Your October Horoscope, Revealed

Illustrated by John Lisle.
Photographed by Christine Hahn.
Libra season is upon us, showering the world in cooperative vibes — and we could certainly use them right now! Until the 22nd, the sun floats through the sign of peace, love, and harmony, inspiring people to partner up. Expand your search radius: With friendly Mercury and worldly Jupiter also visiting Libra, our perfect pairings could come from different cultural backgrounds or far-flung corners of the Earth. (Take that wall and shove it, Trump.) Love wins when Libra is in the house. When the sun moves into Scorpio on the 22nd, we'll all be playing for keeps. That said, relationships could hit a make-it-or-break-it moment in October's final few weeks. No faking it! If you're not fully feeling the love, move on to find a better fit. But if you are, surrender to the happily-ever-after vibes — with scintillating Scorpio at the wheel, they'll be ultra-sexy.

Motivator Mars and power-thirsty Pluto are both in Capricorn this month, making us all obsessed with our goals. The cream will rise to the top — especially during the full moon in Aries on the 16th. Healthy competition is one thing, but lean in to Libra's fair-minded ways, instead of crossing into cutthroat terrain, especially when Mars and Pluto make an exact connection on the 18th. When inspiring Venus and stable Saturn align on the 29th, we could lock down some exciting long-term plans. P.S.: They might involve applying for a work visa or university admission.

Kick off Halloween celebrations one day early. On the 30th, a new moon in Scorpio drifts in with haunting and mystical vibes. With this sultry sign in the ether, costumes could get extra-racy this year — or veer towards vintage goth, in a Tim Burton kind of way. Wear the mask, but be willing to drop it, too, should an intriguing vampire or werewolf step to you. This could be your "winter warmer," if you catch our drift (wink).
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Illustrated by John Lisle.
Photographed by Christine Hahn.
September 23 to October 22
Shine on, you crazy diamond. It's officially Libra season until the 22nd and you are in your unapologetic element this month. Take charge and think for yourself! Your independent moves will attract admiration and you'll manifest magic as you go. Lucky Jupiter is also in your sign all month, giving you the green light to be bold and take risks. With charming Venus in your money zone until the 18th, some of them could fill the coffers with cold, hard cash. You're more of a solo star than a team player this month, which will be a refreshing change of pace. One exception: the full moon on the 16th, which lands in your relationship house and could make a dynamic duo "officially official" for the purposes of romance or finance.

Does your home feel like a haven? Energetic Mars is pulsing through Capricorn and your fourth house, which could be both enlivening and stressful. Tension may erupt with a relative or roomie, something your conflict-averse sign just hates. But clearing the air is long overdue. Lean in to your diplomatic nature. You'll find it much easier to cooperate and compromise once your ruler Venus enters your communication house (ruled by outspoken Sagittarius, on the 18th. If you're ready to renovate or relocate, Mars brings energy for the mission. Just work from a plan before you start hanging wallpaper (or tearing it off), since the red planet can make one a little...impulsive.

Focusing on work will be hard during your birthday time, but when the sun slips into Scorpio for a month on the 22nd, you'll be ready to roll up your sleeves again. The new moon on the 30th could illuminate a job prospect or get you excited about the work you're doing once again. Invest in specialized trainings or online courses to keep your skills sharp and even bump yourself into a better earning bracket.
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Illustrated by John Lisle.
Photographed by Christine Hahn.
October 23 to November 21
Magnetic Scorpio, you'll have them before hello this October. Until the 18th, Venus — the celestial seductress — is simmering in your sign, helping you cast a spell on the world. Then, on the 22nd, the sun will take up residence in your sign for its annual monthlong cycle. To maximize these planetary powers, focus on what you do want, instead of what you don't. The law of attraction is on your side, but if you obsess over all the noise, you'll crowd out positive thoughts — and this will divert your attention away from bright opportunities! But don't get it twisted: We're not advocating denial! Until the 22nd, the sun will plunge through Libra and your 12th house of subconscious healing. Work through your trouble spots proactively, seeking the lessons and growth opportunities, instead of harping on the hopelessness. Write in your journal, join a support group, or do few sessions with a therapist or coach. As long as you're focusing on solutions (while honoring your emotions), you'll get to the other side. Remove yourself from toxic situations: abusive friendships, bad relationships, or soul-sucking jobs. Your happiness is worth more than the "security" of these known quantities.

