be alone," or huddled up with your closest acquaintances. Thank the Taurus sun, which is simmering in your intimate eighth house until the 20th. Although you'll never stop being a social creature, when you need your "me" or "just the two of us" time, respect it. And keep a firm privacy policy in place. Your Snapchat friends don't need to be updated on your every move and your BFFs don't need a blow-by-blow (cough) of your sex life. Which, by the way, could get super scintillating this month as the sun reboots your libido. And with your ruler, romantic Venus, in your committed relationship house all May, a casual connection could get way serious. Do you want "more" or "different" from your mate? The full moon on the 10th helps you vocalize your feelings — and so does the new moon on the 25th. Don't hide your desires, Libra. It's important to know if your visions align so you can move ahead together or just move on.

But don't tuck too far into your private little enclave. All month long, motivator Mars is pulsing through Gemini and your worldly ninth house. Traveling makes your soul sing — and might just get you inspired about starting your own side hustle. Sign up for a retreat or workshop in another city and start looking at festival dates. When the sun joins the Gemini party from the 20th on, you'll really feel ready to book all the tickets and finalize plans. Multicultural mingling will be energizing this month. Branch out from any bubbles you've been stuck in. If you feel awkward or clueless at first, own it and make zero assumptions. Find out about the issues affecting other communities and ask people if they'd be willing to share their experiences firsthand. If your friend list is already super diverse (as is the case for many harmonizing Libras), take it upon yourself to play astrological ambassador. Bring together friends from different backgrounds and be the bridge. Their minds will be blown in the best of ways. Cheers to progress, Libra!
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Illustrated by Alia Penner. Photographed by Jason Rodgers.
October 23 to November 21

Don't hang on too tightly to that lone wolf status, Scorpio. With the sun cruising through your relationship houses all month, ghosting means missing out on the best that May has to offer. While your discerning sign may only really click with a select pool, those gems are ready to be discovered. Romantic Venus hangs out in your selective sixth house all month, ensuring that you won't let a loser get past your red velvet ropes. And your co-ruler, passionate Mars, will sharpen your intuition and erotic appeal all month long. Be mindful of what you wish for, because you stand a damn good chance of getting it, Scorpio. Pair up for pleasure and business. Dynamic duos could be quite profitable in May. While you love a kindred spirit, stay open to people who have complementary skill sets. It will be such a relief to find folks who can pick up where you leave off.

But do circle May 10 as your day to shine! That's when 2017's only full moon in Scorpio will light up the skies. All your hard work since your birthday season is set to pay off. And if you've been hustling, you could be rewarded with a bounty of bright opportunities — ones that even draw attention from the media or the influencers in your field. Don't be shy about self-promotion, because this is the day to start a buzz on your own behalf. If you've been in "energy saver" mode, consider this full moon your wakeup call to get back into action. Sign up for a spring-summer workshop or session with a coach. Investing in yourself now will pay dividends over the coming six months.

Moving your body can also help get energy flowing. And with Mercury waking up from its retrograde on the 3rd, you'll get your schedule back in check so you can make all those cardio classes and sessions with your trainer. Forget the no pain, no gain schtick — and lose the "compare and despair" nonsense, too. With radiant Venus in your healthy living zone all month, it's time to love the skin you're in with fun workouts, a great playlist, and some mind-blowing foreplay!
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Illustrated by Alia Penner. Photographed by Jason Rodgers.
November 22 to December 21

Hold that plank pose, Sagittarius! (3, 2, 1...) The Taurus sun lights up your wellness zone until the 20th, inspiring you to take better care of your bod. Deprivation never works for your indulgent sign, but these luscious, international salad recipes will appeal to your worldly nature. Drink more water! Every system of your body will thank you. And a detoxifying Scorpio full moon on the 10th wants you to flush away negative influences in every realm, including the energy vampires who are draining you with their neediness and unrealistic demands. Bye! Seriously, Sagittarius, it's time to stop making excuses for their bad behavior and just put up a giant boundary. Dialing down stress at work should be another major goal for the month. Where can you bring more efficiency to your process? Do you need to outsource, delegate, or find an intern? Burning the midnight oil isn't necessarily a noble show of dedication, Archer, and certainly not if it leads to burnout. Time to work smarter, not harder — so you have time to make that 7 p.m. yoga class.

Love planets Venus and Mars are also in your corner this May — another reason to lighten your workload. Radiant Venus spends the month in Aries and your glamorous, romantic fifth house, making you a love magnet and a style queen. (Can you say "dress-up dates"?) Mars will be in Gemini and your relationship sector all month, increasing your urge to merge. And from the 20th on, the sun also moves into Gemini, which can take a lukewarm connection to the next level. The sun-Mars duo can be as fiery as it is seductive. Careful not to heap too much pressure onto your dates or to start arguments to keep things "exciting." Single? The new moon on the 25th could reveal someone with staying power. Attached Archers could leap to the next level together under these moonbeams, from cohabitation to engagement to planning your first couple's vacay!
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Illustrated by Alia Penner. Photographed by Jason Rodgers.
December 22 to January 19

Love is in the air, Capricorn, so don't let May's spring-fevered gifts pass you by. The Taurus sun is swirling through your passionate, playful fifth house until the 20th, upping your attraction factor big time. Stop compulsively checking your phone for work emails. You might notice a few admirers scoping you out — ones you can appreciate in return. If you're single, dive back into the dating pool and try out a couple new apps. With amorous Venus in your female friendship house all month, one of your girls could successfully play Cupid on your behalf. In an LTR? Add more play dates to the shared calendar — and more nesting time. Venus may nudge coupled Capricorns towards cohabitation or family planning if you're ready to rock the cradle. Don't be shy about bringing up your emotions and desires this month. With Mercury snapping out of a three-week retrograde on the 3rd, honesty is the most rewarding policy. In all likelihood, your feelings will be reciprocated. But if they aren't, isn't it best to know sooner than later? Your moment of truth may come near the full moon on the 10th.

