29 Of The Biggest Plot Holes From Our Favorite TV Shows

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Have you ever watched a show you loved and felt the need to stop for a moment? Not because you were tired or because someone interrupted you mid-binge, but because you had to ask yourself a question? And not just any question — a question about a ridiculous plot hole or story line?

The truth is that not every TV show is meant to be wholly based in reality. Not every show wants you to ask questions about physics or disappearing characters. Some shows want you to just go with it.

That's fine. Going along for the ride is a lot of fun. Without suspending reality and submerging yourself into a television show's world, it's hard to imagine ever having fun in front of the small screen. But sometimes, after the fact, years after you enjoyed the show and went for the ride, you have to think: Did they really do that? So they're not going to tell us that one thing then? Ever?

Ahead, we rounded up some of the unanswered questions we have about our favorite TV shows. Some are questions about inconsistencies in plots and timelines. Others are questions about silly characters and stupid story lines. But they're all questions we need to know the answer to. Okay, maybe need is a strong word, but you get the picture.

You may be surprised by the strange things you never questioned.
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The O.C.
Why Did No One Care About Kaitlin For A Year?
In the very first episode of The O.C., we catch a glimpse of Marissa Cooper's younger sister, Kaitlin Cooper (played by Shailene Woodley). She pops up every now and then on a few episodes in the first season — often whining about her horse or something. Then she disappears.

Look, you can send your kid to boarding school, but no one even mentions that girl for an entire season. Do they even talk to her?

In season 3, she suddenly returns looking a lot less like Shailene Woodley and a lot more like Willa Holland. I guess we can just crack it up as further proof that Julie Cooper is the world's worst mother.
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Boy Meets World
What Ever Happened To Mr. Turner?
Sure, everyone loved Mr. Feeny. But anyone who watched Boy Meets World knows that Cory's favorite teacher is actually Mr. Turner. After all, he wears leather jackets to work, so he's pretty cool.

He even becomes Shawn's legal guardian and invites Shawn to live with him — which would make sense because they're both so damn cool.

But at the end of season 3, Mr. Turner gets in a motorcycle accident — and we never heard from him again. WTF Boy Meets World? How do you just let a major character like that disappear without explanation?
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How I Met Your Mother
Why Did Ted Tell Us About His Whole Damn Life?
Dear Ted Mosby,
Why would you launch into an eight-year-long story about random hookups, smoking weed, and doing insane things with your friends just because your kids asked how you met their dead mother? Why? Did they need to hear about Uncle Barney doing "The Naked Man" or you hooking up with Aunt Robin? No.

A concerned citizen who can only imagine your children will have the BEST tell-all book one day
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Buffy The Vampire Slayer
So Can Vampires Breathe Or What?
Fans have long pointed out that Buffy just follows whatever vampires rules it wants — and then tosses them away when it becomes convenient. A prime example: season 1's finale "Prophecy Girl." Angel can't give Buffy CPR because he can't breathe.

But that makes zero sense. Spike smokes cigarettes all the time. Vampires can be choked. What about that time Spike is tortured by drowning? Is that just him playing pretend? For that matter, if we want to be real jerks, how do they even talk without breathing? I suppose the best answer is the easiest: magic.
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That 70's Show
How Long Are They REALLY In High School?
Riddle me this: How long are those kids actually in high school? The series is eight seasons long and spans four years — from 1976-1979.

Reddit users have pointed out that there are six Christmas episodes, five Thanksgiving episodes, and Eric has only two birthdays. In season 1, Jackie is a sophomore and the others are juniors. But it's five years before they all graduate. So, what up?
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Gilmore Girls
Where Is Lane's Dad?
Like, really? Where is this man? Sure, we hear Mr. Kim mentioned constantly, always in the present — suggesting that he's alive and well. But how come we never see him? There are theories. But the truth is we'll probably never know.
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What The Hell Did We Even Watch?
It's impossible to list just one unanswered question from Lost because there are SO MANY unanswered questions. What it really comes down to is this: We spent years of our lives watching a show in hopes of answers, and then didn't get them. Basically, I will never stream you, Lost. Never.
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So, What Happened To Caitlin?
Do you remember the second season of Heroes? Of course you don't. All you need to know is that Peter Petrelli (Milo Ventimiglia) and his girlfriend Caitlin time-traveled. Somehow, Peter's time-travel powers go all wonky and Caitlin gets stranded.

When Peter comes back to the present and helps save the world, it's great. But you know what else would probably be great? If his girlfriend wasn't trapped in some other time without anyone to help her.
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One Tree Hill
Why Are Famous Musicians ALWAYS In Town?
For some reason, famous people love coming to Tree Hill. Just look, that's Sheryl Crow coming into a Karen's cafe! To perform a song...because Nate missed her concert? Okay.

That's generally how things go on this show. Famous singers show up and perform, as part of some thin plot. These aren't just unknowns — performers like Fall Out Boy, Gavin DeGraw, Lupe Fiasco, The Wreckers, and Kid Cudi all make appearances.

