Celebrities You Didn't Know Were Related

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With all due respect to Kevin Bacon, you don't need his films to connect everyone in Hollywood. You don't even need six degrees. They're all related!

Whether through blood or marriage, many celebrities all seem to be part of the same family tree. Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid aren't just pals; they've also both had Brody Jenner as a brother. Meanwhile, their model friend Haley Baldwin is part of an ever-growing clan that currently overlaps with half of Hollywood.

Cameron Diaz and Lionel Richie also happen to be, somewhat improbably, part of the same family. Casey Affleck counts both Jennifer Garner and Joaquin Phoenix as in-laws. And Stanley Tucci, Emily Blunt, and John Krasinski are probably planning a family BBQ for the weekend.

Seriously, it's complicated... not to mention a teensy bit inbreed-y.
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Photo: Donato Sardella/Getty Images for REVOLVE.
Cameron Diaz & Nicole Richie
Relationship: Sisters-in-law

Richie reportedly played matchmaker for Diaz and Benji Madden. The couple, who wed in 2015, frequently hang out with Richie and her own Madden twin hubby, Joel. Throw in Richie's own famous family members, pop star pops Lionel and budding "it" girl half-sister Sofia, and you've got a crew that probably rolls out the red carpet for Sunday dinner.

Pictured: Lionel Richie, Nicole Richie, Joel Madden, Cameron Diaz, Benji Madden, and a friend in 2016.
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Lea Thompson & Zoey Deutch
Relationship: Mother and daughter

Deutch, who has starred in Dirty Grandpa and Why Him?, is the daughter of Back to the Future star Thompson and her husband, Pretty in Pink director Howard Deutch.

Pictured: Thompson and Deutch in 2016.
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Elle King & Rob Schneider
Relationship: Father and daughter

The Grammy-nominated singer uses her mother's name professionally, but was born Tanner Elle Schneider. She also had a small part in her father's film Deuce Bigalow: Male Gigalo.

Pictured: King and Schneider in 2009.
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Martha Plimpton & Keith Carradine
Relationship: Father and daughter

As the daughter of Carradine and his former flame Shelley Plimpton, the Goonies and Real O'Neals star belongs to the Carradine acting dynasty. Her uncles include Robert Carradine (Revenge of the Nerds), the late David Carradine (Kung Fu), and Michael Bowen (Kill Bill: Volume 1), while Ever Carradine (Goliath) is her first cousin.

Pictured: Plimpton and Carradine at a Tonys event in 2013.
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Jason Schwartzman & Sofia Coppola
Relationship: Cousins

Schwartzman, Coppola, and Nicolas Cage are all first cousins. Sadly, only two out of the three got to work on Marie Antoinette.

Pictured: Schwartzman and Coppola in 2006.
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Casey Affleck & Joaquin Phoenix
Relationship: Brothers-in-law

Here's a fun one: In addition to being the younger brother of Ben Affleck and counting Jennifer Garner as a sister-in-law, the Manchester by the Sea star is also part of the large Phoenix family... for now, anyway. The actor is separated from Summer Phoenix, the sister of Joaquin (with whom he worked on To Die For and the controversial mockumentary I'm Still Here) and the late River Phoenix.

Pictured: Affleck and Phoenix in 2008.
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Emily Blunt & Stanley Tucci
Relationship: Sister- and brother-in-law

Tucci married Blunt's sister Felicity after meeting her on the set of The Devil Wears Prada. By extension, he's also the brother-in-law of Blunt's husband, TDWP super-fan John Krasinski.

Pictured: Blunt and Tucci in 2015.
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Al Roker & Lenny Kravitz
Relationship: First cousins once removed

Kravitz's late mother, actress Roxie Roker of The Jeffersons, was the Today star's first cousin.

Pictured: The cousins in 2011.
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Melissa McCarthy & Mark Wahlberg
Relationship: Cousins-in-law

The Spy star is first cousins with Jenny McCarthy, who is married to Donnie Wahlberg, older brother of Marky Mark himself. Quite the funky bunch.

Pictured: Jenny McCarthy and Donnie Wahlberg in 2016.
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Photo: Michael Loccisano/Getty Images for People.
Chance Crawford & Tony Romo
Relationship: Brothers-in-law

The (currently benched) Dallas Cowboys quarterback is married to Crawford's sister, Candice.

Pictured: Crawford with his sister and her NFL star husband in 2012.
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Ashlee Simpson & Diana Ross
Relationship: Daughter-in-law

Not content with merely having Jessica Simpson as a sister, Ashlee married into the Ross family in 2014. Her husband is Evan Ross, son to Diana and half-brother to Black-ish star Tracee Ellis Ross.

Pictured: Tracee Ellis Ross, Ashlee Simpson, Evan Ross, and Diana Ross in 2014.
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Blake Lively & Robyn Lively
Relationship: Half-sisters

Yep, Deadpool and Teen Witch are in-laws. Blake Lively's sibs (brother Eric, half-brother Jason, and half-sisters Lori and Robyn) have acting credits in everything from The L Word to National Lampoon's European Vacation. Robyn also happens to be married to actor Bart Johnson of High School Musical fame, while Blake settled for some Canadian dude whose name we can't quite remember.

Pictured: The Livelys in 2016.
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Ariel Winter & Jimmy Workman
Relationship: Brother and sister

Move over, Wednesday. Pugsley Addams (or, rather, the actor in played him in the '90s films, Jimmy Workman) is the real-life older brother of Modern Family star Ariel Winter. Their other sister, Shanelle Gray, is a voice actress who has starred on The Bold and the Beautiful and One Life to Live.

