These Horoscope Beauty Trends Will Break You Out Of Your Makeup Rut

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"Did you read your Susan Miller?" It's a query voiced at brunch tables and in group chats alike, thanks to the growing number of devoted millennials who subscribe to her site, Astrology Zone. And there's a reason for her immense popularity: Not only is Miller one of the most prominent and respected astrologers in the game, but she's spirited, funny, and more candid than you'd expect. She calls it like she sees it — with endearing sass.

That's why we called on her to predict our futures — in life and beauty. And, this time, there's no expiration date. The beauty trends in the slides ahead are already loved by the celebrity set and forecasted to go strong through 2017. If anything is going to break you out of your beauty rut, it's these.

We delivered each of them to Miller and she went to work picking the best ones for each sign. The following horoscopes seek to enliven, empower, and complement everyone — from Capricorns to Cancers — and they're damn fun, too.

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Illustrated by Paola Delucca.

Miller's Trend Pick: High-shine, glossy lips

"[Aries is] a sensuous sign, you know all about that — and [they] love a bit of shine," says Miller. "Aries, this is for you, for you like to make a dramatic statement."

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On The Runway...

Matte lips had their time — now, it's all about gloss. Chanel, pictured, was one of many fashion houses that sent mega-shine lips down the spring 2017 runways. (And on our girl, Alanna Arrington, to boot.) This aughts trend isn't going anywhere soon, and can be embraced in both colorful hues and clear versions depending on how bold you're feeling.
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In The Real World...

Glossy lips are easy to wear — and not just because they were your middle-school staple. (Lipglass, anyone?) Over the past few months, we're seeing an uptick in both the formulas available, and the celebs rocking the trend.

To get the look, simply sweep on your favorite gloss. You don't even need a mirror — it really is that easy. You can find a few expert-approved picks and tips to choose from here.
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Illustrated by Paola Delucca.

Miller's Trend Pick: Rock 'n' roll liner

Why: "Taurus rules the throat, and is known to be able to sing like a bird," says Miller. "When you try out for The Voice, dear Taurus, this is the look you want to use to prove you can do rock 'n' roll. Taurus is ruled by Venus, so you’d do this look perfectly, never overdoing it, and always with the right touch."

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Photo: Courtesy of Shiseido Studios.
On The Runway...

Taurus, you lucky dog! Miller gave you the most badass trend in the lot: sultry, smoky, smudgy eyes. We saw many iterations on the spring runways, but especially love this soft take at Narciso Rodriguez. Prefer a go-big-or-go-home take on the trend? The heavy liner at 3.1 Phillip Lim came in all black and metallic renditions.
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Photo: George Pimentel/WireImage.
In The Real World...

When it comes to a smoky eye, red-carpet makeup artist Melanie Inglessis is one of the best in the game. To score the look she created on Olivia Wilde, pick up a palette and go slow, building out the crease and lashline with deep, dark dues, then layering your metallic hue of choice over everything. Finally, glide a black kohl liner along your waterline for more edge. A few expert-approved palettes to choose from, here.
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Illustrated by Paola Delucca.

Miller's Trend Pick: Monochromatic peach makeup

Why: "Gemini is born at the time of the year when daylight is longest," says Miller. "Your sign loves sunshine, and peach makeup is like getting sunshine in a bottle."

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Photo: NIKLAS HALLE'N/AFP/Getty Images.
On The Runway...

On the runway, models wore peach on their lids, cheeks, lips, nails, you name it. It's a modern play on the monochromatic movement we've been watching all year. From Tibi to Miu Miu and even The Blonds, the peach looks ranged from soft and subtle to bold and bright — but always monochromatic.
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Photo: Via @PatrickTa.
In The Real World...

Gemini, we have no doubt you are going to love this trend. It's soft, universally-flattering, and to be honest, just really damn pretty. Plus, you probably already have a bunch of peach makeup in your kit — now just put it together.

For more ideas on copping this look, check out our tips here.
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Illustrated by Paola Delucca.

Miller's Trend Pick: Gilded eyes with neutral lips

Why: "Cancer is ladylike and likes a soft, subtle look," says Miller. "She’s ruled by the luminous moon, [in both] emotions and memories. Although Cancer is associated with the silvery tones of the moon, occasionally it’s fun for Cancer to shimmer in gold."

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On The Runway...

The bigger-is-better approach is common backstage at Fashion Week — and this trend is no exception. Models at Custo Barcelona wore vibrant, reflective swipes of gold paired with a clear, peachy gloss on their lips...
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Photo: Chance Yeh/Getty Images.
In The Real World...

You have two options, Cancer, and neither is right or wrong. You could paint a thick block of gold over your lids like you saw on the previous slide, or copy Hollywood's softer takes on the trend.