Your social life will be abuzz with activity, so even if you're feeling kinda solitary, nudge yourself to get out and mingle. The 12-steppers warn against getting "too lonely, hungry, or tired." Follow that maxim and meet friends for sushi dinners or 7 p.m. yoga. Then, head home for blissful soaks in the tub. Don't be afraid to ask for a helping hand or a listening ear. The give and take of friendship is right there for you, Scorpio — and let's be honest, there are probably some people out there who owe you a favor! On the 19th, you could meet an incredible kindred spirit when your co-rulers Mars and Pluto hold a rare coffee date. Got something to say, tweet, or add to your screenplay? Your communication powers will be off the charts. This is the day of 2016 to get your message out to the world.

Scorpio season begins on the 22nd, when the sun whips into your sign for a month. Yes! Your energy returns along with your feisty spirit. And with Venus cruising through your money zone from the 18th on, you'll be quite the rainmaker. Socializing could turn up some profitable leads — and you won't even have to try. Treat yourself to something luxurious, especially on the 30th, when the annual new moon in Scorpio reminds you of the importance of celebrating life!
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Illustrated by John Lisle.
Photographed by Christine Hahn.
November 22 to December 21
Move over, Gigi Hadid! Your popularity is on the rise this October and you could very well be the name on everyone's lips. Not that you're actually trying for that status — your down-to-earth vibe is your charm. Be like a cultural ambassador this month and bring together your friends from all walks of life. There's so much to do both indoors and out, Sagittarius. Rally the troops for karaoke, haunted houses, live shows, and craft nights. Hello, there are Halloween costumes to make! But make sure your social schedule doesn't interfere with your work. Motivator Mars pulses through Capricorn and your income zone all month, keeping things busy at the office. The squeaking wheel gets the oil, so stay alert: A special project or even a higher position could open up and you'll want to jump on it! When charming Venus and masterful Saturn align in Sagittarius on the 29th, you could be tapped for a prestigious opportunity, provided you've earned your stripes. Show 'em what you're made of, Archer.

Venus rolls through your fantasy-fueled 12th house until the 18th and you'll rock the rose-colored glasses. Don't screen out the red flags, o' optimistic one. Positive thinking won't turn lead into gold. When Venus makes her annual stopover to Sagittarius from the 18th on, you'll have your wits about you once again. You might even prefer single status with all the attention coming your way. At the very least, give yourself a longer leash. The full moon on the 16th could bring rapid developments for coupled Archers, like an engagement, pregnancy, or an exhilarating travel plan! Don't be shy about taking the lead if chemistry's been bubbling with the shier type.

When the sun dips into Scorpio for a month on the 22nd, your energy levels may wane. This is the final month of your annual solar cycle. On November 21, el sol will blaze into your sign, beginning Sagittarius season and your new year of life. But you don't want to drag any baggage along for the ride, right? Clear your space and shield your field! You'll be a bit of a psychic sponge in November's final third and you need to be more mindful of the company you keep. The new moon on the 30th will remind you of the importance of boundaries. Saying "no" will be so empowering — and it will also make it easier to say "yes" to what is right for you.
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Illustrated by John Lisle.
Photographed by Christine Hahn.
December 22 to January 19
You're in it to win it this October, Capricorn, whether you're vying for the big promotion or hand-stitching the most insane costume Halloween has ever seen. Game on! Until the 22nd, the sun sails alongside supersizer Jupiter, putting you in your ambitious element. And that's not all: Motivator Mars is trekking through Capricorn all month, making you utterly unstoppable. We know that there's much more to you than just obsessing over goals. But you could make sizable strides with your career and future plans. Give them proper focus. The only hitch: Your competitive spirit could get the best of you, derailing you from what's important. Don't fixate on crushing the competition. Instead, just focus on becoming your best. Helpful dudes pop up at every turn and you'll enjoy collaborating with men this month. Smash through stereotypes and show 'em what you're made of. The glass ceiling can't hold you!

While your work-life balance may be a little skewed to the former in October's first half, the full moon on the 16th puts you back on the friends-and-family plan. Plan a night out or weekend getaway with your squad. Your popularity continues to soar when the sun blazes into Scorpio for a month on the 22nd. So many people, so little time. Opt for group hangs as October winds down and take it upon yourself to organize the Halloween revelry. If you have a big enough apartment, hosting a costume party could be epic.

