25 GIFs That Prove Jennifer Lawrence Is Your Dream BFF

Photo: Matt Baron/BEImages.
Jennifer Lawrence turns the big 2-5 today. Can you believe that just a few years ago, we didn't even know that she existed? What would our lives be like without J.Law? For one thing, red carpets at award shows would be much duller affairs. No other celebrities are as forthcoming about their current hunger level (starving) or reaction to Jack Nicholson (freakout).

In her short time as a famous person, Jennifer Lawrence has become someone everyone wants to know. She, on the other hand, has remained loyal to the same friends she had before she became an A-list celebrity. Lawrence even took one of these friends to the Oscars, and she wrote a hilarious story about it, proving that Jennifer Lawrence surrounds herself with people as equally chill as she. They're the type of people who literally catch Lawrence when she falls — which she did.

Jennifer Lawrence is also a wonderfully expressive person. This means that she gives good GIF. Put her ability to emote and capacity for friendship into a handy animated image and what do you get? Proof that the two of you should definitely be BFFs.

Here are 25 examples of said evidence in honor of J.Law celebrating a quarter century. These look like the start of a beautiful dream best friendship.
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She knows how to make a good first impression.
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She asks the most important questions.
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She's not afraid to make inside jokes that others might interpret as slights against Meryl Streep. It's cool — J.Law knows that the other people in on the joke will get it.
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This is what she'd do to say hi to you on national TV.
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She's super down.
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This is how she'd defend you in a fight.
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She shares your exact same sentiments about meal (and snack) time.
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She's honest about what actually happens immediately after you win an Oscar.
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Her ability to celebrate life's small pleasures is a lesson to us all.
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She gets knocked down, but she gets up again. (You ain't never gonna keep her down.)
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She's rooting for you, girl.
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She loves reality TV just as much as you do.
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She's not okay with this dieting crap.
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She knows how you feel at parties sometimes.
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But she also possesses a calm and reassuring air of self-confidence that will definitely spread to you. Pretty soon, you two will be the party.
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She uses a dinglehopper to comb her hair.
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Ain't no photobomb like a J.Law photobomb, 'cause a J.Law photobomb is at the Met Gala with Sarah Jessica Parker.
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She knows that fist bumping went out with Jersey Shore, but she's too polite to offend David Letterman.
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She's quick with the compliments.
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You two might want to find a third friend in the event of the apocalypse, though.
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She's honest about the female experience.
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She's full of good advice.
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Here's hoping you two meet and become friends by this time next year.
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Maybe order two pizzas when you hang out, though. Just a heads up.
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