We're partial to something that falls right in the middle: a line of liquid, golden color painted under the bottom lashline. It's modern, flattering on everyone, and wildly easy to do — a rare trifecta not to be taken for granted. Grab a golden liquid liner (we like this formula from Make Up For Ever) draw it on, and you're done.

Of course, there are tons of ways to wear this popular trend. Our favorites, here.
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Miller's Trend Pick: Ear makeup (yes, ear makeup)

Why: "Leo is always ready for a runway look, and likes to be first to wear it," says Miller. "Leo has plenty of confidence, and is ultra sophisticated, so this look is for you."

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Photo: Via @Diane.Kendal.
On The Runway...

Leo, you got the wildest trend! Are you excited? You should be, because this is truly meant for the lion in the crowd. Perhaps the most unexpected runway trend to sweep spring fashion week — ear makeup — is making you scratching your head, but we promise you're going to love it. Just stick with us for a minute.

Here, you can see the runway take from Proenza Schouler, which came in white and yellow varieties. And no, this wasn't a one-designer movement: tons of brands jumped on board.

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Photo: Via @VIOLETTE_FR.
In The Real World...

How the heck are you going to translate this trend into real life? Treat it like jewelry.

Take a note from the runway and match the color with your favorite studs or hoops, like French makeup artist Violette did here. Also, don't use paint! Opt for a waterproof, liquid liner and either create a design (this one is oh-so-cool) or a dipped look, like you see here. Stick to one ear — it's cooler — and keep your hair off your ear to show it off. Tip: These liners come in tons of colors and won't budge — or get in your hair.
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Miller's Trend Pick: Almost-black, oxblood lips

Why: "
Virgo has beautiful, chiseled features, and [is] known for beautiful, radiant skin," says Miller. "She’s born at a time when autumn is on the way — this is an ideal look for Virgo..."

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Photo: Antonello Trio/Getty Images.
On The Runway...

Feeling pretty elated by Miller's flattering words about your sign? Your radiance simply can't be dulled, Virgo — and the perfect way to punctuate it is with an unapologetically dark lip color. The options are endless: Dior opted for this glossy take on the look, while models at DKNY got an ever-so-shimmery version in different hues, like inky red and warm black.
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Photo: Via @PatrickTa.
In The Real World...

While gloss is good on the runway, we suggest opting for the matte, perfectly-applied version — and pairing it with that radiant skin Miller just complimented you on.

Makeup artist Patrick Ta created this look on Shay Mitchell, which is not black, but rather a very deep aubergine. (For a lighter variation, copy this similar look.) And the eye makeup? Feel it out, but in general, a full lash is a great complement, no matter how heavy you go with liner or shadow.

Our favorite oxblood lip colors, here.
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Miller's Trend Pick:
Bubblegum-pink makeup

Why: "Libra is associated with pastels, and a Brigitte Bardot-inspired, retro look," says Miller. "While normally very '60s, this trend has a new twist, thanks to brighter colors and modern textures."

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Photo: Estrop/Getty Images.
On The Runway...

All pink everything was huge on spring's runway, with the focus ranging from matching eyes and lips, all the way to bright, '80s-inspired blush. It went moody, too: Anna Sui sent models down the spring runways wearing a deep, smudgy pink that almost feels like a play on burgundy. You may not love this take on the trend, Libra, but you're going to love the version meant for the real world ahead...

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Photo: Via @kristin_ess.
In The Real World...

It's simple: Find a shade of soft pink, rose, pinky coral, fuchsia — any shade that you love on your skin tone — and go all out. We suggest sifting through your makeup, pulling out the pink hues, and pairing 'em up. You'd be surprised how easy this is to pull off.

Focus on one feature, whether that's the eyes, lips, or cheeks, and apply that first. Then, round out the look with a touch of matching color on the other two features. And if all else fails? Tinted balm and this rosy CoverGirl palette will get you there.
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Miller's Trend Pick: Lavender lids

"This trend would be gorgeous on Scorpio’s eyes, a sign known to have trademarked the bedroom gaze," says Miller.

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Photo: Jennifer Graylock/Getty Images.
On The Runway...

We all stopped and stared when we saw the models at Alice + Olivia's spring show. The shimmer! The color! The cat-eye shape! While plenty of other designers sent models down the runway pretty in purple too (Jeremy Scott had a rad, retro look), it was this pure dose of color we couldn't stop talking about. Lucky you, Scorpio.
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Photo: Jared Siskin/Patrick McMullan/Getty Images.
In The Real World...