Still, the question remains, why do musicians come to some small town in North Carolina to perform for teens? It's still unclear how Haley became a singer too, but okay, sure.
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Secret Life Of The American Teenager
Is There A Birth Control Shortage?
There were five seasons of The Secret Life. The general plot goes like this: Teens are having lots of sex and keep getting pregnant. Which begs the question: After a bunch of babies, why doesn't anyone give birth control a try? How about the pill or an IUD? Can I offer you some condoms? Why not try multiple forms of birth control? Sure, teens can be dumb. But can an entire town be this dumb?
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True Blood
Who Is Sookie's Husband?
Hold up, HBO. You going to tell me that after seasons of watching this girl have a love triangle with Bill and Eric, she doesn't pick either of them?

Why did you deny us a victory for either Team Eric or Team Bill (obviously Team Eric because abs)? You just chose to leave us hanging? With no answer? And a faceless human form?

Not cool, man. Not cool.
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How I Met Your Mother
What Caused The Mother's Death?
We spent years of our lives waiting to meet the woman with the yellow umbrella. Waited to see her and Ted fall in love and make a family. And then — just like that — she's dead.

There's nothing wrong with killing the mother off, which the writers say they had planned from the get-go. What's weird is the missing details. This entire show is, in some way, about her. But we don't even know what caused her death. We didn't even find out her name was Tracy until the series finale. For a show that made us care so deeply about its characters — and their little moments — it's hard to accept the quick passing of the mother with so little information.
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Gossip Girl
I'm Sorry, But How The Hell Is Dan Gossip Girl?
Perhaps the most infuriating thing to happen on a TV series in the last decade was Gossip Girl's long-anticipated reveal. How the hell is Dan Humphrey Gossip Girl? Like, actually? The show's creators insist that they had him pegged as GG all along. But the show itself says otherwise.

Why is Dan surprised when he reads GG gossip about Serena while he's at home alone? Why did GG post about Dan's inappropriate relationship with a teacher when it could ruin his reputation and his relationship with Serena? There are tons of other moments that don't add up, too. Sorry Lonely Boy, but I'm not buying it. XOXO
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Pretty Little Liars
What Did Maya Know?
If you watch Pretty Little Liars, there are tons of questions that you're dying to have answered. And who knows, maybe everything will make sense after the series finale in 2017? (LOL, doubtful.)

But one question that we desperately need an answer to: What did Maya know? As the show progressed, we learned that Maya had a secret. Girlfriend even had a secret website filled with secrets. Never forget the anagram "MAYA KNEW." It's got to lead somewhere, right? Right?
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What Ever Happened To Ben?
Anyone who watched Friends remembers cute little Ben. He is Ross' son with his first wife, Carol. In the first several seasons of the show, Ben shows up all the time.

But then something strange happens. Rachel gives birth to Emma and Ben seems to disappear, never to be mentioned again. Sure, Ross is a pretty awful father, but never seeing his kid again seems a little crazy.
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Boy Meets World
Why Did They Make Eric So Dumb?
Once upon a time, when Boy Meets World first began, Eric Matthews was the lovable, goofy eldest son of the Matthews family. He was also cool and always picking up girls.

But then he never grows up. In fact, he grows up to be a total idiot. Now there are Reddit theories that maybe this was caused by head trauma in an episode, but the writers never made that clear.

If anything, it just seems like another example of Boy Meets World altering characters for the sake of ratings. Remember how much of a badass freethinker Topanga was when the show began? And then she just becomes forever Corey's girl in the later seasons with no identity. #HateIt.
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One Tree Hill:
So Did Nathan & Luke Just Not Know Each Other?

You know the story: Rich privileged basketball player's position gets jeopardized by poor, moody basketball player. The twist? They're half brothers!

But this One Tree Hill premise has one problem: How the hell did Nathan and Luke never know about each other? Sure, Luke goes to a different school. Maybe their parents kept it all hush. But it's the smallest town, EVER. How does no one know about this before Lucas makes it to the basketball team? Really? No one? Just a total surprise?
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Grey's Anatomy
How Do Doctors Not Know To Use Condoms?
I'm going to assume that everyone who finished medical school has common sense. Surely, they must know not to have unprotected sex? Right?

Or wrong — because according to the chief, "three interns, four residents, and six nurses" on the surgical floor all have syphilis in this season 1 episode. Which means they don't know anything about having safe sex and preventing STIs. But they're going to cut you open now, okay?
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How Are Clark Kent's Jeans Indestructible?
Clark Kent, blue-eyed farm boy, wears jeans, T-shirts, and work boots. That makes sense for his character, given that he spends time helping his dad on the farm.

But how does it make sense for Superman? With super-strength and super-speed, his jeans would totally tear when he's saving people's lives, wouldn't they? Surely, the friction or movement would create burns?

Not on this show. On Smallville, nothing gets between Clark Kent and his magical, indestructible Levis. Nothing.
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Sabrina, The Teenage Witch
What Happened To Jenny & Dreama?
Heaven forbid you become friends with Sabrina Spellman. You can suddenly vanish — and no one will ask questions. That's what happens to her best friend Jenny, from season 1, who mysteriously disappears without any explanation. They did everything together — they were BFFs, after all — and then one day, poof! She vanished.

