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Photo Series Shows What It's Like To Recover From An Eating Disorder

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    Photo: Courtesy Of Steven Eichner/Project HEAL.



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    When we talk about disordered eating, the conversation usually centers around what it's like to suffer from one. What many of us don't realize is that even for those fortunate enough to receive treatment, eating disorder recovery can be a daily battle itself.

    A new photo series from Project HEAL, a nonprofit that helps provide treatment for teen girls suffering from eating disorders, aims to shed light on this experience. The organization used its social media channels to reach out to men and women who have recovered from an eating disorder, asking them to share what the word "recovery" means to them. The result is "Faces of Recovery," a photo series that conveys the wide range of realities faced by survivors.

    Project HEAL co-founder Kristina Saffran sums up the significance of the project perfectly: "We've heard from so many people who, in their darkest hour, didn't believe it was possible to ever be free from their eating disorder. We wanted to spread the idea that full recovery is possible — but also that the possibilities that come with recovery are endless."

    Click through to see a selection of the photos from the series — and check out Project HEAL's Facebook page for more user submissions.

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