6 Hot-Weather Beauty Hacks You Need Right NOW

Illustrated by Alena Jaffe.
By Winona Dimeo-Ediger

As you might have noticed (based on the bright-blue skies, the sudden urge to eat ice cream for dinner, and the increased stench on public transportation), summer has arrived. And, it’s not joking around. After the brutal winter we had, the heat is a (mostly) welcome change, but the dramatic weather shift calls for a little rejiggering of your beauty routine.

Luckily, there are ways to transition your beauty stash to be more summer-friendly without spending a ton of money or starting from scratch. Here are a few tricks, shortcuts, and DIY recipes to give your beauty routine the hot-weather makeover it needs.
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Illustrated by Alena Jaffe.
Thin out your foundation.
No one wants to wear a thick layer of foundation when it’s sweltering outside. Instead, create your own tinted moisturizer and customize your coverage by mixing a few drops of your foundation into your favorite moisturizer or, even better, your daily sunscreen (you are wearing sunscreen every day, right?). It will still even out your complexion without being heavy, and your summer glow (freckles and all) will show through.
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Illustrated by Alena Jaffe.
Make a lip/cheek stain out of berries.
Magazines always describe berry-colored lip stains as looking “subtle and natural, like you just ate a handful of raspberries." You know what’s even more subtle and natural? Making a lip stain out of actual raspberries. Check out this recipe, which calls for just two ingredients: berries and olive oil. Berries are in season, and this pretty, sweet-smelling DIY is a great way to incorporate them into your beauty routine.

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Illustrated by Alena Jaffe.
Lighten up your eyeshadow colors with arrowroot powder.
Chances are, the makeup colors you bought in the fall and winter are looking mighty harsh these days. Summer calls for light colors and more transparent coverage. If your current palette is too dark, but you still want a little color, try lightening up your existing eyeshadows with a bit of arrowroot powder. Scoop a small amount of your eyeshadow into a jar and mix with the powder until it reaches your desired, more subtle shade. This also works great with powder blush.

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Illustrated by Alena Jaffe.
Get a sun-kissed look — without the skin damage — with DIY bronzer.
Sure, a natural tan looks lovely. The skin damage that goes along with it? Not so lovely. Our two-ingredient DIY bronzer recipe couldn’t be easier to make, and it looks perfectly subtle and glowing. Pair with the aforementioned berry lip stain, and you’ve got your natural summer look on lock.

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Illustrated by Alena Jaffe.
Make a facial toner with witch hazel.
All the sweat and grime that come along with the heat of the summer can wreak havoc on your skin and cause breakouts. When I started using a toner, I saw a huge improvement. I was thrilled when I found a natural, DIY version that was super-cheap to make — and just as effective as the expensive, store-bought one I’d been using. Mix one tablespoon apple cider vinegar, one tablespoon witch hazel, and two tablespoons of filtered water. Dab a light layer onto your face with a cotton pad (don’t worry; the smell fades almost instantly upon application). Don’t rinse off. Keep excess in a glass jar and use every night. You should start to see clearer, brighter skin within a week.
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Illustrated by Alena Jaffe.
Swap out your body lotion for frozen coconut oil.
When it’s in the triple digits outside, regular body lotion can feel too heavy and thick. For a light, ridiculously refreshing alternative, try frozen coconut oil instead. Just fill a shallow ice tray with coconut oil, store it in the freezer, and pop out a cube after taking a cold shower. Your body heat will melt the cubes quickly, giving you a refreshing cool-down while deeply moisturizing your skin. As an added bonus, the aroma will make you feel like you’re on a tropical vacation — always a welcome contrast to the reality of a fifth-floor walk-up with a broken air conditioner. Oh, summer. Never change.

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