This Will Make You Want To Travel The World — Now

Istanbul3Photo: Courtesy of Cleo Wade/Voyage Detudes.
Founded by Paula Goldstein Di Principe, Voyage D’etudes — a place in which the adventure of travel comes together in a scrapbook of human experience — is a collective of the true, magical stories that come with leaving home.
Cleo Wade is an artist and stylist from New Orleans who paints and writes poetry, as well as works in fashion as a stylist. Currently living in New York city, Cleo is an editor-at-large for Voyage D’etudes and has an innate secret skill for coming across the world's most unique souls wherever she travels.
Her trip was taken along with our dear friends, musical duo Mia Moretti and Margot, as they explore the ancient city of Istanbul which straddles the line of Asia and Europe. The trip was an inspired quest in the need for headspace — something which I'm sure most of us yearn for.
Istanbul1Photo: Courtesy of Cleo Wade/Voyage Detudes.
"This trip was inspired by the need to change scenery, when you’re in a relationship that seems to be ending and everything you want to write or paint seems as though it needs a bit of a spark," Cleo explains. "That is the time in your life when you say 'yes!' to a trip to Istanbul with two of your best friends. New York City can put quite a dent in your sense of self. Some days you just have to leave it all a few thousand miles away to realign yourself with, well, yourself."
Istanbul2Photo: Courtesy of Cleo Wade/Voyage Detudes.
"This trip was really one for the five senses," Cleo said. "We saw, listened, touched, tasted, and smelled everything possible. I think every morning we woke up on a mission to get as high on Istanbul as we could. And, we did. What you will find in my study is paintings with strangers, poetry with strangers, American girls in Turkish robes from the 1970s, art, architecture, a few smiles and wine-filled eyes. All of that with a side of dill."

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