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What If Disney Princesses Were Historically Accurate?

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    Will we ever tire of artists' alternative renditions of Disney princesses? So far, there is no end in sight. The latest twist on your favorite classic animations has Disney ladies in historically accurate regalia, as drawn with Photoshop by Deviant Art user Shoomlah (also known as Claire Hummel).

    She dug back through old photos and illustrations to research just what these princesses would've worn in reality. The result is a happy marriage of slightly altered, elaborated ensembles that still recall the costumes Disney designed. Of course, some of this is undoubtedly too detailed for the Disney style of animation to ever truly adopt, but it's still quite fascinating. A real treat for the nerds in the room!

    Hit the slideshow to see more, including commentary from Hummel herself. Then, check out her Deviant Art page and FAQ for extra goodness and even more on the process!

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