Armani Says Anne Is A True Diva

Anne Hathaway, Rihanna, Angelina Jolie, Naomi Watts — we're not just naming some of today's most inspiring celebrities, we're listing Giorgio Armani's loyal cliental. Indeed, the couturier is essentially synonymous with the best dressed list, outfitting everyone from Scarlett Johansson to Claire Danes.
Mr. Armani is making a rare NYC appearance to féte his most recent Giorgio Armani Privé collection, Nude — as well as celebrate a retrospective of some of his most memorable couture designs. And, we went straight to the source for exclusive quotes on his top red-carpet looks. Now, if only we can find a way to squeeze ourselves into that metallic pantsuit.
Click through for quotes from Armani on his best celeb looks in recent memory, and stay tuned for total coverage of his "One Night Only/ New York" show, exhibit, and (duh!) party — all taking place this Thursday, October 24.
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Photo: Courtesy Of Giorgio Armani.
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Photo: Courtesy of Giorgio Armani.
Anne Hathaway
"Anne is a contemporary diva in the truest sense of the word. She has a smile that wins you over and a slim physique that is perfect for my evening dresses."
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Photo: Courtesy of Giorgio Armani.
Angelina Jolie
"Angelina has a magnetic sensuality. She has a limber and athletic body, which I thought to enhance with a simple embroidered sheath dress. Angelina does not need anything more — she is perfect as is, elegant in a natural way."
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Photo: Courtesy of Giorgio Armani.
Cate Blanchett
"Cate Blanchett is one of the greatest talents of our time, both in theater and on film. The integrity and dedication with which she devotes herself to her work is reflected in the powerful intensity of her performance. Her style, as well as her talent, are both innate, which makes her unique; that's why I wanted her as the face of my new fragrance, Sì."
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Photo: Courtesy of Giorgio Armani.
Claire Danes
"Claire has a lovely face, a flawless complexion and a smile that wins you over. It was only natural to dress her in one of my gowns from the Privè Nude collection — it has patterns of light that become one with the skin." 

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Photo: Courtesy of Giorgio Armani.
Naomi Watts
"Naomi is a great actress and a very shy woman. She has a diaphanous beauty, which I thought I'd bring out with a long sheath dress that is pure light."
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Photo: Courtesy of Giorgio Armani.
Quvenzhané Wallis
"Quvenzhané's memorable performance in Beasts of the Southern Wild was so riveting that I immediately realized that we were looking at the debut of a true star of American cinema. Her innate passion, charisma, intensity, and the way she carried herself were undoubtedly worthy of the Oscar."
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Photo: Courtesy of Giorgio Armani.
Penélope Cruz
"Penélope Cruz is always stunning. She is brilliant woman, and our friendship was strengthened through various collaborations, from the cinema to the red carpet. It's always a pleasure to dress her." 
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Photo: Courtesy of Giorgio Armani.
Scarlett Johansson
"Scarlett is a woman with undeniable charm. She has the grace and presence of Hollywood actresses from the golden age, yet the mystique of the women of today. The sidereal Privé cocktail dress in lamé organza gives her a distant and unusual allure, which I find both modern and timeless."
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Photo: Courtesy of Giorgio Armani.
"She is sensual and strong, with a sensational physique. Because of this, I created a simple black dress for her with a strategic neckline to be worn without jewelry."
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Photo: Courtesy of Giorgio Armani.
Jessica Chastain
"Jessica Chastain is a very attractive woman with a peaceful, reassuring beauty. I find that she wears my evening dresses in a very natural manner, and I am happy that she chose one of my gowns for the Oscars."

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