10 Reasons Why Phoebe & Joey Should Have Dated

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Friends has been on Netflix for almost eight months now. If you’ve been carefully rationing episodes, you’re probably somewhere in the series’ twilight years right now. Monica (Courteney Cox) and Chandler (Matthew Perry) are coupled up. Ross (David Schwimmer) and Rachel (Jennifer Aniston) have Emma (Noelle and Cali Sheldon), and it’s pretty clear that the on-again, off-again pair are headed toward a romantic reunion as well.

It would have been pretty cheesy if the brains behind Friends also decided to pair off Phoebe (Lisa Kudrow) and Joey (Matt LeBlanc). Three perfect matches in one friend group? Come on. Next, you’re going to say that they could actually afford to live in a ridiculously large apartment in Greenwich Village on waitress and chef’s salaries, and could always get the couch at their favorite coffee shop. That's just crazy talk!

Instead, consider the time in the series’ infancy when all six of the friends were free agents. Anyone could have dated anyone. Now, weren’t Phoebe and Joey the likeliest candidates to at least try hooking up? If you're still on the fence about this one, let these 10 reasons further convince you that Phoey (okay, maybe their couple name could use a little work) were truly MFEO. Plus, July 25 is Matt LeBlanc's birthday, and Lisa Kudrow's on July 30. So, what better time for a trip down memory lane?
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10. Joey dated Phoebe's identical twin sister Ursula, so clearly the physical attraction was there. Plus, remember that breakup kiss when Phoebe was pretending to be Ursula? It was hot.
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9. Again with the kissing! Phoebe and Joey were just so down to make out.
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8. Joey was the only member of the group who bothered to show up to Phoebe's birthday dinner on time. Everyone knows you can rank how much the people in your life love you based on the order in which they arrive at your birthday dinner. You're also allowed to lord it over them until your next birthday. That's just how birthdays work.
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7. Their wedding could be superhero themed! Just think of the Marvel and DC blockbuster tie-in opportunities. This relationship wouldn't just be romantic kismet, it could boost the American economy, too.
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6. They had so much fun together. Remember the time Phoebe taught Joey to play guitar? It was hilarious. What did Ross and Rachel ever do together? Yell about being on a break and the difference between "your" and "you're"? Yeah, that was a GREAT time. Everyone loves a grammar lesson with screaming.
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5. Joey was already Phoebe's backup. Couldn't they have given dating the ol' college try and saved themselves a few years of heartache with other people?
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4. If they had started dating earlier, they could have spent the rest of their lives perfecting Joey's plan laugh. It's not Santa's plan laugh.
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3. For two people who weren't interested in one another, Phoebe and Joey sure had a lot of elaborate schemes that ended with the two of them happily married. In this particular version of events, the rest of the gang doesn't fare quite so well — especially Ross. RIP, Ross.
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2. It might have saved us from the whole "Joey falls in love with Rachel" story arc. Did anyone actually like those episodes? Do you bother to watch them when they’re on in syndication? The answer to both of those questions is a huge NOPE.
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1. Still not convinced? Watch this YouTube compilation of touching Joey and Phoebe moments. The sexual tension is REAL, as is the genuine love and affection they had for each other. C'mon, Joey, just ask Phoebe how she's doin' and take it from there.
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