This Haunting Travel Diary Inspired Our Next Getaway

Photo: Louise Benson/Courtesy of Voyage D'Etudes.
Louise Benson is a London-based freelance design, fashion, and art writer who focuses on how these mediums intersect with technology. She studied English at Cambridge, which she describes as an intense holiday away from London and Paris, where she grew up. Upon graduating, Louise began working on the launch of Monocle magazine’s website re-launch, and then worked at the branded content and talent selection at VICE. Louise is again focusing on writing, and explains, “It was fun to have a creative break from writing, but it’s even better to be back to it now.”
Titling her voyage "Chance Encounters," Louise explains the reason for a trip to Iceland.
“I booked the flights to Reykjavik last Christmas for almost nothing, and gave the tickets, along with a tiny cactus, to my boyfriend," she said. "It meant a lot, as we’ve been on and off or a few years, including during the eight months that followed my gift. It was prickly. We never really knew for sure if we’d be going, right up until the last moment. Somehow the stars aligned for long enough that we were suddenly transported together to a country of wild skies and sharp winds. We didn’t plan anything beforehand, but ended up on a winding road trip of some of Iceland’s most remote hot springs and pools. We went to Iceland to live more in the moment than we’d ever done before.”

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