Eff You, February: How To Look Good During The Year's Worst Month

Nothing makes you look winter straight in the eye like a ride on the New York City subway on an early-February morning. The doors close, and there’s your unrecognizable reflection haunting you in the darkness of the glass. Who’s that with the flaky skin, puffy eyes, and a pallor so severe it’s almost green — Steve Buscemi?

Here’s how I flip off my inner Steve — and the calendar’s gloomiest month — with my "Eff You, February" skin-care plan. But, be forewarned: My method requires a reallocation of dollars and a good deal of reprioritizing. 

Why should you care about my method? I’m old. How old? Old enough that I lost my virginity the year most of my coworkers were born. Truth is, every other day someone at R29 HQ asks me what my winter skin trick is. (Ed. note: That's because Susan has the soft, radiant, gorgeous complexion of an angel.) Right now, it’s a combination of natural beauty products and downright commitment. Here’s what it takes to look like you’ve been on vacation, even if the only bags you can claim at the moment are under your eyes. 

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