What Do These Game Of Thrones Photos Reveal About The Season 6 Finale?

Photo: Courtesy HBO.
No surprise, HBO is being pretty stingy with the details of this Sunday's Game Of Thrones finale. The final episode of season 6 — the longest in the show's history — didn't even get a vague episode description.

HBO did, however, release photos from the episode that have us guessing what the show's creators have in store for fans during this super-sized finale.

The six promo shots show us Tyrion talking with Daenerys, Bran Stark in the snow, Ser Davos looking pretty angry, Loras Tyrell at the knees of the High Sparrow, and Jaime sharing a drink with Walder Frey before (or after?) riding off with his army.

These photos are subtle, like really subtle, but after doing a little research, they all seem to hint at what could be a shocking end to an already shocking season. (Hello, they brought Jon Snow back from the dead!)

So, get ready to see some season-ending theories that, SPOILER, probably mean some Game Of Thrones characters aren't going to make it to season 7.
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Photo: Courtesy of HBO.
This photo looks harmless enough: Jaime Lannister and Walder Frey having a drink together. But some believe this photo is right before the Red Wedding, part two.

Frey was the organizer behind the original Red Wedding, which left Robb Stark, his wife, and his mother, Catelyn, dead. In the trailer for the finale, Frey repeats something he famously said in that episode: "The Freys and the Lannisters send their regards."

Since GOT writers are too clever to throw that in as a coincidence, it gives the Red Wedding theory some legs.

The guess being that Jaime has taken back Riverrun for House Frey and Walder Frey is toasting his new ally before the latest wedding. Sure, Jaime seems loyal to the Freys, but what if he plans to avenge Catelyn Stark's death himself?

She did release him, hoping he could talk his dad, Tywin, into giving back Sansa and Arya. He could have a soft spot for her — not to mention, a Lannister embracing the Tullys could be more beneficial in the long run.
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Photo: Courtesy of HBO.
"You're in the great game now, and the great game is terrifying."

Those are the words of advice Tyrion gives the khaleesi in the episode's trailer. The worried look on their faces may reveal though that she's realizing leaving Mereen means she can no longer separate herself from what's happening throughout the Seven Kingdoms.

Daenerys is free and ready to sail to King's Landing. Is Tyrion coming with her, though? We'll have to wait and see.

But according to one redditor, the pensive look on both their faces may reveal Varys' betrayal. Some believe he rushed off because he doesn't believe she is fit to rule the Seven Kingdoms.

Varys is the grand master of secrets, so would we really be so surprised?
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Photo: Courtesy of HBO.
Davos Seaworth always had a soft spot for Stannis Baratheon's young daughter, Shireen. (She did teach him how to read.) But since he appeared at the Wall, he's had other things on his mind and hasn't gotten a chance to learn about her tragic fate at Melisandre's hands.

But after finding Shireen's toy in the ashes, it's unlikely he won't go looking for answers. And when he does find out that Melisandre had Shireen burned at the stake, well, let's just say, she better watch out.

With that look on his face, the Onion Knight looks like he's channeling Liam Neeson in Taken — and we already know Davos has some very special skills with a sword.
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Photo: Courtesy of HBO.
With his family's banners in hand, Jaime Lannister is in battle mode. The question remains: Is he coming or going?

He could have just taken back Riverrun for the Freys or he could be on his way to King's Landing after Red Wedding number two.

Wouldn't we all prefer the latter? Especially since we know Jaime is on a time crunch if he wants to make it back in time for Cersei's trial.
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Photo: Courtesy of HBO.
Ser Loras Tyrell kneels down before the High Sparrow, most likely during his trial. It's something the show has been teasing all season long, so this is no surprise.

But early on, his sister, Queen Margaery, made it clear she would do anything to save her brother. So, when we look at this photo, we can't help but wonder what she has planned for the High Sparrow.

After giving a drawing of a rose — the Tyrell insignia — to her grandmother, it's clear Margaery has something up her sleeve. Is it murder?

Some redditors users even believe Margaery revealed she would be the one to take down the leader of the Seven back in season 4, when she said she would "end up with a string of dead sparrow heads around her neck."

She was talking about what Joffrey would likely have her wear on her wedding day, but this could possibly foreshadow the High Sparrow's head being lost at the hands of Queen Tyrell.
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Photo: Courtesy of HBO.
It's been a while since we saw Bran (RIP, Hodor), but since he's in the finale, we imagine he's going to reveal something big. Could we finally learn Jon Snow's true identity?

Fans have already seen Bran warg to the Tower of Joy, where his aunt Lyanna was being held captive. We've seen him get into the head of his dad, Ned, who is there to save his little sister.

You know what we're getting at here, the R + L = J theory could finally be confirmed. Finally, it will be revealed that Lyanna Stark is Jon Snow's mom and that his dad is Rhaeger Targaryen.

While some have noted that GOT isn't a show that likes to reveal its biggest moments in the final episode, the timing seems too right not to give fans what they've been waiting for.

But maybe cross your fingers, just in case.