You Won't Believe A Place This Beautiful Exists

Photo: Courtesy of Amanda Charcian/ Voyage D'Etudes.
Amanda Charchian is an award-winning artist who lives and works in Los Angeles. Her work inspires a cult following, and plays between the real and the mythical, the seen and the unseen. Having earned her BFA at Otis College of Art and Design, she works in the mediums of photography, sculpture, and painting. She is obsessed with vastness in internal and external landscapes, wildness within herself and in other lands as well as those in people.
When Amanda Charchain headed to Iceland, she visited the alien landscape ready to find magic, something intangible celebrating the joy of difference. Amanda explains her voyage as, “I went to Iceland to unify opposites. My father escaped Iran before I was born. He won’t go back (because of the risk of being detained), so we decided to go to the opposite place (in my mind — Iceland) to find more expansion within ourselves through difference. Iran, to me, is a land of fire. I went to the land of fire and ice (Iceland) to find this fire to shed light on what is real and to burn what is not. This seems to change and switch by the hour in Iceland.”
What she came back with was beyond beautiful.
Founded by Paula Goldstein Di Principe, Voyage D’etudes — a place in which the adventure of travel comes together in a scrapbook of human experience — is a collective of the true, magical stories that come with leaving home.

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