In this case, we're actually taking the runway trend and dialing it up a notch. Make like Solange and sweep the color nearly up to your brows. The key here is to go matte and bright — a darker purple in this shape could look like a black eye, and sparkly versions might blind pedestrians. Tip: The colorful palettes in this slideshow are purple perfection.
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Miller's Trend Pick: A classic, bright lip

Why: "This look makes others stop, look, and listen," says Miller. "Sagittarius is not an ordinary girl — and this look [helps] make her who she is. Taylor Swift does this best; she’s a Sagittarius."

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Photo: Victor VIRGILE/Gamma-Rapho/Getty Images.
On The Runway...

Not a single season goes by without a parade of bright, cheery lip colors, so the inspiration here is endless. Both the fall and spring runways saw bright reds, pinks, oranges (and ombré mixes of both) come down the runways. At Carolina Herrera, a glossy tomato red version is paired with a smoky eye, while models at Giambattista Valli wore a matte lip with little else on their faces — which is also a gorgeous variation to try.
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Photo: Gilbert Carrasquillo/Getty Images.
In The Real World...

This trend is easy to translate into your everyday routine; most of us have a bright lip color of some kind already, and there is no wrong way to wear it. But, we're especially loving Alexa Chung's version: Cranberry colored and lightly glossy, it's bold, refined, and very Sagittarius.

To get the look, top your favorite cranberry lipstick with clear gloss and keep the rest of your face fairly neutral. For the Sags that can't be bothered with two steps, opt for a deeply pigmented gloss — but only apply after you lightly buff a little foundation around your lip line, which will help keep it in place. We love Colourpop's formula in Furry (if you want to save) and Armani's formula in Plum Vinyl (if you want to splurge).
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Miller's Trend Pick: The new cat-eye

Why: "Old Hollywood glamour belongs to Capricorn, the original lady-like pinup girl in the cashmere sweater set," says Miller.

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On The Runway...

There's always a new cat-eye on the runway, from graphic to colorful to edgy. Spring's shows saw them all, but it's this rocker-inspired look from Prabal Gurung that we couldn't get out of our heads. Why? The itty-bitty flick (some might even call it a "kitten" eye) feels ultra-cool right now, and stands out in a less-is-more way.
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Image: Courtesy of Patrick Ta.
In The Real World...

Hollywood was quick to adopt the minimalist trend, and they took it one step further by using eyeshadow for a cool, barely there effect. To score the look, follow the tips and tricks in this story — and don't forget, the thinner, the better.
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Miller's Trend Pick: Neon pops of color

Why: "Known to be futuristic and ahead of the curve, this trend belongs to Aquarius because it’s beautiful and new," says Miller. "Every sign is associated with various colors and tones, and for Aquarius, it’s fuschia, and all hot, neon colors. Your ruling planet is Uranus, planet of genius and associated with electricity."

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On The Runway...

Whether it was precisely color blocked or artfully patted on, pops of neon were big on the spring's runways. (The colorful, unexpected shades even made it onto lips.) We love this take on the trend at Fendi, but, of course, it needs a quick translation for the real world...
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Photo: Charley Gallay/Getty Images.
In The Real World...

There's only one way to describe the electric cat-eye worn by Cara Delevingne here: So. Damn. Cool. Now, the first thing to know about this look is that while blue eye makeup had a big moment this year, it can be done in any neon hue you like. Miller mentions fuschia as a power color for you, Aquarius, and we agree that it would be stunning in this hue. Go wild.

If you already know how to nail a cat-eye, just swap in a vibrant hue. Keep the rest of your face minimal, so as not to distract from the statement piece. And make sure your brows are defined, which will balance the look.
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Miller's Trend Pick: Glitter lips

Why: "For Pisces, life is a never-ending fairytale of her own creation," says Miller. "When life gets hard, she slips into a dream she’s created for just that purpose. This look is perfect for the fairy spreading pixie dust everywhere — our Pisces."

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Photo: Tristan Fewings/Getty Images.
On The Runway...

Blame makeup artist Pat McGrath, but glitter lips were officially cemented into the beauty zeitgeist — a niche look that went full mainstream this year. Models at Fendi, including Gigi Hadid, wore chunky glitter, while those at DKNY showed a deep, inky lip color spiked with fine, red glitter. Naturally, Instagram exploded with various versions, too.
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Photo: Jared Siskin/Patrick McMullan/Getty Images.
In The Real World...

There’s only one mindset to take with this trend: Go big or go home. Luckily, when worn in a classic lipstick shade, like this candy-apple red, the look feels chic, cool, and far from costume-y.

It’s easier to rock than you may expect, just follow Naomi Campbell’s lead: keep the rest of your face neutral, but polished, with a bit of smudgy eye liner, flushed cheeks, and dewy skin. Then, we suggest picking up McGrath’s Lip Kit and just going for it. Still not convinced? This will give you the courage you need.

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