Romantically, you may feel adrift this month. Venus keeps it casual until the 18th and you might not even want to be tied down. Digital dating could yield some entertaining options, though. If you're attached, get out and socialize as a pair to avoid emotional ennui. When Venus floats into your enchanted 12th house on the 18th, you could surrender to Cupid's charms. On the 29th, your ruler Saturn hooks up with Venus, making one of your romantic fantasies into a legit reality. Swoon!
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Illustrated by John Lisle.
Photographed by Christine Hahn.
January 20 to February 18
October may be IPA and pumpkin spice latte season, but don't forget to down the truth serum. The sun joins keep-it-real Jupiter in Libra and your unflinchingly honest ninth house until October 22. Time for some refreshing real talk, Aquarius. But that's not your pass to bash anyone with the truth hammer. That said, you could put your considerable energy behind an important humanitarian issue, in the spirit of inspiring Aquarius Amal Clooney. Wanderlust hits you hard this month, too. Long-distance travel would be ideal, but if you can't make it happen, squeeze in road trips and weekend getaways wherever you can. These voyages might even involve a learning component or teacher training.

Do check your messages while away! With Venus in your career house until the 18th, important people will be trying to get a hold of you. When the sun swoops into Scorpio for a month on the 22nd, your professional life will heat up big time. The Scorpio new moon on the 30th could bring a dream client or a reputation-boosting project that will put your name on the map. Tuck a few business cards into your Halloween costume. You never know: Wonder Woman or that Walking Dead zombie could be your ticket to a job interview.

Make sure you get enough sleep and vitamin C! Stressful Mars is stuck in your 12th house of healing and transitions all month, lowering your energy levels. Preventative medicine — healthy food, massages, and yes, sleep — will keep the flu bugs away. And hey, this is a great excuse to lounge in bed with a romantic partner. Detox your friend list, too. The emotional stress of bad relationships can also lower your immunity. A few therapy sessions may be necessary to clear out the lingering cobwebs. Clean house now so you're ready for lift-off (read: baggage-free) when Mars zips into Aquarius on November 8!
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Illustrated by John Lisle.
Photographed by Christine Hahn.
February 19 to March 20
Passion! Mystery! Intrigue! There's nothing surface-level about October for you, Pisces. The sun joins daring Jupiter in your esoteric, alchemical eighth house until the 22nd — and both are joined by flirty Mercury from the 7th on. Pick your poison and plunge into the depths. This month, you'll really get to know people. And while you'll love the edgy, mysterious types, don't get caught in an obsessive cat-and-mouse chase. Rock-solid relationships can emerge from these one-on-ones. BFF situations, too. If you've already found your match, you could cement your bond in a serious way (like, with keys, rings, or joint holiday-travel plans).

But before you get lost in a couple bubble or start wearing matching tracksuits à la Cara and Margot (Cargot?) bear this in mind: On the 22nd, the sun swoops into Scorpio, reviving your independent nature for a month. Duality is your middle name, Pisces. After all, you're represented by two fish swimming in opposite directions. Make sure your connection doesn't become too insular. You'll need the freedom to roam around and hang out with other people, too. Travel somewhere new in October's final third — bonus if a passport is involved. With a Scorpio new moon on the 30th, you could fete Halloween in a totally unexplored city.

On the 16th, the full moon in Aries activates your income zone. Make it rain, Pisces! The hard work you've been putting in the past six months could pay off with a promotion or job offer. And with go-getter Mars in your teamwork zone all month, collaborating with other bright lights could bring a profitable — and public — success! Luxurious Venus moves into your career house from the 18th on, helping you attract influential people and achieve noteworthy status at work. Fair-minded Venus brings this important. PSA: It's all about who you know. Don't even think about damaging a relationship just to inch ahead. Honor your people and earn your loyalty points, even if that means advancing at a slightly slower pace.
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Illustrated by John Lisle.
Photographed by Christine Hahn.
March 21 to April 19
Where, oh where is the John to your Chrissy? October's relationship-focused starmap flips on the searchlight for single Aries. Forget scanning the usual places. With the sun, curious Mercury, and worldly Jupiter all hitting Libra and your partnership house this month, it's time to give a new type a try. Keep your ears perked for accents. Sparks could fly with a sexy expat or a traveler rolling through your hometown. Already attached? Your relationship could grow more exclusive in October, especially once the sun moves on to Scorpio on the 22nd. There could even be a proposal or an exciting, co-created plan that emerges with the new moon on the 30th. Coordinated Halloween costumes are a no-brainer this year. Warning: The green-eyed monster could nip at your heels while Venus tours Scorpio until the 18th. Do get the fact before you react...that infamous Aries temper can be your downfall.

To keep yourself balanced, focus on your career. You'll reap huge rewards and your ruler, motivator Mars, cruises through Capricorn and your 10th house of success all month. Aim a little higher and farther than you think you can reach. You might just surprise yourself. And when Pluto meets up with Mars on the 19th, you could wow some truly influential people.

