This Is How Matthew Williamson And Olivia Palermo Do Mykonos

When we asked British fashion designer Matthew Williamson what he was hoping to gain from his trip to his favorite holiday destination of Mykynos, he suggested he needed desperately to relax, recharge, and refresh. This is something that most of us are desperately seeking on an almost constant basis, and as Matthew does everything in life in the best possible style it seemed like there could be no one better to follow on a week around ancient Greek streets.
Matthew explains "The island of Mykonos has become an old friend: reliable, fun, and trustworthy. My week visit each August has become a tradition for the last eight years. My younger self swore I would always journey to a new destination each holiday and not do as my parents did when I was a child- visiting the sample place year in, year out. I am slowly turning into them I guess. I always go with a group of friends who I’ve known for years. We get on so well it really does feel a bit like a family holiday. 3.5 hours away with almost guaranteed sun in the summer. I love the convivial town atmosphere and have now become so familiar with the streets peppered with some of the best restaurants I’ve eaten in and cute shops filled to the brim with shine and sparkle to satisfy my magpie eye. The nightlife is also a highlight from romantic sundowners at Cavo Tagoo, to drag queen shows at Elisium hotel — there’s something for everyone."
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