Someone Just Invented A Cheese Advent Calendar — But There's A Catch

Photo: Courtesy of Annem Hobson.
Growing up, I spent every December seething with jealousy over my best friend's epic Advent calendar. In her living room, there was a big wooden box with 24 little doors, and every morning she would open one to find a tiny toy or gift. In my house, all we had were those paper Advent calendars, which were fun, but I didn't get a new treat for 24 days straight. Now that I'm an adult, I can have any Advent calendar I want, and I finally found the perfect one.

Last year, Annem Hobson, the woman behind the food blog So Wrong It's Nom, created a CHEESE advent calendar. With her calendar, each door reveals a new delicious slice of cheese, which totally puts my childhood BFF's toys to shame.

Hobson devoted an entire blog post to chronicling how she put the calendar together, and it looks like quite a process. You can check out her cheesy journey here. But, the most pressing question you're surely asking right now is, "How do I get my hands on a cheese Advent calendar?" Unfortunately, they aren't available for purchase yet. The blogger does lay out some easy-to-follow instructions for how to make your own, but she isn't producing them for the public to buy just yet. Disappointing, I know, but you might get your Christmas wish next year. You can sign up to show support for Hobson's venture and receive updates about the calendars on Until then, I'll be praying to the baby Cheesus that my Advent calendar dreams come true.