Pictured: Gray and Winter in 2015.
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Dakota Johnson & Antonio Banderas
Relationship: Former stepdaughter

The Fifty Shades Darker star is the daughter of Don Johnson and Melanie Griffith, which means she grew up having Antonio Banderas as a stepfather. He and Griffith divorced in 2015.

Pictured: Johnson with Griffith, Banderas, and half-sister Stella in 2005.
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Brandy & Snoop Dogg
Relationship: First cousins

Brandy and brother Ray J can claim Snoop Dogg as family. Wonder what Kanye and Kim make of this.

Pictured: Brandy and Snoop Dogg in 2006.
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Kate Spade & David Spade
Relationship: Sister- and brother-in-law

The designer has been married to the SNL alum's brother Andy since 1994. Think he gets a discount on polka-dot handbags?

Pictured: Andy, Kate, and David Spade in 2001.
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Photo: Kevin Mazur/VF/WireImage for Vanity Fair.
Aimee Mann & Sean Penn
Relationship: Sister- and brother-in-law

The singer-songwriter is married to Penn's musician brother Michael. You know, the guy who sang about being "Romeo in black jeans"?

Pictured: The Penns with Mann and Sean's ex-wife Robin Wright in 2009.
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Reba McEntire & Kelly Clarkson
Relationship: Former stepdaughter-in-law

Clarkson's husband, Brandon Blackstock, is the son of McEntire's newly minted ex-husband, Narvel. Narvel and Reba (those names!) divorced in 2015, but her bond with the Blackstock family is reportedly as tight as ever.

Pictured: McEntire and Clarkson in 2011.
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Kate Hudson & Wyatt Russell
Relationship: Half-siblings

Black Mirror star Russell is the son of Kurt Russell and Goldie Hawn, making him the younger half-brother of Kate and Oliver Hudson.

Pictured: Oliver Hudson, Kurt Russell, Goldie Hawn, Kate Hudson, and Wyatt Russell with their children in 2016.
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Hallie & Jesse Eisenberg
Relationship: Sister and brother

The Pepsi girl and Lex Luthor are siblings, guys.

Pictured: The Eisenbergs in 2007.
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Lily Allen & Alfie Allen
Relationship: Sister and brother

Before Alfie made it big on Game of Thrones, his claim to fame was inspiring his sister's hit song "Alfie." Fun fact: The Allens are third cousins with singer Sam Smith.

Pictured: The Allens in 2008.
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Danny Masterson & William Baldwin
Relationship: Brothers-in-law

Every time you shake the Baldwin family tree, something falls out. That something is Danny Masterson, who is married to Bijou Phillips, half-sister to William Baldwin's wife, Chynna Phillips of Wilson Phillips fame. Masterson is also the half-brother of The Walking Dead's Alanna Masterson.

Pictured: Masterson with wife Bijou Phillips in 2016.
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Chris "Ludacris" Bridges & Monica
Relationship: Cousins through marriage

This is all surely going to inspire a Brandy and Monica "The Boy Is Mine" remake with Snoop and Luda, right?

Pictured: Ludacris and Monica in 2015.
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Giovanni Ribisi & Beck
Relationship: Brothers-in-law

While he'll always be Phoebe Buffay's brother Frank to us, Giovanni Ribisi is the real-life twin brother to Dazed and Confused star Marissa Ribisi (who, incidentally, played one of Rachel's snotty rich friends in that Friends flashback episode). Marissa, as it happens, has been married to Beck since 2004.

Pictured: The Ribisis with Beck in 2010.
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Ethan Suplee & Juliette Lewis
Relationship: Brother- and sister-in-law

The My Name Is Earl star married Lewis' sister Brandy in 2006.

Pictured: Suplee and Lewis in 2010.
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Amy Schumer & Chuck Schumer
Relationship: Second cousins once removed

Schumer joined forces with the New York senator, who is second cousins with her father, to call for stronger gun legislation following the 2015 fatal shooting that took place during a screening of her film Trainwreck.

Pictured: The Schumers in 2015.
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Photo: Bruce Glikas/FilmMagic.
Patrick Wilson & Scott Foley
Relationship: Brothers-in-law

Wilson is married to actress and writer Dagmara Domińczyk, whose sister, actress Marika Domińczyk, wed Foley in 2007.

Pictured: Wilson and Foley in 2006.
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Virginia Madsen & Michael Madsen
Relationship: Sister and brother

The Designated Survivor and Sideways star is the younger sister of Quentin Tarantino favorite Michael Madsen. She was also once married to Danny Huston, which made her, briefly, sister-in-law to Anjelica Huston and aunt to Jack Huston.

Pictured: The Madsens in 2015.
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Photo: Marion Curtis/StarPix/REX/Shutterstock.
Katherine Waterston & Sam Waterston
Relationship: Father and daughter

The Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them actress is the daughter of Law & Order star Sam Waterston, which means we get that jazzy theme tune stuck in our heads every time we see her.

Pictured: The Waterstons in 2014.
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Rob Lowe & Hilary Swank
Relationship: Former brother- and sister-in-law

Lowe's brother, actor Chad Lowe, was married to Swank for 10 years before they split in 2007.

Pictured: Lowe and Swank in 2000.
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