The same goes for Dreama, a young witch who is being mentored by Sabrina in season 4. Naturally, Dreama disappears the minute Sabrina goes to college. We'll never know if Dreama got her witch's license or what happened to her.
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Gilmore Girls
Why Doesn't Lorelai Know Anything About College?
If you've ever watched the OG Gilmore Girls (pre-Netflix), then you know that Lorelai Gilmore is obsessed with Rory going to Harvard. So it's interesting to see her complete lack of understanding of the college search process.

When Lorelai's father manipulates events to see to Rory getting an interview at Yale, Lorelai loses her shit. We get it, Lorelai. You want Rory to go to Harvard and you hate your parents, but don't you think Rory should apply to more than one school? At least for the sake of having a backup? Yes, push your kids toward their dreams, but get real Lorelai.
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Boy Meets World
Where Are Shawn's Siblings?
Sorry, TGIF, but am I not supposed to remember intimate details about everyone's favorite boy crush Shawn Hunter? You mean I shouldn't remember things about his life? Like, how his sister Stacey was mentioned in one episode and then never again? Or that time we met his half-brother Eddie in a trailer park, but never see or hear from him again?

It's a little odd considering we spend lots of time learning about Shawn's crappy home life over the years and even meet his dad. So where did they go?

I'll wait. While you're at it, go find Topanga's sister Nebula Stop-The-War Lawrence, too. I've got time.
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Grey's Anatomy
How Are These People Even Employed?
It's a question for the ages: How do the doctors on Grey's Anatomy manage to keep their jobs despite constantly screwing up?

I mean, Izzie steals a damn heart! And they let her come back to work because she makes baked goods? What kind of hospital is this? What are they doing in this place? Who's accountable for anything?
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Lizzie McGuire
Why Doesn't Lanny Ever Speak?
Perhaps one of the greatest mysteries of the last 20 years: Why doesn't Lanny talk on Lizzie McGuire? Here's a refresher: Lanny is the best friend of Matt McGuire, Lizzie's little brother. Lanny helps Matt in his numerous hijinks, but without ever speaking a word. Why is this child silent? The world may never know.
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That's So Raven
So, Raven's Mom Just Goes To England?
Fact: The actress who played the mom on That's So Raven had to abruptly leave the show to help her ailing grandmother, which is extremely admirable and one of the kindest TV behind-the-scenes tales ever.

So what did the show's writers do after her departure? They came up with the worst story line ever.

To explain the disappearance of Raven's mom, the writers decided that Raven's mother was...living in England...to go to law school? What an odd choice. It makes no sense at all. Even less sense when you consider that everyone back at home pretends like she never even existed. She's in England, not on the moon.

We know it was a quick exit and Disney didn't want to make it tragic, but surely they could have done better than that.
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Pretty Little Liars
Why Do Men Keep Falling In Love With Teens?
What is it about the town of Rosewood that makes everything so topsy-turvy? These girls are rarely ever in classes. They're constantly stalked by an anonymous killer. And their love interests are often over the age of 25.

Sure, the Liars are adults now. But when the show first started, they were just teenage girls. But for some reason, grown men kept falling for them. Don't believe me? What about Wren or Ezra? What about all the creepy cops? It's strange, gross, and totally inappropriate.
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How I Met Your Mother
Why Is Bob Saget Future Ted's Voice?
When the show first started, perhaps the writers never planned on us catching up to the future timeline, with Future Ted telling his kids how he met their mother. But we did. And it didn't really make sense when we got there.

Throughout the entire series, we hear Bob Saget as the voice of Future Ted. So why didn't old Ted have that voice when we finally catch up? Or why isn't old Ted just played by Bob Saget? Why even use Bob Saget's distinct voice if you're not ever going to use him in the end?
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Why Doesn't Anyone Remember Weird Stuff Until High School?
If Clark Kent, a.k.a. Kal-El, a.k.a. Superman, first appeared in Smallville as a baby — along with meteors and other weird objects — then why aren't there more mentions or memories of strange happenings from classmates prior to Clark's high school years?

Sure, Chloe doesn't come to Smallville until she's in middle school, but what about the rest of them? And if Chloe can create an entire "Wall of Weird" filled with strange happenings connected to the 1989 meteor shower — in just a few short years — why don't any other kids seem to remember strange things happening?
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One Tree Hill
This is the most important question that one could have about One Tree Hill: How the hell did they let this show continue after the dog-eats-heart scene?

Oh, you forgot about that moment? Let me remind you. Once upon a time, terrible human Dan Scott needed a heart transplant. Just as the heart arrives via cooler, a nurse trips over a dog's leash and the hearts spills onto the floor. It already felt like a bad joke from an SNL sketch, but intensified when the dog — attached to the leash that started it all — walks over to the heart and picks it up with its mouth. HOW DO YOU CONTINUE TO MAKE TV AFTER THAT? HOW?!
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