Breaking Down Oscar's Biggest Snubs

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You can't make an omelette without breaking a few eggs. Similarly, you can't announce the Oscar nominations without stomping on a few egos. This morning's nominations reveal featured many predictable picks, but it also overlooked a few films and folks who had, up until now, been awards show favorites. Long story short: Amy Adams really is shaping up to have a Leonardo DiCaprio-style redemption a few years from now.

So, it turns out that the Academy didn't love Florence Foster Jenkins or Nocturnal Animals as much as the Hollywood Foreign Press did. Annette Bening was robbed. And, alas, it will be a while yet before we'll have the privilege of saying, "Oscar winner Ryan Reynolds." (But he's still totally going to show up with Blake, right? Right?)

Behold, the pictures and performances that didn't get the love they were looking for this morning. Hollywood is such a fickle creature.
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Amy Adams
Between Nocturnal Animals and Arrival, Adams seemed certain to nab a Best Actress nomination. It's possible the two films split the vote, leaving the actress empty-handed.

Pictured: Amy Adams at the Golden Globes
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Florence Foster Jenkins
Though Meryl Streep still scored her 20th nomination (so overrated!) for her lead role in this British comedy, costars Simon Helberg and Hugh Grant couldn't sustain the love they received from the Golden Globes. Both were edged out of the Best Supporting Actor category by Manchester by the Sea's Lucas Hedges. The film also failed to garner a nomination for Best Picture.

Pictured: Simon Helberg and Hugh Grant
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Aaron Taylor-Johnson
ATJ should hold on tight to the Golden Globe he just won, because Nocturnal Animals costar Michael Shannon pipped him to a Best Supporting Actor Oscar nomination.

Pictured: Shannon and Taylor-Johnson
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Tom Hanks
Not even the most likeable guy in Hollywood could convince Academy voters to give Sully a chance.

Pictured: Tom Hanks as Captain Chesley Sullenberger
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Annette Bening
Aside from a Best Original Screenplay nod for Mike Mills, 20th Century Women didn't get much love. Annette Bening was a notable snub in the Best Actress category, while dark horse Greta Gerwig missed out on a Best Supporting Actress nomination.

Pictured: Annette Bening at the Golden Globes
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Hailee Steinfeld
Steinfeld was admittedly a Best Actress long shot for Edge of Seventeen, but we were rooting for her nonetheless.

Pictured: Hailee Steinfeld and Hayley Lu Richardson
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Silence is right. This intense Martin Scorsese drama just didn't resonate with Academy voters.

Pictured: Liam Neeson
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Tom Ford
All that Golden Globes adoration didn't translate into a Best Director nomination for Ford's work on Nocturnal Animals. At least he has a solid career back-up plan.

Pictured: Ford at the Golden Globes
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Did we really think Deadpool was somehow going to come home with a pile of Oscar gold? No... but we're still sad that we won't see Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively on the red carpet. Make them presenters, please!

Pictured: Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool
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