The 15 Food Trends You NEED To Eat This Summer

Photo: Courtesy of Cauldron Ice Cream.
This story was originally published on July 8, 2016.

Summer and trendy food go hand-in-hand. When the weather warms up all we really want to do is eat, drink, and Instagram. But with limited summer days and seemingly infinite options for trendy eats, where are we to begin? If you're feeling overwhelmed by the endless social media stream of ice cream cookie sandwiches, galaxy-colored popsicles, rainbow cakes, and more — we're here to help.

Say hello to your very own curated hit list of this season's must-eats. From the famed ramen burger to puffle cones, sushi burritos, and many more, this is the ultimate bucket list for the best in food fads. Don't let summer slip away before crossing off a few of these popular dishes. Foodie friends, we hope you're hungry. It's go time.