Your Valentine's Day Horoscope, Revealed

Illustrated by Stacey Rozich.
How kind of Cupid! This February 14, the moon will be in Libra, the sign that basically defines all things Valentines. Is it heating up in here, or is it just us?

While this naturally puts everyone in a couple-y headspace, Mars and Venus will surge through independent Aries. Feelings could run hot and cold in moments. And we're not ruling out some random rubbernecking. Hey, you were only looking!

Whether single or spoken for, we turned to our resident astrologers, the AstroTwins, to find out how your sign can best honor St. Valentine in 2017. Click through to discover what the stars have in store.

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Illustrated by Stacey Rozich.
January 20 to February 18
The whole Valentine's Day thing can get so…heavy. But having a sense of humor about the Hallmark holiday won't kill romance — quite the contrary in 2017. With Mars and Venus in your lighthearted third house, laughter is the best medicine in the love doctor's little black bag. Pick up a pair of tickets to a comedy club or a drag show — or rent a private karaoke booth to belt out pop ballads with bae. Single? You'll be in a frisky and adventurous mood this V-Day. Who knows? First: a wild evening of bar hopping and chatting up strangers. Next: your first threesome.

Cross-cultural connections will click or you could spend the night snogging a sexy traveler who is rolling through your hometown. No matter your status, you'll be a restless romantic (and maybe one with a roving eye). Start things off with a sporty date, like indoor tennis, tandem skydiving. And hey, starting with bedroom Olympics, then enjoying a post-coital date might be the best order for your plans. P.S.: It could also be easier to focus on your special someone if you rub one out before you hit the scene.
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Illustrated by Stacey Rozich.
February 19 to March 20
Swoon! Cupid's crossbow is aimed right for your heart this V-Day — and you'll only have eyes for one special soul. Casual dating just isn't your thing in 2017, as expansive Jupiter simmers in your playing-for-keeps eighth house. That said, you have to start somewhere in the love game. Drop the idealism and give a newbie a chance. All you need is someone with potential (read: can carry their end of a deep conversation). Pick somewhere intimate and ambient for your date — and maybe go see a foreign film or art exhibit as a conversation starter. If all goes as planned, you'll be trading tales and sharing secrets by candlelight. And an afterparty at your place could be alchemical. Swoon!

If you're recovering from a breakup, remember that love comes in many forms. Nurse your wounds and charge up your confidence in the company of supportive friends who adore you, quirks and all. Already attached? Slip off to a secluded spot for a night of erotic exploration. Or book a side-by-side massage then head to the bedroom for more skin-on-skin action.
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Illustrated by Stacey Rozich.
March 21 to April 19
Liberated or twitterpated? V-Day 2017 could pull you in both directions. Cosmic co-pilots Venus and Mars are flying free in Aries this February 14 and you won't take kindly to anyone trying to own you. But you're not blocking Cupid's arrows either. A date who respects your individuality — and doesn't try to snuff out your style — could be a keeper. With the moon in Libra and your committed partnership zone, it could be you bringing up the whole exclusivity thing or even dropping to a knee during the dessert course.

Unattached Rams, proudly flaunt your single status. How about hosting a "rebel hearts" party for friends who also want to thumb their noses at the corny idea of a Hallmark holiday? Ironically, you might just find your match among the renegade ranks.
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Illustrated by Stacey Rozich.
April 20 to May 20
Bulls are one of the Zodiac's great romantics, so St. Valentine's arrival is an important date on your annual calendar. While you've probably loaded up on conversation hearts, curated a sexy ensemble, and perfected your red glitter pout, avoid perfectionism. If you try to make everything pitch perfect, you could fail to notice the sweet gestures your Valentine is making — or miss the fine AF hottie trying to catch your eye from across the room.

Concert tickets, dancing, and a candlelight dinner are great this year, but don't jam the whole night with plans. With Mars and Venus in your fantasy-fueled 12th house, you could make a quicker-than-usual beeline to the bedroom. If anything, plan a few fun activities for the boudoir like trying a new position or eating dessert off each other. Single? Practice your moves! You could meet your match on the dance floor or even in the DJ booth.
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Illustrated by Stacey Rozich.
May 21 to June 20
It's a va-va-voom V-Day for you, Gemini, as the moon swirls through your flamboyant fifth house. Forget about cooking dinner and snuggling up at home. You'd rather be flaunted as someone's dazzling arm candy — or tease your date with an evening of lingerie shopping before hitting the hotel with the heart-shaped hot tub. Theater tickets or a live performance could also be your jam. Just don't get so swept up in the show that you forget to give your date a little pre-coital affection.

With Venus and Mars in your experimental 11th house, you'll be down to try out a new fantasy or two. You'll also have quite the wandering eye. Behave! Single? Opt for a group hang, with each of you bringing an eligible pal. Sparks could fly with a friend's intellectually arousing roommate or even someone you hit up on Tinder at the last minute.
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Illustrated by Stacey Rozich.
June 21 to July 22
Light the candles and set the table for two. With the moon in your cozy fourth house this V-Day, you'll be happy to stay in with your amour, playing house and sharing a special, home-cooked meal. Prepping it together will be half the fun, so don't feel pressured to miss half a day of work slaving in the kitchen. If you do go out, stick to intimate venues where you can huddle close, converse about heartfelt subjects and feed each other Michelin-rated pasta. Take time to compose a meaningful message in your card. You might be too shy to say it, but the pen is mightier than the conversation heart.