October 16 marks 2016's full moon in Aries. The hard work you've put in this last year could pay off with a shining achievement. Need to bust free from confining circumstances? This full moon is your jailbreak, Ram. With playful, passionate Venus moving into your travel zone from the 18th on, you could refresh your feed with a change of scenery. You might even travel for work — or to scout out a potential new home base — when Venus and serious Saturn align on the 29th. This cosmic combo could bring a creative or romantic connection with someone from a different culture or corner of the world.
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Illustrated by John Lisle.
Photographed by Christine Hahn.
April 20 to May 20
"Mindfulness" is your word to live by this October, Taurus, so pay attention to the little things. The sun joins savvy Jupiter in Libra and your systematic sixth house until the 22nd, cautioning you to slow down and really think about what you're doing. Creating efficient structures and healthier routines might sound boring to some people, but you'll be so grateful for the serenity it brings. It’s so much easier to expand and play when you know that things aren't going to fall apart at home, right? Clean up your space and get the ClassPass going. Then, focus on your LinkedIn profile. If it's not time to land a new job, building your contact database is still a smart strategy for getting ahead. It's all about who you know, after all.

The entrepreneurship bug could bite, too, thanks to motivator Mars pulsing through your indie-spirited ninth house. Starting a side business could pad your pockets and may eventually turn into a full-time gig. You'll attract some heavy hitters your way near the 19th, when powerhouse Pluto meets up with Mars. But there are only so many hours in the day. The full moon on the 16th lands in your 12th house of endings: Let go of something (or someone!) you've outgrown to clear space for a more fitting opportunity to flow in. Have your suitcase — and even your passport — ready! Mars' momentum could drum up some exciting travel this month, but you might have to go with little notice!

Romantically, you'll feel the urge to merge as Venus trails through your committed relationship houses all month. If you don't see lasting potential, don't waste your time. You could miss out on someone who can go the distance with you. If you need to drop a player, the Aries full moon helps you say bye on the 16th. With the Scorpio sun lighting your relationship house from the 22nd on, you'll have hot prospects at every turn. Already taken? Say oui to we-based activities, even if that means planning a weekly date night so you're not like two ships passing in the night. The new moon on the 30th could make a casual relationship Instagram-official.
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Illustrated by John Lisle.
Photographed by Christine Hahn.
May 21 to June 20
Visions of Delpozo earrings dancing through your head? Your outré side is out to play this October as the sun, live-out-loud Jupiter, and your ruler Mercury all do time in your wildly expressive fifth house. If cleavage-grazing ear candy isn't your thing, weave your hair into a crown braid. The fifth house is a lot like The House of Windsor and The Haus of Gaga all rolled into one. A leadership position is calling your name — and your capable command will draw public praise.

Romantically, October will be rich. The spate of planets in Libra bring out the flirt in you, big time! Bat those lashes selectively, Gemini, reserving your affections for people who deserve your time of day. Lusty Mars is in your intense and seductive eighth house all month, which makes you ultra-magnetic. His companion, Venus, jumps into your commitment zone from the 18th on. By the end of the month, you could be talking monogamy, exclusivity, or other milestone mergers.

Pull out the cross trainers and yoga mat on the 22nd, when the Scorpio sun illuminates your healthy-living zone for a month. Moving your body is always a plus for feeling like the sexy being you are. But beyond that, it helps you feel powerful, reminding you of where your space begins and ends. That's the duality of being a Gemini: You love #twinning, but you hate to be tied down. Forget the buddy workouts: let the gym be your sanctuary. Work will be busy as the month wraps, too. Stop daydreaming and plow through assignments. A new moon on the 30th could bring a profitable opportunity your way!
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Illustrated by John Lisle.
Photographed by Christine Hahn.
June 21 to July 22
Next stop: the hibernation station. You're in your domestic element until October 22 as the sun hunkers down in Libra and your cozy fourth house. Feathering your nest could be your monthlong obsession. (Ceramic swan lamp, anyone?) With social Mercury and energizing Jupiter also in Libra this month, Chateau Cancer could be the hub of all the action. Break out the air mattress and your cutest dishware. Friends could roll in from out of town, giving you an excuse to host a movie night or dinner party. Not loving where you live? The stars could reveal a lucky listing — and thanks to jet-setting Jupiter's influence, you might even relocate farther from your current zip than expected.

