This Is How Celebrities Throw Shade On The Red Carpet

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There are few things as concise as throwing a side-eye. It is, quite possibly, the most to-the-point expression of critical disapproval there is. For some, like Naomi Campbell, Ms. Wintour, and the gays, it's simply instinctual. You know, they're born that way. For others, it's an art that's nurtured from an early age. It requires finesse — a certain, how you say, je ne sais quoi. Lucky for you, side-eye grasshoppers, the compendium of visual shade is now yours to pore over and integrate into your everyday expressions. Use it wisely. Use it with care. The side-eye is a powerful weapon and must not be abused. God speed. May the sass be with you.
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The "Really, Honey?" Side-Eye

Before Tyra Banks was smizing her way across runways and into American living rooms, Naomi Campbell was throwing the OG side-eye. This is the perfect combination of distaste and self-righteous sass. Ancient side-eye lore states that one cannot merely learn the "Really, Honey," one is born with it.

Pictured: Naomi Campbell.
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The "Better Than Thou" Side-Eye

Like the side-eye before, the "Better Than Thou" look immediately conveys the shader's feelings: complete and utter annoyance.

Pictured: Naomi Campbell.
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The "I Own You" Side-Eye

Here, Hilton's side-eye demonstrates who has the power, lest we forget that Kim Kardashian was once her resident closet-cleaner. Little did Hilton know, her "friend" would soon become the cover star of the best-selling Vogue issue to date. My how the tables have turned.

Pictured: Kim Kardashian (l); Paris Hilton (r).
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The Wintour Side-Eye

This look is rumored to have made even the most narcissistic of designers breakdown in tears. It's the Miranda Priestly look, only a bajillion times colder.

Pictured: André Leon Talley (l); Anna Wintour (r).
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The Queen Side-Eye

If ever a side-eye were to be considered polite, the "Queen" would be it. This kind of shade is best served pinky-out.

Pictured: Queen Elizabeth.
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Photo: via @ColEnnor.
The Queen B Side-Eye

Some believe the "Queen B" side-eye will immediately alert the Beygency of a potential hater. See this expression on Bey, and the chances you'll ever see another human being again is slim to none. Just ask Andrew Garfield.

Pictured: Beyoncé (in the back).
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The "You Tried" Side-Eye

The least offensive of the group, the "You Tried" side-eye is the closest thing to empathy there is. One throws this when they really want to throw the "Better Than Thou" look, but know that the right thing to do is make the receiver feel a little bit better for their offense.

Pictured: Nikki Reed (l); Ashley Greene (r).
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The "Ya Gonna Fix That?" Side-Eye

Not to be confused with the "You Tried" side-eye, this one has zero trace of empathy. It's extreme irritation expressed without words. Avoid being on the receiving end of this at all costs.

Pictured: Guy Ritchie (l); Madonna (r).
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The "And, You Are?" Side-Eye

This side-eye is tricky. It's thrown when one knows they recognize the person before them, but can't quite remember why or how. And, at the same time, they don't really care to know why or how. The human before them is taking up precious oxygen, and therefore must be shaded.

Pictured: Michelle Dockery (l); Rosie Huntington-Whiteley (r).
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The "Who Invited You?" Side-Eye

This side-eye is easily mistaken for the "And, You Are?" The difference here is that both parties are well-acquainted with one another and throw on fake smiles when in direct contact — usually after the side-eye is thrown. This photo is a prime example, but Mean Girls' Regina George is the ultimate pro.

Pictured: Emma Stone (l); Mila Kunis (r).
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The "Shut Your Mouth" Side-Eye

If shock, anger, and despair could be bottled up into one look, this would be it. Demi Moore throws a perfect example of the "Shut Your Mouth" side-eye here. Ashton Kutcher is lucky humans haven't evolved to shoot lasers out of their peepers because he would be f-r-i-e-d.

Pictured: Demi Moore (l); Ashton Kutcher (r).
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The "That's Nice, Dear" Side-Eye

Unlike the "You Tried" side-eye, the "That's Nice, Dear" is thrown without a lick of forced empathy. Rather, it reveals a hint of perturbed distaste. The thrower doesn't want the other party member to stop. In fact, they're getting some sort of sadistic pleasure out of watching the other embarrass themselves.

Pictured: Brad Pitt (l); Angelina Jolie.
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The "Eeeeh" Side-Eye

The uncomfortable side-eye. It's not disgust, but it comes close.

Pictured: Jodie Kidd (l); Zandra Rhodes (r).
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The "Don't You Know Who I Am?" Side-Eye

This side-eye screams status. It takes the narcissism of the "Better Than Thou" and asks the receiver to admit that the thrower is, in fact, better than them. It's a cruel technique that only a few in the world — Bad Gal RiRi, for one — can throw.

Pictured: Rihanna.
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The "Why Me" Side-Eye

Look at this goat. Look at how pathetic and ashamed he feels about being put through the embarrassing ordeal of sniffing Prince Harry's hand. It's as if his eyes were asking "Why me? Why now? What am I, even?" We do not have an answer for you, dear Billy, we just have pity.

Pictured: Goat (l); Prince Harry (r).