25 Instagram-Approved Ways To Do Winter Layering

We don't need to remind you that it's pretty damn cold outside. But rather than looking despairingly at your wardrobe each morning and your lack of seasonally-appropriate clothing (hey, we've all been there), your winter outfits can (and should) incorporate your favorite summer pieces, reworked and worn together. The key is in the layering, whether it's a dress over sweater or two coats piled on top of each other in perfect harmony.

Now, when we say layering, we don't mean like that episode of Friends when Joey puts on every single piece of clothing Chandler owns. What we're talking about are practical layers (four, max) masterfully arranged to reveal a hint of each one without getting too bulky. And that is, if we're being honest, an art form. The stylish women ahead, though, make it look easy. Let their clever layering guide you towards seeing your closet in a whole new light. Here's to staying warm (but looking cool) all winter long.

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