Romantically, October will bring the heat! Red-hot Mars is in Capricorn all month, lighting fires in your seventh house of relationships. An attractive opposite could make you swoon. Just save your final rose for someone who wants to go the distance with you. Make room under that duvet for a warm body. Venus will simmer in Scorpio and your passionate fifth house until the 18th. And on the 22nd, the sun blazes into Scorpio for a month, making you Cupid's darling. Weave more dress-up dates into the shared calendar then, too. If you're looking for love, the new moon on the 30th could bring it. These moonbeams could bring an exciting evolution for coupled Cancers, like an engagement or even a pregnancy! Or you could fall under the muse's spell, giving birth to a creative brainchild.

Career-wise, circle the 16th at a hot spot! The full moon in Aries will blossom in your success zone, bringing your hard work of the past six months to fruition. If you're looking for a job, network and circulate! A helpful man in your database could have a great hookup. Reach out to the tapped-in guys you know for a recommendation or an introduction to someone you need to meet. The 29th could also be major for your career, when charming Venus and masterful Saturn align. Schedule those conference calls and pitch meeting then and come prepared with statistics, data, and a PowerPoint presentation. You'll knock it out of the park!
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Illustrated by John Lisle.
Photographed by Christine Hahn.
July 23 to August 22
Flex those social butterfly wings. October's popularity-boosting starmap appoints you queen of the scene. Rally friends for cultural activities and casual nights on the town. But keep some whitespace open for dabbling in new hobbies, interests, and activities. You might even try a writing workshop or take a class to master all those social-media hashtags. With your communication house on fire, these pursuits could turn into profitable side-ventures. And with a full moon in your house of publishing on the 16th, who knows? You could even get a book deal if you have a story to tell. This full moon will activate your wanderlust. A long-held travel fantasy could come to fruition. Why not? Start the planning process, even if you don't actually leave until early 2017.

Romantically, the fun happens behind closed doors in October's first half. Until the 18th, sensual Venus will lounge in Scorpio and your domestic fourth house. In-between all your social engagements, get some quality nights in with your S.O. Cooking dinner and cuddling on the couch will be sublime. Single? Female friends could play matchmaker for you — especially near the new moon on the 30th. Just make sure they don't have dibs on that "friend" before you make a pass! When Venus heads into Sagittarius from the 18th, you'll be back to your passionate element. Bring on the dress-up dates and late nights on the town. You might even find love on the dance floor or while making a splash with your Halloween regalia.

All play and no work makes Leo an uncertain cat. And things are going to be busy at the office with Mars in your house of daily work all month. Instead of being DIY, delegate strategically. Be willing to burn some midnight oil, though, especially if it means winning loyalty points with the office VIPs. When Mars and powerhouse Pluto conjoin on the 19th, you could be presented a huge offer or an exciting professional growth opportunity. Bring your A game!
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Illustrated by John Lisle.
Photographed by Christine Hahn.
August 23 to September 22
Ready to make it rain, Virgo? October could be quite the profitable month as the sun joins lucky Jupiter in your money zone until the 22nd. From the 7th on, your ruler Mercury jumps in giving you the Midas touch. Network away! The dream opportunity could come via LinkedIn or through the introduction of a mutual friend. The full moon on the 16th could even lure an investor who wants to back one of your big ideas. Financial freedom is the theme of this full moon. If you're feeling stifled by the 9-to-5 grind, start something up on the side, like an Etsy store or a social-media biz. With your sharp wit and keen eye, you could make bank by managing a few companies' Instagram feeds.

Get ready for your close-up, Virgo. All month long, white-hot Mars is burning it up in Capricorn and your fifth house of fame, self-expression, and romance. Your moves attract attention, both professionally and romantically. If you're stopped by a street style blogger, we wouldn't be shocked. And don't walk around in a tech trance or you could miss the admiring glance of a hottie hanging out near you on the subway platform. Hey, is it really any weirder to talk to a respectable "stranger" IRL than it is to meet on Tinder? Perspective, Virgo. The 19th could be a particularly steamy day, as Mars meets up with ultra-sexy Pluto. Already attached? This cosmic merger could nudge your connection to the next level — or illuminate the exit ramp if you know it's time to move on.

The Scorpio sun gets your social butterfly wings flapping from the 22nd on. Someone with BFF potential may emerge with the new moon on the 30th! Already found the Bella to your Gigi? Team up on Halloween costumes and steal the show. Chateau Virgo could become the lively heart of social activity after the 18th, when Venus warms your domestic zone. Make time for family at the month's end, too. A relative or close female friend could need your support near the 29th. Be there.