From the glittering world of Gucci spring ’18 comes a supply of kitschy, retro-modern sunglasses that feel more fantastical alter ego than everyday sun protection. Get every last detail, ahead.

We’re not surprised that sunglasses are having a starring role in fashion right now. No longer viewed as an outfit afterthought, the latest specs on the scene function more as a tool to punctuate a look rather than protect our retinas (fret not, they do that too). And the same can be said for Gucci’s latest and greatest eyewear collection — though, unlike the ’90s micro shades that seemingly picked up steam overnight, the luxury house’s shapes actually fully cover your eyes and then some. Exaggerated and eyebrow enveloping, these styles get weird — and feel undeniably, quintessentially Gucci.

In case you haven’t been acquainted, the Gucci world is a surreal one that welcomes every walk of life —

the quirky outcasts, the dreamers that live to let their imaginations run wild, and the buttoned-up perfectionists. There, creative director Alessandro Michele has spun a web so peculiar and grand, it captures everyone who dare come close. Fittingly, the brand’s recent eyewear drop is also a diverse cast of characters in fashion form. From cutesy, heart-shaped lenses to ’80s-inspired fluorescent frames, the new styles mix the novelty of a theme party with luxury design. Journey with us as we zoom in on their distinct personas, and say goodbye to the days of relying on sunglasses to fly under the radar or conceal debaucherous nights — the five trends ahead seek to be seen from a mile away.

Consider these the older (more stylish) sister to the solar-eclipse glasses everyone was so desperate to track down last year. While the style harkens back to ’80s sci-fi flicks, today’s iteration of the shield specs feels unmistakably futuristic — in the best way. Keep them handy to not only one-up your pal who’s still obsessed with aviators but also in case the apocalypse hits (kidding, of course).

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Don’t mistake these bookish wireframes for your grandma’s glasses. While they may possess a vintage feel (hello ’70s glam), these quirky specs with clear lenses tap into the current faux-glasses trend. Plus, they’ll make you look like a total smarty-pants — the bigger the frame, the bigger the brain, right?


Back in the ’50s, when everyone was sipping milkshakes at the soda shoppe and donning round specs, the rule-breakers embraced heart-shaped styles — a nod to their cheeky personalities, if you will. Nowadays, they are the cool-girl prop for festivals and poolside hangs alike and the ultimate add-on if you want your look to read playful and carefree. That being said, with charming stunners like these at your disposal, expect even the gloomiest of days to turn into a sweet one.

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You don’t have to be a cat lady to love these feline-inspired spectacles, which clawed their way to popularity in the ’50s and ’60s. Their shape alone is undeniably ladylike, but pair that with Gucci’s sparkly pink treatment, and the result is peak femme. We’d wear these shades like an old Hollywood starlet would, with a scarf tied around our neck and riding shotgun in a convertible — making pit stops at the nostalgic eras and places that first made the style famous.



Something about punchy pastel sunglasses stirs up a daydream that takes us straight to the tropical haunts of Miami. Forget about your deadlines, your credit-card bills, and your nagging list of chores, and simply imagine this: you, a private beach flanked by palm trees, a frozen daiquiri in hand, and fluorescent glasses glowing as bright as a neon sign. Wear these ’80s-inspired shades to take a monochrome look up a notch or if you simply prefer to see the world through rose-tinted (or teal-tinted, in this case) lenses.