Exclusive: Alexa Chung's Guide To Festival Fashion

Photo: Courtesy of Villoid.
Say what you will about festival fashion, but the grassy walkways of Coachella, Electric Daisy, Panorama et al are now bona fide fashion stomping grounds. But somewhere along the line it all got a little reductive, and the idea of festival dressing slowly became commodified, with just about every fast fashion brand offering up its own ready-made selection of what you should be wearing to watch Kanye West in a field. The result? Everywhere from Governors Ball to Benicàssim is a throbbing, homogenous sea of fringing and flower crowns. It's like the Wild West meets the Macy's Flower Show.

One person who has always offered something unique, whether she's setting foot on Great Stage Park (Bonnaroo) or the Empire Polo Club (Coachella) is Alexa Chung, who has shaped festival wardrobes more than anyone over the last few years. Expect her denim hotpants, Breton top, and over-the-knee socks look she first introduced to Glastonbury in 2008 to continue to be replicated by ardent fans this year.

But Alexa also confesses to being anti-festival fashion. And so she has used her wonderful fashion app Villoid (seriously, check it out) to create some mood boards, which we are premiering here, to offer some guidance and tips to avoid looking like a festival cliché.

Over to Alexa:

“Oh, festival fashion. When did it become a thing? My guess is about a decade after the dawn of the internet age. Gone are the days when you could roll around a muddy field, watch some bands you like, and indulge in some hard-earned binge-drinking without worrying someone might tag you in a picture of what you actually look like when doing all three simultaneously.” [Ed. note: binge drinking not recommended.]

“So now what? Well, without social media and fashion coexisting we wouldn’t have Villoid, so stop complaining right now and read my 'How To Guide for Festival Fashion,' which is a real thing whether we like it or not (not). Please note I do have Glastonbury Festival in mind as I write this, so I must apologize to those of you unable to attend and my advice to you would be turn on the radio and a hose, invite some pals round, and all try and fit in one sleeping bag.”
Scroll through to take a look at Alexa’s suggestions for rocking a musical festival in your future. There’s not a flower crown in sight, promise.

You can download Villoid for free from iTunes.

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Photo: Courtesy of Villoid.
Onesie Up
"Ah, the good old onesie, which is, as far as I can tell, a rather surprisingly popular choice at a festival. Not the easiest to remove when you're wedged in a Portaloo with only the lingering stench to keep you company. Bravo to all those who manage to pull it off; I salute you in my dress."
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Photo: Courtesy of Villoid.
"Oh great, now I’m going to have to think of a way to incorporate this iconic photo of Liam and Robbie. Hmm… Okay, yep, got it: ATHLEISURE. Behold, Robbie Williams on his lost weekend in the mid-'90s showing you exactly how to let your hair down while still flying high on the sartorial scoreboard. Let’s face it, hiking up and down muddy fields all day is probably the most intense exercise any of us will do in a while, so you may as well piggyback the current trend for sports luxe fashion and bring on the tracksuit."
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Photo: Courtesy of Villoid.
"One must be prepared to traipse for hours to get to see the end of a legendary act’s set before hitting the burger truck (halloumi bar). Nothing looks as bad as ill-fitting boots feel so I suggest making sure whatever’s on your feet are comfortable and waterproof. If you need Welly inspiration to serve up farmer-chic, look no further than Kate Moss, Queen of the Hunters, to show you how it’s done."
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Photo: Courtesy of Villoid.
Shiny Happy People
"Why not appeal to the magpies of your entourage and wear something silver? People who are...tired and not quite feeling themselves...need all the help they can get in having something obvious to aim for. Take on the role of metallic mobile meeting place by slipping into a foil-type dress that will double up as an insulating blanket come night time."
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Photo: Courtesy of Villoid.
Stay Dry
"For some reason unknown to me, along with the world's leading meteorologists, during this particular weekend in June, it likes to rain. Not itty-bitty rain, big, fat rain; it's the type of rain that you simply can't escape, so don't bother trying. If there was ever a time for 'responsible' clothing, let this be it. Style it out in something that covers as much of your body as possible but that still has a touch of transparency so everyone knows that you made an effort underneath."
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Photo: Courtesy of Villoid.
Sunday Best
"When the rest of the field is running around covered in mud, vomit, and unidentified substances by the end of the weekend, why not surprise them with your Sunday best? Better still, beat the crowds and your own muddled mind by dressing for the office ahead of time. Monday may be back-to-work time, but you can eke out a few extra minutes onsite by getting dressed BEFORE you travel back."