Is it okay...

that I feel warm & fuzzy around my crush?

Is it ok to feel all weird, warm
and fuzzy around my crush?

You might feel all kinds of feelings when you’re infatuated with someone: anxious, excited, nervous, horny, sweaty. The butterflies and blushing are real.

“Warm Fuzzies”

Both external and internal factors make you feel this way.
When you’re around
your crush, your body automatically releases the feel-good neurotransmitter dopamine, along with oxytocin, aka “the
cuddle hormone.”

Oxytocin's actually a neuropeptide produced by your brain. When it’s released into the bloodstream,
it “makes us blush, smile, and want to get closer to those around us,” says Sammie LaMont Moss, MD, a psychiatrist at Kaiser Permanente in Denver, Colorado.

When you’re attracted to someone, you may get a rush of oxytocin — usually giving you a surge of positive emotions. One study found partners in the early stages of romance had high levels of oxytocin.

Read the Study
Read the Study

When you’re not around your crush, your body still may produce small amounts of oxytocin if you daydream about them.

Oxytocin may even help reel in your crush

It may cause subtle shifts
in your behavior when you’re near your crush. Your body may subconsciously send signals like leaning
in or touching their arm.
You might be more responsive and friendly.


Our brain is telling our body to let this person know what we’re feeling, even though a lot of it is subconscious.

Oxytocin has other perks

Some research shows it may improve mood, help you battle stress, temporarily decrease anxiety, and relieve pain.

"Oxytocin is involved with resilience — being able to feel better in situations — but also healing," says Dr. Moss.

"Since it’s part of a system that senses
pain, it can decrease
our feeling of pain.
If the heart’s been damaged, it’s been associated with
heart healing."

So even if you never tell your crush you like them or if it doesn’t work out, just having a crush can be beneficial. It can make you feel warm, weird, and wonderful emotions.

So, is it okay...

to feel weird and fuzzy around my crush?

It’s also okay if you don’t, though. Bodies are all different, so don't sweat it if you don't have these visible signs of crushing.

The answer is:


Or... Enjoy the blushing.

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