11 TV Characters Who Would Be Our Dream BFFs In Real Life

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At this point, you've likely logged enough time with certain TV characters that they would ostensibly be your best bud in real life, should they ever somehow magically leap from the small screen.

Sadly, that's probably not going to happen. At least, not without some very impressive advancements in the home-holographic-technology arena. (Can a scientist somewhere make this a priority, please?) Still, we find ourselves fantasizing about which fictional characters might best carry the mantle of BFF.

To that far-fetched end, we made a list of the characters we covet for our very own cliques, including one tall and charming officemate that might check off more than just the buddy box. If we can't have Jim, though, we'd definitely take Ilana. Or, Mindy Lahiri in a pinch. Without further ado, our 11 would-be best friends from the tube.

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Blair Waldorf, Gossip Girl
Not only does she have an impressive selection of headbands to draw upon in our time of need, Blair Waldorf is actually a really good girlfriend who will be there through thick and thin. If you need further proof, we invite you to re-watch the entirety of Gossip Girl (in case you needed an excuse).
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CeCe Parekh, New Girl
Sure, having a model for a best friend might make you feel a little dumpy, but CeCe is killer at handing out #realtalk. When you're knee-deep in margaritas on a weekday, having a fearless BFF to intervene is absolutely necessary.
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Monica Geller, Rachel Green & Phoebe Buffay, Friends
We couldn't pick just one of these women to be besties with in real life: They're kind of a package deal. Anyone who'll try on wedding dresses with you while having pizza and beer is a keeper for life in our book.
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Miranda Hobbes, Sex and the City
She's not going to sugarcoat it for you, but you know that Miranda is going to tell you the truth. And while it seems like she'll probably be dedicated to Carrie until the end of of time, we'd just like to go on record as saying that Miranda Hobbes will forever be the most true-blue of the clique. We'd be happy to have her in our own.
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Image: Courtesy of The Mindy Project.

Mindy Lahiri, The Mindy Project
Simultaneously inspiring and utterly relatable in her, well, let's just say occasional social missteps, Mindy tops the list of people we want in our inner circle. We just have a feeling she'd be a hell of a lot of fun on girls' nights in...and an excellent shoulder to cry on.

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Jim Halpert, The Office
He's charming. He's adorably geeky. He's always up for pulling a prank. And he's a super babe. So far as guy best buds go, we'd definitely like to steal Jim Halpert from The Office for our very own.
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Ilana Wexler, Broad City
Let's get real here: Abbi wouldn't have half the fun or hijinks in her life if Ilana weren't there to spice things up. We covet this rabble-rousing character as our dream BFF because she's so delightfully freaky and wild (also, because she's a fierce protector of her gal pal when it matters most).
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Penny Hartz, Happy Endings
It's not every bestie who will skip out on her exercise class to go eat donuts with you somewhere. But Penny is always clear about her values on Happy Endings, and we'd be highly grateful to have a best friend who wouldn't make us feel guilty about our more gluttonous habits. Also, she'd probably be the best Netflix and chill partner, ever.
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Cristina Yang, Grey's Anatomy
Who doesn't want a best friend who thinks you are the light of the world? Not only does Cristina Yang prop up Meredith through 10 full seasons of Grey's Anatomy, she also reminds women everywhere of how important it is to choose your own happiness over the happiness of a romantic partner. Yep, even when that person is very, very (Mc)dreamy.
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Sookie St. James, Gilmore Girls
Sadly, it sounds like Melissa McCarthy isn't part of the Netflix revival of Gilmore Girls. But Sookie St. James isn't just a good girlfriend: She's a good girlfriend who will make you a stack of pancakes if you seemed even the tiniest bit blue. Lorelai never knew how good she had it.
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Leslie Knope, Parks and Recreation
Annual friendship anniversary celebration days? Waffles when you're feeling down? A constant stream of support that sometimes borders on obsession? Yep. If we could pluck any woman from the television universe to come be our closest girlfriend at this very moment, we'd have to go with Leslie Knope.
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Jane Lane, Daria
While we can't endorse the fact that Daria eventually dates Jane's ex-boyfriend, Tom Sloane, we can get behind Jane's understanding that friendship is ultimately more important than fighting over a boy. Plus, she's always down to grab a slice an a soda together. If that doesn't scream amazing BFF, we don't know what does.