A Voyage To The World's Ultimate Party City

Ibiza1Photo: Fiona Leahy/ Courtesy of Voyage D'etudes.
Founded by Paula Goldstein Di Principe, Voyage D’etudes — a place in which the adventure of travel comes together in a scrapbook of human experience — is a collective of the true, magical stories that come with leaving home.
Hailing from Ireland, Fiona Leahy is one of London’s top event designers. On leaving school, she started her fashion career in New York working with stylist Patti Wilson. Her next move was to London, where her love of embellishment lead her to work with jewelry designer Jade Jagger, and in turn, Garrard and Louis Vuitton.
Shortly after starting at Vuitton, Dita Von Teese approached Leahy to design and organize her wedding to Marilyn Manson, which is where she found her true calling in events. She has gone on to organize everything from discrete fashion and London dinners, to parties in Moscow and Royal Arab weddings.
Ibiza2Photo: Fiona Leahy/ Courtesy of Voyage D'etudes.
"I’ve decided that my holidays need to begin at home," says Leahy. "Before packing, I had Marawa The Amazing come and give me a private hula hoop lesson. Best idea ever. My friends and I hooped all holiday!"
Fiona Leahy is one of those women who just knows how to make things work. You need a visionary planner for a Royal Arab wedding? Or someone to select just the right flowers for an intimate London dinner hosted by Victoria Beckham, or just a little advice on which type of leopard print gown to wear to your birthday? Well, Fiona is going to have to be the first name you search for in your iPhone. As you might have guessed, she is a very busy woman and her voyage is all about finding the balance.
She explains, "I am intrigued by the delicate juggling act of balance in life. I have experienced holidays in Ibiza as both a party-loving hedonist, and also as a well-being enthusiast. In this Island of extremes, I wanted to see if I could embrace both and keep the balance I so strive for in everyday life."
Bags packed full of fabulousness, off she went to White Isle with bestie Dita Von Teese.
Ibiza3Photo: Fiona Leahy/ Courtesy of Voyage D'etudes.
"Space dancing till 7 a.m. — it’s got to be done! My dear friend Dita Von Teese is the best clubbing partner and we have raved many times together."
"When we came to Ibiza last year, Dita and I had an obsession with foam parties. This year Dita had a better idea of having a private foam party in the villa. With a little help from Carlos from Space, this dream became a reality. The best party accessory. No contest!"
Ibiza4Photo: Fiona Leahy/ Courtesy of Voyage D'etudes.
"I went to Ibiza, had some early nights, some late nights, hula hooped, Vitamixed, danced, swam, partied, watsu’d and came home rejuvenated. I felt like I had a deserved good time like one needs on holiday, but that I also took care of myself and unlike previous Ibiza holidays, I didn’t need a retreat afterwards. Finally, I feel I have mastered the art of balance in the Island that caters to both these extremes like no other place on earth I know."

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