Trademarks: The Fashion Girl's Answer To Tricky Fall Weather

Photographed by Michelle Mosqueda.
Few things kill our vibe faster than stepping out in an outfit that makes us feel like a rockstar, only to encounter a downpour that wasn't in the forecast. Although we run into this style gripe far more than we'd like to admit, there are ways to avoid it from the get-go. And it doesn’t require a weather app, high-tech gear, or much effort at all.

To prove this point, we turned to Christina Caradona of Trop Rouge to lend her signature slouchy aesthetic and mo-layers-no-problem approach to demonstrate three transitional outfits perfect for awkward style snafus. As a low-key sneakerhead, she started from the ground up with a practical-meets-cool silhouette — namely Converse’s Chuck II, which now comes in a water-resistant Shield Canvas iteration. From there, she let her non-fussy style shine to prove that laid-back duds are possibly the hardest working of all.

From a trend-focused bomber jacket and frayed denim look to an experimental dress-over-jeans ensemble all sourced from Nordstrom, follow Caradona's lead the next time rain threatens to derail your fashion mojo.
My process for crafting these outfits started with... "Wanting to create looks that were comfortable and also reminded me of when I was in high school."

On rainy days, my go-to style move revolves around...
"Waterproof pieces. The first things I think of when it's raining are my feet. I want to stay dry."

The one fashion rule I always break is...
"I break all the rules — I walk outside in my PJs, think pool slippers are actual shoes, and wear socks with my sandals."
Photographed by Michelle Mosqueda.
The secret to styling looks for transitional weather is... "Easy pieces that you can layer on top of each other."

An unlikely source of style inspiration comes from...
"My friends. I think my friend Celine has the perfect style."

The one part of my style I would never compromise on is...
"I love wearing all-white jumpsuits — anything that can get dirty in two seconds."

The key to pulling off slouchy style is...
"Keeping your layers loose. Also, can you really layer too much?"

My craziest fashion buy was...
"I bought these really weird geisha shoes that were expensive and not comfortable. NEVER again!"

My closet is overflowing with...
"Blouses and white tees."
Photographed by Michelle Mosqueda.
The trick to ensuring my outfit looks like no one else's is... "Always having a bandana on me — either in my bag, around my neck, or in my hair."

I want others to interpret my style as...
"Comfortable and confident."

My biggest dressing challenge is...
"Dresses. Although I love them, I don't really know how to style them."

For me, one trend that transcends all seasons and all weather is...
"Converse: They're timeless and classic."

My best no-effs-given style advice is...
"Dress how you feel. If you force something on yourself you're going to be uncomfortable all day."

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