Juggalos, Rejoice — JNCOs Are Back!

Photo: Via @jncoapparel.
You remember JNCOs, right? The absurdly flared jeans that, in the late '90s, were the coolest way to signify your love for skating, Hot Topic, and Korn? Well, they're back. Praise the Lord and pass the wallet chains.

reports that the L.A.-based brand announced plans to relaunch at Las Vegas trade show Liberty Fairs a few weeks back. JNCO plans to offer three new collections: "core" (which will include slouchy, knit jeans), "fashion" (featuring track pants with zip bottoms), and "heritage" (the classic, super high-waisted jeans with 20- to 23-inch leg openings). No word yet on whether the heritage collection will also feature the giant pocket that made flask-smuggling so easy (or, iPad-smuggling for the whippersnappers of today).

JNCO's website
currently features a few promo photos of distressed flannels and logo tees that wouldn't look out of place at your local Supreme. But, styles aren't shoppable yet — the "Collection" portion of the website teases: "We know you’re ready to see what we have been working on… Be patient... It is coming."

You know us so well, JNCO! We'll update this space with details of the fall line's availability for all you Juggalos and super-advanced ironists out there. Now, when's the next Warped Tour? (WWD )

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