Would You Turn Off Your Cell On Vacation?

A director of Purple.fr and founder of Voyage D’etudes, Paula Goldstein started her career in publishing at British magazine Dazed and Confused at age 20. This became an all-consuming passion for the world of magazines. Having found herself starting at the time when the publishing world was moving online, she naturally created a niche in working with digital editorial and creative projects for new media. On leaving Dazed, Paula explored her love for storytelling through POST, the first fashion magazine exclusively for the iPad, which lead her to her current role working with Olivier Zahm for France’s Purple Magazine to set up its online platform — as well as fitting in work as a creative director and a DJ, because there is no such thing as too much.
Says Paula, "I’m very lucky to travel a lot with my work and be exposed to some of the more grander spaces, meals, and experiences in life through my fashion work, dipping into a world I could never actually hope to afford. It’s really something I feel very blessed by. But, I also have regular existential crises brought on by the all-consuming nature of the idea of style and luxury, and the constant hamster wheel of fashion seasons. When I start to feel the wheel is flinging me wildly around of its own accord because the momentum has gotten too much — my go-to fantasy is moving to rural Italy and growing my own food (I know, how cliche).
"As the year drew to a close, I was having a daily fix of Googling broken-down villas on sale, when a small beacon text came through offering freedom, sunshine, cheap flights, friends, and lack of drama. My prayers had been answered! But, wait, in the Canary Islands? Was that not the very place that had featured in the My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding Christmas Special? I was assured to not judge an island by its siblings that there would be watercress broth, goats, and mountains where we could walk in the clouds. So, I put my faith in my friends and went to La Gomera on a post-Christmas mind-cleanse."

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