Everything You Need To Know About The Trump Family Members

Say your last goodbyes (for now) to Michelle, Sasha, and Malia, everybody. For better or worse, there is a new first family coming to the White House in January. Well, we assume only Donald Trump's wife, Melania, and youngest son, Barron, will actually move into the White House. Though it would make for an interesting chapter in this reality show if his elder children and all of their spouses and children also decided to join them.

If, like most of the media, the election of Donald Trump took you by surprise, you may not have been paying attention to the other Trumps throughout this election. Or perhaps you know some of them from their roles on The Apprentice or their SNL parodies.

While we will have plenty of time to get to know Donald Jr., Ivanka, Eric, Tiffany, and Barron soon enough, you may have a few burning questions right now. Which one gets shafted all the time and which one killed the leopard? Who's the most Donald-like?

Here's just a bit of basic info and trivia to get you started before inauguration day.
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Melania Trump, nee Melania Knauss, a.k.a. Melanija Knavs

The basics: The 46-year-old Slovenian daughter of a car-dealership owner began modeling at 16. She met Trump in 1998, and the two married in 2005. They have one son, Barron. She will be the first foreign-born first lady since John Quincy Adam's wife Louisa, who lived in the White House from 1824-29.

You should know:
There are some hazy facts about Melania — did she work illegally in the U.S. on a visitor's visa in 1996? Did she drop out of college? But there's one rumor she took legal action to kill: The Daily Mail's allegation that she worked as an escort in the '90s.
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Donald John Trump Jr.

The basics: The 38-year-old eldest son of Trump and first wife Ivana serves as the executive VP of the Trump Organization. He and his wife, model Vanessa, have five children, Kai, Chloe, Donald III, Tristan, and Spencer. People call him Don.

You should know:
Growing up, he was closer to his Czech maternal grandfather Milos, than to his father. "My father is a very hardworking guy, and that’s his focus in life, so I got a lot of the paternal attention that a boy wants and needs from my grandfather," he told New York magazine.
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Ivanka Marie Trump

The basics:
Before getting her degree in economics from the University of Pennsylvania, the 35-year-old second child of Ivana worked as a model. She's also an EVP at the Trump Organization, in addition to having a jewelry and fashion line. She and husband Jared Kushner have three children, Arabella, Joseph, and Theodore.

You should know:
She converted to Judaism and observes the Sabbath. She founded an initiative called #WomenWhoWork and is writing a book with the same title about "the new rules of success" next year. Also, her husband's real estate company keeps buying big chunks of Brooklyn.
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Eric Frederick Trump

The basics: Ivana's youngest at 32, Eric is also an EVP of the Trump Organization. He created the Trump Winery and the Eric Trump Foundation, which raises money for St. Jude's Children's Research Hospital. He and wife Lara Yunaska, a TV producer, have no children.

You should know:
He's the one holding a leopard he and brother Don killed in Zimbabwe. According to The Daily Beast, tax documents show that a big chunk of change from his foundation's golf invitational went straight to the Trump golf course.
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Tiffany Ariana Trump

The basics: The only daughter of Trump and second wife Marla Maples, the 23-year-old just graduated from the same university as her siblings, UPenn.

You should know: Her life began with her parents' tabloid affair, marriage, and divorce, and now the tabs love discussing how she's the least-loved child, who reportedly only spent two weeks a year with her father at Mar-a-Lago. Trump himself kind of confirmed her lesser status this week, saying on Fox & Friends on election day, “But I’m very proud, because Don and Eric and Ivanka and — you know, to a lesser extent ’cause she just got out of school, out of college — but, uh, Tiffany, who has also been so terrific.” Oh, and here's her pop song.
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Barron William Trump

The basics: The 10-year-old son of Melania will be the only Trump kid to live in the White House, we assume. He speaks his mother's native Slovene.

You should know: People call him Little Donald because of his preference for suits. He's now a meme for falling asleep on his feet during his dad's acceptance speech.