While early May will make a runway diva out of you, after the 20th, you'll feel more like a track star. The sun heads into Gemini and your sixth house of wellness, bringing a boost to your spring training goals. And with motivator Mars in Gemini all month, you'll already feel the urge to take better care of your body. Hey, Capricorn, it's your soul's address here on Earth! Swap in natural products to your beauty routine and add more creative salad recipes to your menu. Work gets busier under this cosmic spell, so spruce up your LinkedIn after the 20th. The new moon on the 25th could bring a job offer or a plum assignment. Nail this one and you could find yourself launched up the ladder over the coming six months!
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Illustrated by Alia Penner. Photographed by Jason Rodgers.
January 20 to February 18

Cinco de Mayo margaritas at Casa de Aquarius! Your home could be the buzzing hive of activity this May, as the Taurus sun lights up your domestic sphere until the 20th. And when Mercury snaps out of retrograde on the 3rd, your popularity starts soaring. Bring together old friends and new to enjoy your space. Need to fix up your place? Order pizza and have a painting party — and don't sleep on these gems from H&M Home that can make your apartment pop. Did you have a falling out with someone from your squad? Mercury's U-turn helps you hash it out and hug it out. That doesn't mean peace at any price though. Be honest about the changes you want to see in the friendship so you don't repeat the cycle again.

Romantically, May is percolating with promise! All month long, passion planet Mars cruises through Gemini and your glamorous, amorous fifth house. Schedule some dress-up dates in between those Netflix nights — and let your wild side take the wheel. The sun zooms into Gemini for a month on the 20th, bringing even more heat to your love life. You could meet your match near the new moon on the 25th — or hit an Instagram-worthy milestone with your S.O. The fifth house also rules fame, so get ready for your close-up, Aquarius. May is one of 2017's best months for making a name for yourself or gaining greater exposure for your work. And with a career-boosting Scorpio full moon on the 10th, you could wind up with a raise or investment dollars to develop your dream!
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Illustrated by Alia Penner. Photographed by Jason Rodgers.
February 19 to March 20

Just in time for spring, May finds you in full-on social butterfly mode. Abandon the cocoon until the 20th, but don't flutter too far from base. The local scene is percolating with possibilities. Explore everything from trivia nights to a grassroots community farm. Meeting more neighbors will make you feel more at home in your neck of the woods. If nothing's buzzing, organize a meetup yourself. A local venue would likely be thrilled to have more people coming in the door. But do check those admission costs. On May 3, Mercury wakes up from a three-week retrograde that tore through your finance house. From unexpected bills to retail therapy splurges (where the hell is that receipt?!), your credit card statement could be higher this month. (Gulp.) Fortunately, Mercury corrects course on the 3rd and gives you extra charm until the 16th. Send out LinkedIn invites, ping prospective clients, and have a talk about growth opportunities with the powers that be.

A chance to travel could arrive on the 10th when the full moon in Scorpio lights up your worldly ninth house. Your company could even foot the bill or you might hitch a ride to a festival in a friend's vintage Vanagon. If your budget's tight, how about a long weekend apartment swap with a pal in a cool city? Romantically, you could vibe with a cutie from a different culture. A couple's getaway would be lively and passionate near the 10th. Just make sure you're back at base by the 20th, when the sun nestles into Gemini and your domestic fourth house. Turn your attention back to home. Nights in with bae, dinner parties with the girls — this will be more your speed. Looking to move, find a new roomie, or make some extra cash by Airbnb-ing your basement? The new moon on the 25th inspires changes around Chateau Pisces, even if it's just a fresh coat of pain.
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Illustrated by Alia Penner. Photographed by Jason Rodgers.
March 21 to April 19

Flex those First Amendment rights, Ram. After three signal-scrambling weeks, communication planet Mercury snaps out of retrograde on May 3 and removes that ballet flat from your mouth. You had it worse than most as Mercury's backspin took place primarily in your sign. But from May 3 to 16, the planetary messenger powers forward through Aries and restores your gift of gab. Use this window to explore new interests and shamelessly self-promote the projects you have in the pipeline. Put your money where your mouth is, too. With the Taurus sun lighting up your financial zone until May 20, you could talk your way right into an opportunity. Invest in webinars and trainings to help bump your skills to the next paygrade — and don't underestimate the power of networking. Your big payoff could come near the Scorpio full moon on the 10th.

Those moonbeams will amplify your sex appeal, too! Lift your nose from the grindstone and see who's checking you out. The 10th could bring a lucky swipe for single Aries or a fateful IRL encounter. And lucky you: Enchanting Venus spends the entire month of May in Aries blessing you with seductive powers. Variety is the spice of your love life, but you won't have the longest attention span. Don't dismiss a good one before giving them a chance! Attached? Talks turn to exclusivity near the 10th — which may involve matching keys or rings. Detour away from "the usual places" to keep your connection fresh. Gemini Season begins on the 20th, which revs up your social life big time. And with your ruler, lively Mars, in Gemini all month, you'll have already made contact with kindred spirits. One with BFF (or bae) potential could pop up near the new moon on the 25th. This is a great time to get involved in local causes, from non-profit activism to organizing a block party in your 'hood.