Single? A Galentine's Day celebration will be far more fun than trying to scout out a date. Dress up for a fancy dinner with your girls and watch who flocks your way. You'll have a blast playing wingwoman for one another!
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Illustrated by Stacey Rozich.
July 23 to August 22
Two tickets to paradise — or maybe a ski lift and a night by a roaring fire at the lodge? Your wanderlust is activated this V-Day and cosmic coquettes Venus and Mars sync up in your travel sector. If you can't slip off on the 14th, put the celebration off until the weekend. This year, you'll want to do something bigger to fete Cupid. The local scene will also deliver on V-Day itself, so a staycation could be just as entertaining.

Make it a double date (at least for half the night), because you'll be in a lively, social mood. No Valentine? No problem. With the moon in your flirtatious third house, you'll have no trouble chatting up strangers. And if you feel moved to swipe right a couple times, follow the urge. A spontaneous meet-up could turn into one of the most memorable nights you've had in a while.
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Illustrated by Stacey Rozich.
August 23 to September 22
My kinky Valentine? With Venus and Mars entwined in your erotic eighth house, things could get a little Fifty Shades for you in 2017. Skip the candlelit dinner and set up a sexy scene in your bedroom — which could include eating an aphrodisiac-themed dinner off one another. Setting up a couples' boudoir shoot is another tantalizing option — even if you never share these photos on your IG feed. (And even if you do.)

Single? You'll enjoy being the seductress this February 14. Embrace the lingerie trend and layer on the lace and sheers. How about doing your best "Partition"-style Beyonce and taking a lap-dancing workshop with a few single GFs? You might be the Zodiac's virgin, but that just makes you an excellent tease! The night could even lead you to a play party if you're feeling that experimental.
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Illustrated by Stacey Rozich.
September 23 to October 22
Look who's topping St. V.'s favorites list in 2017: It's you, the benefactor of magical Libra moonbeams this February 14. With la luna in your sign, you'll be especially radiant and open-hearted — an intoxicating combination few can resist. Better still? Planetary paramours Venus and Mars are united in Aries and your seventh house of relationships until March 9! You could snag a keeper or hit a new milestone with your long-term love. Don't be shy about bringing up those "What's next for us?" discussions.

Single? Declare this a day of extreme self-love. If you found your soulmate, how would you want to be treated? Create that attractive energy field by indulging yourself in kind. Book the massage, splurge on new lingerie and meet someone you adore (your best friend even) for a decadent dinner. You might even pick up a little somethin' somethin' for the toy drawer to get your mojo rising. (Batteries not included.) When you lavish yourself with love, you draw more of it to you. With lady luck on your side this February 14, you could snag someone in the "happily ever after" category. Stay open — and lead with your confidence.
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Illustrated by Stacey Rozich.
October 23 to November 21
Slip on the satin gloves and order a jazz era cocktail — a Sidecar, maybe? Your Valentine's Day comes with a vintage twist courtesy of the moon in your nostalgic 12th house. Channel some Old Hollywood magic with dinner at a white tablecloth restaurant and an acoustic band that plays the kind of tinkling music meant for dancing cheek to cheek. Escaping to an Airbnb with a hot tub or getting side-by-side spa treatments can also get you in the mood. Ahhhh.

Single Scorpios, round up your unattached friends for a costume party. V-Day's campy vibes provide as good excuse to go consignment shopping or dig up that old prom dress or tux! You'll be happy to don the entertainment director's fedora this year with Venus and Mars in your organized sixth house. Make all reservations in advance to guarantee seating, but do leave room for some spontaneity. Your date or party might just duck into a tiny, underground club or huddle into a booth at a 24-hour diner in between scheduled events.
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Illustrated by Stacey Rozich.
November 22 to December 21
Mirror, mirror on the wall. With heavenly heartthrobs Venus and Mars in your fierce and flamboyant fifth house this V-Day, you're the most magnetic of them all. Whether single or spoken for, you're channeling the spirit of St. Valentine. You might even play love fairy, arming yourself with flowers, chocolates, and conversation hearts to pass around to solo strangers who seem a little heartbroken. Plan on going out and enjoying some live entertainment. This opulent starmap provides the perfect excuse for breaking out the sequins or the body-con dress and pink faux fur — and for pouring everyone you adore a glass of bubbly.

With the moon in your "the more, the merrier" 11th house, turn at least part of the celebration into a group hang. Triple-date to a performance with other lovebirds or go dancing with friends. Just hang on to one rose — to give to your most special someone or a promising prospect. This will be a V-Day for letting your true feelings be known.
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Illustrated by Stacey Rozich.
December 22 to January 19
V-Day with all the trimmings, Capricorn? With the moon in your traditional 10th house you want the whole nine yards: the Godiva sampler box, a bouquet of red roses, champagne. And of course, proclamations of love. The question is: Are you the planner in the relationship? (Leading the charge is kind of your thing.) Instead of getting hung up the Valentine's Day playbook, create a plan with your S.O. Figure out in advance where to have dinner, what entertainment to enjoy (in and out of the bedroom) and what props might be needed for the celebration. And hey, if a surprise candygram shows up along the way, all the better.

Single? Use your stellar managerial skills to save your squad from becoming the Lonely Hearts Club Band. With Mars and Venus in your nurturing fourth house, gather for a dinner party to celebrate the spirit of love. And hey, you could play Cupid for each other by each bringing a platonic pal who you suspect might mesh with someone else in the group.