Miley Cyrus Hosted A Weed-Themed Birthday Party For Liam Hemsworth

Photo: Kevin Mazur/WireImage
Miley Cyrus hosted a celebration that puts the "joint" in joint birthday party. The "Wrecking Ball" singer threw a party celebrating the birthdays of boyfriend Liam Hemsworth, sister Noah Cyrus, and pal Wayne Coyne of the Flaming Lips. The theme was so very Miley.

According to E! Online, hip-hop fan Cyrus was inspired by iconic rap group N.W.A. and made the theme of the bash "N.W.L." for Noah, Wayne, and Liam. From the Instagram photos, it seems that the dress code was "straight outta Compton," with some guests emulating the style of Ice Cube's barrier-breaking group.

Naturally, the marijuana enthusiast included goodie bags from Snoop Dogg's weed company, Merry Jane. Also on the menu was oversized pizza from Los Angeles-based chain Big Mama's & Papa's.

We may not have scored an invite to the party of the year, but fortunately, we do have photos. Click through to check out pictures of the big event.
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Photo: Via @mileycyrus
Hmm... what could be in those goodie bags?! The sign might be a clue.
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Photo: Via @waynecoyne5
"Best Party Ever?" The balloons certainly thinks so.
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Photo: Via @mileycyrus
The birthday trio were celebrating wildly different milestones. Noah turned 17 on January 8, Hemsworth turned 27 on January 13, and Coyne, who shares a birthday with Miley's boyfriend, turned 56.
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Photo: Via @ashleygreene
Ashley Greene rocked some fake neck tattoos for the party.
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Photo: Via @mileycyrus
Miley really committed to the theme with chains and attitude.
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Photo: Via @mileycyrus
Is that a golden horse surrounded by cash? I guess anything goes when Miley throws down.