Heidi Klum's Most Memorable Halloween Costumes

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Halloween is still several weeks away, but you can bet that Heidi Klum's costume is well underway. The supermodel and TV personality would sooner vote for Trump than turn up to her annual Halloween soiree in a cape and mask hastily picked up at the CVS around the corner. Seriously. Hair and makeup effects people have won Oscars for doing less work.
It's anyone's guess as to how Klum will follow last year's XXX-rated Jessica Rabbit getup. This is a woman who has passed as a senior citizen, a robot, and a Hindu goddess, so really, the sky is the limit. She could turn up looking like the monster from Stranger Things, a dinosaur, or the Red Priestess in the middle of an aging transformation. We can't wait.
Klum is no doubt subjecting herself to body casts, prosthetic makeup, and fittings ahead of the big day. Until then, we're happy to look back at the bonkers costumes that have come and gone. These suckers must be destined for a museum exhibit one day, right?
Behold, some of Klum's most stunning creations.
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Halloween 2016: Clones

She's been...cloned! Klum shoed up on the runway with five other women, wore prosthetic masks to make them look even more like Klum. The six women wore blush bodysuits designed by Herve Leger and high-high boots.
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“I don't want to come in a costume I've seen before,” Klum told Us. “For me, this was an innovative year. I know at the end of the day, I looked how I always look. I loved the concept of having these six clones.”
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Halloween 2005: Vampire
The lady is a vamp! Klum paired a leather corset with giant bat wings, red makeup, fishnets, and a wig that put Slash to shame for this fang-tastic look. Keep your garlic handy.
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Halloween 2001: Lady Godiva
Despite dressing up as noblewoman Lady Godiva, Heidi Klum did NOT show up to her second-ever Halloween party naked. However, she did show up on the red carpet riding an ACTUAL horse and wearing a beautiful nude bodysuit with gorgeous crystals.

"In 2001, I really kicked it up a notch," Klum said about her costume in an interview with Fast Company. "I was Lady Godiva in white and rode in on a big horse. It was so fun and unexpected! Since then, I’ve tried to outdo myself every year."
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Halloween 2002: Betty Boop
We don't remember this cartoon cutie having fangs, but Klum otherwise nailed it with this early effort. A coiffed wig, sparkly red shadow, and the perfect dress created the ultimate Boop shout-out.
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Halloween 2006: Serpent With Forbidden Fruit
In 2006, a pregnant Heidi Klum turned the red carpet into the Garden of Eden when she showed up as a serpent in green body paint. This costume is the start of Heidi's truly creative streak. Why? Because instead of just dressing as a snake, Klum dressed as a snake wrapped around forbidden fruit, with then-husband Seal as Eve.
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Halloween 2010: Robot
It took five hours to transform Heidi Klum into a red-and-purple robot superhero in 2010, according to Fast Company.

"I actually did my own makeup that year. You can imagine the amount of glitter all around," Klum told the magazine. "I wanted to literally loom over everyone, so I learned in my backyard how to walk on stilts until I was walking on them like it was nothing."

The end result was an incredible 8-foot-tall robot that peered over all partygoers.
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In addition to copious amounts of purple glitter, Klum relied on red contacts and fake teeth to perfect the bold look.
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These stilts were not made for walking, but the model managed.
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Then-husband Seal played along in his own sparkly sci-fi outfit.
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Halloween 2011: Cadaver
What’s scarier than a corpse? A corpse without skin. Heidi Klum shocked fans — and blew away her costume competition — with this amazing getup.
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Photo: Broadimage/REX/Shutterstock.
Klum was so dedicated to her role as a skinless cadaver that she was wheeled in on a stretcher by two “doctors” in white coats.
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A close-up of Klum's red contacts and discolored teeth.
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The view from the back was just as detailed.
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Halloween 2011: Ape
Two days after killing the competition with her cadaver costume, Klum donned an ape suit along with then-husband Seal. Once again, you have to applaud the dedication here. Not only is her entire body covered in hair, but Klum has amazing prosthetics on her face — and even ape-like feet.
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Klum told Us Weekly that her makeup took almost six hours.
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Project Runway alum Nick Verreos helped her plan the look, which involved prosthetic breasts and false teeth.
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Seal certainly enjoyed himself. Check out the fangs!
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Halloween 2012: Cleopatra
In 2012, Heidi Klum decided to postpone her big shindig due to Hurricane Sandy. "When Sandy hit, I was like, 'I cannot do a Halloween party. I can't have fun when so many people's lives have been destroyed,'” Klum told Us Weekly at the time.

The party was pushed back until December, and Klum did not disappoint fans. She stepped out as Egyptian queen Cleopatra. Perhaps the best part of this look are the hundreds of crystals individually placed on Klum's face.
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Halloween 2013: 95-Year-Old Woman
Have you ever wanted to know what Heidi Klum will look like when she gets old? Here’s your answer. Klum pulled all the stops to dress as an old woman, complete with age spots, varicose veins, and milky eyes.
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"I think one of my favorite costumes was the year I was a 95-year-old version of myself," Klum told Fast Company. "I was turning 40 and everyone kept asking me how I was feeling about it, so I wanted to show them I wasn’t afraid of aging or showing what I would look like as an older person."
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Her favorite thing about the costume? "When I pulled up in the Phantom Rolls Royce, it took a few minutes for people to realize it was me. I loved it!"
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No detail was overlooked, with pronounced veins, liver spots, and flaky skin and nails added.
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Halloween 2014: Butterfly
After a daunting five-hour process, Klum was transformed into a beautiful butterfly in 2014. The look included elaborate makeup, body paint, colorful wings, and prosthetics.
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Photo: Henry Lamb/Photowire/BEImages/BEImages.
A closer look at this frightening masterpiece.
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Klum told E! News that her own children couldn't recognize her under all the makeup. "They said, 'Are you really in there, Mama?' They weren't scared at all, but the one time that I [looked] like me, but older, they were scared."
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The getup included insect-inspired eyes and lots of contouring.
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Trust the former Victoria's Secret Angel to rock a pair of wings.
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Halloween 2015: Jessica Rabbit
Where's Roger? Klum donned layers of latex, a red-hot wig, and blue contact lenses to play the foxy female from Who Framed Roger Rabbit? She's not bad. She's just drawn that way.
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Klum got into character by performing "Why Don't You Do Right?" for her guests.
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The queen of Halloween celebrated with Gigi Hadid, in costume as Sandy from Grease.
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