How To Tell If People Are TRULY Rich

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On Tuesday, Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg made major news when he and his wife, Priscilla, announced the birth of their daughter. But it wasn't just the touching letter to their kid that caught everyone's attention: Zuckerberg and Chan pledged to donate 99% of their Facebook stocks to improving the world for the next generation. (That's roughly $44 billion.) While the move should certainly be applauded, let's remember that Zuckerberg isn't the first billionaire to pledge to give away the majority of his wealth.

Warren Buffet teamed with Bill and Melinda Gates back in 2010 to create the Giving Pledge, which basically asks the world's wealthiest people to donate at least half of their fortunes to charities and philanthropic causes during their lifetimes or in their wills. The pledge isn't a legally binding contract; rather, it's a moral commitment. For many of these billionaires, giving away half their wealth still leaves them and their heirs extremely well-off.

So far, more than 138 people from 15 different countries have pledged to give away half their wealth. Here are some of the members of the Giving Pledge's billionaires list.

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George Lucas
Net worth: $5 billion

In July 2010, filmmaker George Lucas announced that he would be "dedicating the majority of my wealth to improving education." In 2012, when Disney paid Lucas $4 billion for the rights to Star Wars, he pledged to put all that money into the George Lucas Educational Foundation and Edutopia. Lucas also donated $175 million to his alma mater, USC — and has allocated $10 million toward financial support for African American and Hispanic students.
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Elon Musk
Net worth: $15 billion

The founder of PayPal, SpaceX, and Tesla Motors pledged in 2012. According to Fortune, Musk had already agreed to give away most of his wealth in his will. “This is not a change in what I am doing,” Elon Musk told Fortune. “It is publicizing what I am doing in hopes that others will follow through.”
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Diane Von Furstenberg & Barry Diller
DVF Net Worth: $450 million
Barry Diller Net Worth: $2.5 billion

In 2010, husband-and-wife power couple Barry Diller and Diane Von Furstenberg committed to the Giving Pledge. The couple wrote a formal letter in June 2015 that details their plans to give generously through the Diller-Von Furstenberg Family Foundation.
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Warren Buffett
Net Worth: $66 billion

Way back in 2006, Warren Buffet committed to give away all of his Berkshire Hathaway stock to philanthropic foundations. A few years later, he would team with Bill and Melinda Gates to create the Giving Pledge, with this promise: "More than 99% of my wealth will go to philanthropy during my lifetime or at my death." This year, he gave away $2.8 billion. When asked about leaving money to his children, Buffett said, "I want to give my kids just enough so that they would feel that they could do anything, but not so much that they would feel like doing nothing." According to The Washington Post, his three children should receive an estimated $2 billion.
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Sheryl Sandberg
Net Worth: $1 billion

In 2014, Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg pledged to give away half of her wealth to philanthropy, with a focus on women's issues. Before joining the Giving Pledge, Sandberg had already donated more than $1 million in Facebook stock to an undisclosed charity.
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Bill & Melinda Gates
Net Worth: $80 billion

Despite being the richest man in the world, according to Forbes, Bill Gates is well-known for philanthropic efforts — as is his wife, Melinda. The couple has already given away more than $28 billion and plans to put more money into the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. Their philanthropic focuses are education and making vaccines available to children around the world. As for the Gates' three children, they can expect $10 million each.
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Michael Bloomberg
Net Worth: $37 billion

Billionaire and former New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg pledged half his wealth to charities in 2010. Bloomberg wrote in his Giving Pledge letter, "Making a difference in people’s lives — and seeing it with your own eyes — is perhaps the most satisfying thing you’ll ever do. If you want to fully enjoy life, give." Bloomberg has been an outspoken advocate for climate-change policy and famously only earned $1 per year as New York's mayor. Whether or not his children will receive any money after his death is unclear. He once said "the best financial planning ends with bouncing the check to the undertaker."
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Tim Cook
Net Worth: $785 million

Apple CEO Tim Cook isn't a formal member of the Giving Pledge (meaning that he hasn't written a letter or announced joining the Gates-Buffett commitment), but he's still giving away all of his money. According to Fortune, "He plans to give away all his wealth, after providing for the college education of his 10-year-old nephew."
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Sara Blakely
Net Worth: $1.6 billion

In 2013, Sara Blakely, founder of shapewear brand Spanx, became the first female billionaire to join the Giving Pledge. Blakely was the youngest woman in the world to make $1 billion on her own, and she had already been invested in philanthropic efforts — giving $100,000 to the Empowerment Plan in 2013. It was Bill Gates who personally approached Blakely to commit her wealth to philanthropy after she appeared on the cover of Forbes.
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Mark & Priscilla Zuckerberg
Net Worth: $46 billion

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg and his wife Priscilla announced the birth of their daughter and pledged to give away 99% of their Facebook stock — $45 billion. Zuckerberg has long been invested in philanthropy: In 2013, he offered a staggering $990 million's worth of shares to a few charities and donated 18 million shares to The Silicon Valley Community Foundation and The Breakthrough Prize In Life Science. He also gave $100 million to Newark's public schools earlier this year.