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Sure, you got your Amazon Prime account for the free shipping, but don't let that stop you from enjoying the amazing streaming TV options that are included with your membership! Prime Video isn't just for those of you who are burned out on Netflix. Amazon actually gets tons of exclusive shows that you won't find on the "new to Netflix" list. Plus, a few of its original series are shows you truly can't miss.
From must-see TV such as Orphan Black, Mr. Robot, and The Americans, Amazon Prime is the place to go to catch up on past seasons. Anglophile TV lovers will find a slew of PBS dramas and other British exports worth binge-watching, from all five seasons of Downton Abbey to Wolf Hall. Amazon Prime's deal with HBO for its original shows means you can also catch up on shows you haven't watched, but should, like Veep and The Wire, as well as binge on old episodes of Sex and the City whenever you want, even if you canceled your HBO Now subscription after Game of Thrones' last season ended.
If you're looking for something you can't watch anywhere else, Amazon Prime has that, too! Its award-winning series, Transparent, should go right at the top of your list. Click on for shows we think you should add to your up-next list on Prime.
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When man meets woman, it should be simple. With Sharon and Rob, it's a simple one night stand. Until Sharon gets pregnant — then, it's suddenly an instant relationship.
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Watching government officials act incompetent is so much better when it's on television and not on the news. Selina Meyer and her staff make for the most foul-mouthed crew to roam the White House. In other words, this is not The West Wing.
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I Love Dick

The cult novel is turned into a highly watchable TV series on obsession, thanks to Transparent's Jill Soloway and the brilliant casting of Kathryn Hahn and Kevin Bacon. Yes, Kevin Bacon. Really.
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Doctor Who

Access to all of time and space means endless time and space to have adventures. You'll be sucked into the fandom of this long-running British show by episode three, guaranteed.
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Z: The Beginning of Everything

Everyone who's survived the American public school system knows at least someting about F. Scott Fitzgerald. But this Amazon original focuses, instead, on the famous author's wife: Zelda Sayre Fitzgerald, the brilliant Southern belle turned flapper who longs to get out of her hometown. Christina Ricci as Zelda stuns and enchants in this fictionalized biography.
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Good Girls Revolt
Fans of Mad Men who were more Team Joan than Team Don will enjoy this period series, focused on the integration of women into a fictional news magazine and based on the real story of integrating Newsweek.
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America's Test Kitchen
Do you know the science behind cooking, want to know which utensils are must-haves, and desire go-to recipes for staple dishes? You should be watching this show.
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I Love Lucy
This classic female-lead comedy, built as a vehicle for red-headed legend Lucille Ball, is not just a great comedy binge-watch; it's an important part of history.
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Teen Wolf
Watch the story of the wolf bite that changed everything, from the beginning.
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Mozart In The Jungle
Follow the bad boy maestro of the New York Symphony Orchestra in this comedy drama from Roman Coppola and Jason Schwartzman.
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American Horror Story
Six glorious seasons of TV's most frightening show are at your fingertips.
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The exploits of U.S. Marshall Raylan Givens (Timothy Olyphant) in Appalachia are part western, part procedural, and part sexy romance.
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Family dysfunction takes every turn you can imagine with the Pfefferman family, whose compelling family dynamic, along with the story of the transition of Maura/Morty, is spellbinding.
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A short and cutting look into what the life of a disastrous, lonely, sexually active 30something woman today can be like when the worst case scenerio things continually happen; horray to the female anti-hero.
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One Mississippi
This meditation on going home after losing a parent, starring comedian Tig Notaro and executive produced by Louis CK, is one heartwarming binge.
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Sabrina The Teenage Witch
Get a binge-watch full of '90s magic when you revisit Sabrina's retro world.
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If you didn't ride the roller coaster that was 24 the first time around (or even if you did), this is a great procedural binge watch.
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This is the perfect series for those who like their love stories tortured, windy and British.
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This political/zombie/alien invasion series from the co-creators of The Good Wife is totally addictive.
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Veronica Mars
The teenage detective Veronica Mars is even better than you remember in this retro binge-watch.
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Downton Abbey
Go back to the Abbey (or visit for the first time) with an Amazon binge of the entire series.
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The Wire
Forget binging on Law & Order, go to Baltimore for some of the best cops and robbers drama ever aired on TV.
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Want something to fill the Game of Thrones sized hole in your heart? Give Vikings a try. The show is based on the ancient Norse story of Ragnar Lothbrok.
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The White Queen
If you need a fix between seasons of Outlander, let The White Queen be your next historical drama. It has all of the romance, more of the royals, and just enough history to make you feel smart.
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The Good Wife
If you somehow missed this show, all seven seasons are available to Prime members. If you're looking for a series with a strong leading female who is sometimes an anti-hero, this is the binge-watch you need.
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The Americans
Reasons we recommend this for a binge-watch: it's a period drama, Keri Russell's spy disguises are amazing, and it's as sexy as TV can be.
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Orphan Black
This show has been lauded for having some of the best acting on television, with star Tatiana Maslany plays the main charachter, Sarah — and all of her identical twins, too. The twists and turns just keep coming.
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Mr. Robot
This cult drama dominated the conversation about must-see TV on its debut. If you happened to miss the show, catch up now. It lives up to the hype.
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Melrose Place
Fun throwback-show alert! This one is a must-see for all your '90s nostalgia needs, covering the realms of fashion, dating, and music. If you haven't seen it already, you're in for a treat.
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