Undeniable Signs Your Relationship Is Making You Depressed

Illustrated by Anna Sudit.

By Dr. Susan Heitler

Depression can come from a disordering of power. If you are feeling powerless in your relationship, either across the board or because of a particular problem, odds are high that depression will creep into your emotional state. If you're feeling powerless, experiencing dark moods or noticing unusually negative thoughts about yourself, others, and your future, it might be time to check out the patterns of communication in your relationship and see if it may be the reason for your depression. 

Ahead, nine relationship warning signs you shouldn't ignore. Fortunately, you can take actions to combat each of these dangers. And, remember: Noticing any of these cautionary signs doesn't necessarily mean your relationship is headed for the rocks. But, it may be time to put some safety measures in place — for you and your twosome. 

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